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Care Rx

Patient-centric by design and integrated with PDX systems, Care Rx® serves as your clinical services platform for patient-focused MTM, clinical disease management results, and wellness programs.

Integrated with the Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS), Care Rx is designed to facilitate collaborative healthcare. The streamlined workflow of Care Rx and seamless integration helps pharmacy professionals go beyond filling prescriptions and expand their role in patient outcomes with the following features and solutions:

  • Real-time aggregation of clinical data
  • Business intelligence to identify and target eligible patients
  • Ability to develop your own programs
  • Lab and medication profiles
  • CMR visits
  • Dual data centers
  • MTM pre-set sessions
  • SOAP Notes
  • PSO data extracts
  • Revenue-generating RMS sessions
  • New Patient Add

Our National Electronic Pharmacy Record (EPR) is integrated with and the foundation of our Care Rx application. Not only is Care Rx integrated with our Enterprise Pharmacy System to create a seamless workflow, but patient information within either the app or the pharmacy system is instantly available for any store system or tablet.

Let’s improve your patients’ outcomes and show you why you deserve to be included in insurance plans and networks who are trying to increase their own five-star ratings.

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Managing Patients. Optimizing Outcomes. Reducing Costs.

The pharmacist's job is to optimize drug therapy for their patients, with the intent of improved therapeutic outcomes.

AdherenceCameron™’s job is to help patients or their healthcare provider achieve these results at a lower cost—with no decrease in quality of patient care. How? We monitor and improve medication use in patients with complex medication regimens.

Technology with a Personal Touch.

Using technology already available in many households, AdherenceCameron's patient-friendly MTM pharmacists can review medication profiles and answer drug questions in real time using online, interactive audiovisual tools.

Healthcare providers will see an improvement in patient adherence, elimination of duplicate medications, and a reduction in adverse drug interactions. And we provide drug information to both the patient and their healthcare team, improving communication and knowledge transfer.

Qualified, Experienced Professionals.

The AdherenceCameron™ pharmacists who provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) or Adherence Services are all currently involved in clinical pharmacy practice, or have recent clinical pharmacy experience or have current or recent MTM experience. Many have their MTM Certification through the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and other sources.

AdherenceCameron™’s long-term goal is clear. We focus on the core components of successful MTM: Medication reviews; creation of personal medical records for each patient; medication-related action plans; interventions and referrals as needed; and full documentation with follow-up.

Take the Next Step.

Let AdherenceCameron™ help.

