Drug Dispensing Machines / Decentralized Cabinets

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Metro’s MedDispense Series

Metro's MedDispense Series provides decentralized automated medication dispensing systems for health care facilities nationwide. Our systems are known for their low cost and high-capacity yet compact design.

The dispensing automation that most facilities desire is simply out of their price range. The MedDispense Series delivers an affordable, robust system that even the smaller hospital can afford. Our systems use the latest interface technology, ensuring revenue capture as well as JCAHO compliance at a surprising low cost.

Compared to other vendors, our systems are undoubtedly the most affordable on the market today as well as the simplest to use.

  • allow nursing access to medications with pharmacy control via centralized server
  • reduce medication errors
  • eliminate missing doses
  • eliminate manual charge functions with interface functionality
  • ensure accurate dispensing with profile interface
  • enable freestanding functionality when network connectivity not feasible

Our software is the most intuitive dispensing system software available on the market today. Our systems were developed by healthcare professionals committed to keeping training simple while delivering extensive functionality. Nurses can typically be trained on our systems in less than 5 minutes.

Full interface functionality is also available through the HL7 standard, including ADT, billing, profile, inventory, and formulary.

Because implementation issues that are involved with HL7 interface projects usually require custom development and extensive site analysis, MedDispense employs a team of analysts to serve as HL7 interface implementation specialists. These specialists will work with the medical facility and third party vendor developers on HL7 interface projects from the initial design phase until the interface is installed and in production.

Nurse Work Station Nurse picking drug from MedDispense
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The new MedSelect® Flex™ from AmerisourceBergen is designed to help busy clinicians achieve higher performance, greater reliability, and enhanced patient outcomes. Enabling the delivery of high-quality patient care, MedSelect Flex enhancements were designed to help you meet demanding medication administration needs. The system provides a True Unit Dose Module (UDM) for controlled substances, eliminating count-remaining after each dispense or shift and preserving valuable time for patient care. Single-item access drawers help to increase patient safety and reduce errors. With nearly double the capacity, MedSelect Flex accommodates additional SKUs and higher quantities, and the cabinets are customizable, modular and secure – ideal for pharmacy, nursing and other decentralized locations including the ER, OR and critical care. The system is also linked to a centralized database network that tracks up to 5 years cabinet inventory, usage by patient, by provider, and by other critical data so you can evaluate usage trends. And a new audit feature allows you to reconcile inventory and easily retrieve and report information which is especially important for tracking diversion. With the ability to integrate all cabinets, software and report writing systems, MedSelect Flex enables hospitals and healthcare providers to manage medications and supplies more cost-effectively and improve security and efficiency.

For more information about the products and services provided by AmerisourceBergen, please visit the company website provided below.
Drug Dispensing Medication Cart
AmerisourceBergen MedSelect Decentralized med Cabinets Nurses automatic drug dispensers in nursing stations locking narcotic lock computerized system bedside medication storage units

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Medication Dispensing Cabinets

Modular by design, Omnicell medication dispensing cabinets are available in a wide variety of hardware and software configurations to suit the varied needs of all areas of patient care. An integrated biometric, positive-ID system, touch-screen software, magnetic card readers, and guiding light technology help caregivers access medications quickly and easily.

Patient medication profiling, bar code scanning to confirm the identity of medication for restock and selected issues and returns, and complete inventory management tools help ensure patient safety and improve the efficiency of pharmacy staff.

Omnicell Medication Cabinet Line

OmniRx Color Touch
The OmniRx Color Touch provides a robust, high capacity yet compact solution for medication delivery and control. Powered by Omnicell Color Touch software, the OmniRx Color Touch provides a large, color screen and easy-to-use touch-screen technology which enables nurses to access medications easily and efficiently.

The system can be Web-enabled, providing access to a drug information database and other clinical tools to aid in decision-making and help improve accuracy in medication delivery.

Containing 13 drawer locations (expandable with auxiliary units), which can be configured to hold any combination of drawers—from our high-security FlexBin™ Single-Dose Drawer to the Lighted Matrix Drawer—the OmniRx Color Touch satisfies the needs of all patient care areas.

Anesthesia Workstation
The Anesthesia Workstation from Omnicell provides the operating room with a complete system for the management of anesthesia supplies and medications, while conforming to and complementing the workflow of the clinician at the point of care.

Powered by Omnicell Color Touch software, the Anesthesia Workstation provides a large, color screen and easy-to-use touch-screen technology, which enables nurses and anesthesiologists to access supplies and medications easily and efficiently.

Combination Systems
Integrating the benefits of Omnicell supply and pharmacy systems, Omnicell combination systems enable healthcare facilities to manage supplies and medications in one versatile cabinet or group of cabinets.

The unique architecture of the combination systems enables each department to manage its supplies and medications independently while tracking transaction data, inventory levels, expenses, and patient treatment costs through a single database.

OmniRx TT
Ideal for operating rooms, cath labs, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other areas short on space, the OmniRx TT provides automated dispensing of medications in a secure and controlled manner within a modular, space-efficient design. The system is easy to use, has ample capacity, and offers a full spectrum of security options.

Omnicell Omnicell Omnicell Omnicell
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Summary This is a Board approved HIV/Aids course and can be used to fulfill licensure requirements. Objectives Identify modes of HIV transmission and methods of prevention.At the completion of this program, the participant will be able to: Describe the decisions involved in initiation of antiretroviral therapy Defend the reasons for the us...
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Purpose and Background Time of concentration is a frequently overlooked parameter in urban drainage design. It is often calculated using one of several common equations that are selected based on user familiarity rather than on the characteristics of the drainage basin. Time of concentration can also be calculated incorrectly when the emphasis i...
Nutrition Dimension Eating Disorders Counseling Bundle
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Young people are prone to nutrition problems like obesity, eating disorders, extreme dieting, fads and fetishes due to societal pressures. Learn to communicate effectively with this age group. Surprisingly, athletes and the elderly are also at risk. These courses discuss consequences of eating disorders, diagnosis and treatment, and they emphasize ...
Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps Maryland - Download the leading Maryland jobs mobile apps and MD continuing education mobile apps. MOBILIZE Your Career!
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Diabetes is a heterogeneous disease. While the practitioner can generally distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes on the basis of clinical features, there are rarer forms of the disease that do not follow this simple categorization. Among them are the monogenic forms of diabetes, which comprise 1-5% of all diabetes and include maturity onset...
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Parenteral Sedation Dentistry We are providing IV dental sedation training for dentist nationally. This IV sedation dentistry course is a comprehensive "mini-residency" and includes a minimum of 60 hours of didactic / classroom education and direct participation in administering IV sedation to 20 - 30 clinical dental cases while being observe...
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