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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Translator Continuing Education Translating Civil Procedure from Spanish into English (Part 1)
Provided by: Translator Continuing Education
In Part 1 of this two-part presentation, attorney and translator Tom West examines the terminology of a civil lawsuit in Mexico and compares it with the terms used in the U.S. and other Spanish-speaking countries. Typical phrases used in filings and how to translate them are included. This webinar covers: the framework of Mexican civil proced...
Culinary Continuing Education Building Classroom Community Partnerships
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
Building Classroom Community Partnerships: This course is designed to introduce to you the value of classroom community partnerships and assist you in creating and implementing a partnership program into your classroom. In addition to enhancing student learning, this course will enable you to gain valuable resources for your classroom at no cost an...
Nonprofit Continuing Education Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials
Provided by: Nonprofit Continuing Education
Take your first step toward a rewarding career in fundraising for nonprofit organizations! First, you'll explore the skills you'll need to become a successful fundraiser. After that, you'll discover where the best corporate and foundation fundraising jobs are and how to apply for them. Next, you'll delve into every area of nonprofit fundrai...
California State University San Bernardino CE Online Computer Technician Certificate
Provided by: California State University San Bernardino CE
The Online Computer Technician Certificate program prepares students for entry-level jobs in information technology and CompTIA A+ certification. The program teaches computer basics, system hardware and software, troubleshooting, security techniques, networking and operational procedures. Students have access to unlimited student support, and upon ...
Culinary Continuing Education Tender Cuts
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
For any cook who's ever burned a steak, destroyed a perfectly good piece of fish, or rubberized a chicken breast, this is the class for you. With just one simple and versatile technique, you can achieve mouthwatering, flavorful results every time, in your own kitchen. All you need is an oven, a pan, and a thermometer—we'll show you the rest....
America's Health Insurance Plans Health Insurance Advanced Studies, Part B
Provided by: America's Health Insurance Plans
Delve into some of the most important health insurance products and trends in this course. You’ll add to your knowledge and expertise in disability, long-term care, supplemental, and dental insurance with information on policy structuring, options, and placement. Who Should take this Course: Health plan employees Agents and brokers Others...
Office Management Continuing Education Project Management for Administrative Professionals - San Francisco, CA
Provided by: Office Management Continuing Education
Is there an advantage to learning project management for administrative professionals? Yes! If you’re looking to take on the added pressure and challenges associated with projects, the techniques of project management for administrative professionals will give you the confidence you need to get the job done. Whether you’re an administrative...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers MIMO-aided OFDM for LTE, WiMAX, WiFi and other Next-generation Multi-carrier Wireless Systems Part 2
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a method of digital modulation in which a signal is split into several narrowband channels at different frequencies. CDMA is a form of multiplexing, which allows numerous signals to occupy a single transmission channel, optimizing the use of available bandwidth. Multiplexing is sending multipl...
MCPHS University Migraine Management: Standards of Care & Innovative Therapeutic Strategies
Provided by: MCPHS University
Migraine management is relevant in both ambulatory and institutional practice settings, as the symptoms associated with the pathological process adversely impact patient quality of life. The weighted average of migraine magnitude has been reported as 11.5% and one-year period migraine prevalence has been reported as 11.7%. It has also been noted th...
Architectural Record Exterior Design Strategies for Placemaking Downtown
Provided by: Architectural Record
Learning Objectives - After reading this article, you will be able to: List components of urban platemaking that provide financial, community, and sustainable benefits to residential and commercial projects. Develop strategies to provide shade that reduces the heat island effect in communities, by planting both new and mature trees using innova...
Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App Progress Made Against Colorectal Cancer
Provided by: Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App
Objectives: The goal of this program is to provide nurses, physicians, EMTs and paramedics with information about the incidence, etiology, identification and treatment of colorectal cancer. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to: Identify those most at risk for developing colorectal cancer Discuss treatment strategie...
PDHengineer Alkali-Silica Reaction in Transportation
Provided by: PDHengineer
In Alkali-Silica Reaction in Transportation, you'll learn ... How Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) causes premature deterioration in concrete pavement and bridge structures How to determine whether ASR is the main cause or a contributor to the deterioration observed is a concrete structure Critical decision factors when considering mitigation opti...
I-CAR Hazardous Materials, Personal Safety, and Refinish Safety
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Steel Structural Technician Aluminum Structural Technician Non-Structural Technician Electrical/Mechanical Technicians Refinish Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Incorporate basic procedures for safety and preventive measures in a shop environment Un...
American Society of Civil Engineers Design for Lateral-Load Resistance in Structural Steel (AWI121211)
Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
Purpose and Background Structural steel design for gravity loads is familiar to most structural engineers, but the design for lateral load resistance tends to be more complex. With the recent changes that have taken place in this area, many engineers have a lot of questions about today’s rules. What R-value of the lateral-force-resisting syste...
American Institute of CPAs Advanced Real Estate: Advanced Real Estate Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation
Provided by: American Institute of CPAs
Previously titled: Advanced Real Estate Accounting, Auditing & Taxation Real estate transactions and assets have some unique issues. How do you record involvement in real estate ventures? How do you handle reporting issues related to sales of real estate with leasebacks? What are some of the taxation issues common to real estate transactions and...
MCM Education An Update On Emerging Data on MS Treatment: Implications for Patient Care
Provided by: MCM Education
MS is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system (CNS), affecting an estimated 350,000 to 500,000 people in the US. The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS are unpredictable and vary from one person to another, with potential for substantial negative impact on quality of life. Due to the wide variation in...
Child Care Continuing Education Grow Sun Smart - Reducing risks for skin cancer in child care settings
Provided by: Child Care Continuing Education
With over one million new cases diagnosed each year, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Studies have shown that 80 percent of lifetime sun exposure can occur before the age of 18, childhood is a crucial period for awareness and prevention. A large proportion of lifetime exposure occurs in childhood therefore, targeting chil...
American Management Association Work Your Strengths: Match Your Skills to the Best Career for You
Provided by: American Management Association
Is Your Career Taking Advantage of Your Strengths? Are your current job responsibilities more difficult than others you’ve had? Do you feel like you might be in the wrong career? Are you looking for a better job, one better suited to you? Led by best-selling author Chuck Martin, this Webcast explores the results of a two-year study of high perf...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Billing and Coding: Part 2
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
This program will review all coding systems: CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9, transitioning to ICD-10 as well as identify special Medicare coding opportunities. Billing and Coding: Part 2 was recorded during the 2013 AANP Specialty Conference. The full session is presented here in a MP4 format with a handout and posttest review. Please Note: If you hav...
Substance Abuse Continuing Education Screening and Assessment (TAP 11, Chapter 4): Treatment for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse: Opportunities for Coordination (TAP 11)
Provided by: Substance Abuse Continuing Education
Screening and Assessment (TAP 11, Chapter 4): Treatment for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse: Opportunities for Coordination provides information about the purpose of assessment, as well as screening and assessment processes, methods, and instruments. Course materials are from Chapter 4, found on pages 61 to 85 if using Adobe toolbar page finder....
The Likeable Lawyer Craft an Effective Client Development Plan
Provided by: The Likeable Lawyer
Client development may come easily to some lawyers, and for others, it is often filled with anxiety and lost effort. This webinar will teach how to use your client development time wisely and help you craft a marketing plan that is comprised of simple, highly effective techniques that will elevate your client development results. You will lea...
Nutrition Dimension Pharmaceutical Super Bundle
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Explore food-drug interactions, effects of drugs on morbidity and mortality, special drug needs of the elderly, and how cardiovascular drugs and drugs used for mental problems impact health status and appetite. ...
National Society of Professional Engineers *Ethics Forum: Ethical Issues in Expert Witness Testimony and Public Safety
Provided by: National Society of Professional Engineers
This NSPE Ethics webinars feature discussions with NSPE Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Arthur Schwartz and members of NSPE’s Board of Ethical Review. Discussions center on decisions from the Board’s 2010 session. This session will combine expert testimony by engineers and various public health and safety issues, including: Agr...
MCM Education An Update on the Role of Pregnancy in Multiple Sclerosis
Provided by: MCM Education
An estimated 350,000 to 500,000 people in the United States are currently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic, neurologic disorder with potential for substantial negative impact on quality of life. Pregnancy is a major topic in patient counseling and therapeutic selection. Without a thorough understanding of data about MS and pregnanc...
Child Psychology Continuing Education A Girl's Eye View: Identifying and Supporting Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
Recent research and media attention has suggested that the experiences of girls with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) may be quite different from those of boys, resulting in the spotlight finally being turned to understanding gender differences. Despite the increase in interest, however, there remains limited information about addressing sex-relate...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Software Safety for Aerospace Applications
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
This course provides an overview of the subject of software safety as it relates to the safety of the overall computing system. In particular, learners will gain an understanding of the various software safety standards used in the aircraft industry, traditional safety analysis techniques, and current research and development efforts in the field. ...
Culinary Continuing Education Sanitation Refresher: HACCP for Managers and Chefs
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
CRT 9030 HACCP for Managers and Chefs - 10% discount for ACF members. Contact us for details.1 Credit issued through Southwestern Oregon Community College. The drive for safer food comes, not only from the local regulations, but also from customer demand and, increasingly, litigation. As consumer awareness grows, so does empowerment to voice compla...
Nutrition Dimension How the Brain Affects Food Intake
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: An advanced Level 3 course. The brain decides whether or not food intake will occur by multiple mechanisms. The enteric nervous system, our "second brain" is now thought to act without CNS input after food is swallowed until it leaves the body, as feedback from white adipose tissue, hormones, cytokines, the 10th cranial nerve and enzymes ...
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) Safely Compounding Quality Medications - A Review of Revised USP General Chapter 795
Provided by: International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
General Chapter Pharmaceutical Compounding – Nonsterile Preparations provides compounders with standards on applying good compounding practices for the extemporaneous preparation of nonsterile compounded formulations. The chapter outlines the compounding process, facilities, component selection, handling, storage, documentation, and training req...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Hepatitis C: Diagnosis and Management in the New Age of Treatments
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
This activity is a presentation on Hepatitis C. Material included the significance of the problem, screening, disease staging, and evaluation for treatment, treatment, and follow-up after treatment. Pharmacological treatments are reviewed in detail, including a discussion of anticipated new treatments. This session was recorded during the 2013...
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