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Metro’s MedDispense Series

Metro's MedDispense Series provides decentralized automated medication dispensing systems for health care facilities nationwide. Our systems are known for their low cost and high-capacity yet compact design.

The dispensing automation that most facilities desire is simply out of their price range. The MedDispense Series delivers an affordable, robust system that even the smaller hospital can afford. Our systems use the latest interface technology, ensuring revenue capture as well as JCAHO compliance at a surprising low cost.

Compared to other vendors, our systems are undoubtedly the most affordable on the market today as well as the simplest to use.

  • allow nursing access to medications with pharmacy control via centralized server
  • reduce medication errors
  • eliminate missing doses
  • eliminate manual charge functions with interface functionality
  • ensure accurate dispensing with profile interface
  • enable freestanding functionality when network connectivity not feasible

Our software is the most intuitive dispensing system software available on the market today. Our systems were developed by healthcare professionals committed to keeping training simple while delivering extensive functionality. Nurses can typically be trained on our systems in less than 5 minutes.

Full interface functionality is also available through the HL7 standard, including ADT, billing, profile, inventory, and formulary.

Because implementation issues that are involved with HL7 interface projects usually require custom development and extensive site analysis, MedDispense employs a team of analysts to serve as HL7 interface implementation specialists. These specialists will work with the medical facility and third party vendor developers on HL7 interface projects from the initial design phase until the interface is installed and in production.

Nurse Work Station Nurse picking drug from MedDispense
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The new MedSelect® Flex™ from AmerisourceBergen is designed to help busy clinicians achieve higher performance, greater reliability, and enhanced patient outcomes. Enabling the delivery of high-quality patient care, MedSelect Flex enhancements were designed to help you meet demanding medication administration needs. The system provides a True Unit Dose Module (UDM) for controlled substances, eliminating count-remaining after each dispense or shift and preserving valuable time for patient care. Single-item access drawers help to increase patient safety and reduce errors. With nearly double the capacity, MedSelect Flex accommodates additional SKUs and higher quantities, and the cabinets are customizable, modular and secure – ideal for pharmacy, nursing and other decentralized locations including the ER, OR and critical care. The system is also linked to a centralized database network that tracks up to 5 years cabinet inventory, usage by patient, by provider, and by other critical data so you can evaluate usage trends. And a new audit feature allows you to reconcile inventory and easily retrieve and report information which is especially important for tracking diversion. With the ability to integrate all cabinets, software and report writing systems, MedSelect Flex enables hospitals and healthcare providers to manage medications and supplies more cost-effectively and improve security and efficiency.

For more information about the products and services provided by AmerisourceBergen, please visit the company website provided below.
Drug Dispensing Medication Cart
AmerisourceBergen MedSelect Decentralized med Cabinets Nurses automatic drug dispensers in nursing stations locking narcotic lock computerized system bedside medication storage units

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Best in KLAS Cabinets Enable Best Practice Medication Management

With patient satisfaction and safety being tied to reimbursement, it’s more important than ever to improve nursing workflow across the health care enterprise, including long-term care settings.

Omnicell® automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) allow you to improve how medications are managed.
Known for their reliability and ease of use, Omnicell ADCs have received the highest KLAS ranking for 9 consecutive years, earning Best in KLAS 2010-2014 (1).

Address Joint Commission requirements regarding unlabeled medications with our Medication Label Printer integrated within the ADC. Nurses can automatically print patient-specific labels with bar codes as medications are issued from the cabinet.

Virtually eliminate tedious narcotic countbacks and discrepancy resolution that takes time away from nursing and pharmacy with the OmniDispenser™ single dose dispensing module.

Reduce long lines at the ADC—and reduce time spent removing medications by 33%—with Anywhere RN™ remote medication management software, which also helps prevent interruptions that lead to medication errors.

Reduce the number of places nurses need to hunt for medications with SinglePointe™ patient medication management software. This system enhances cartless distribution—decreasing missing doses, medication errors, and restock time.

Cabinet Features

  • Touch & Go™ biometric ID system enables access to the ADC via fingerprint scan only, adding convenience and security.
  • Guiding lights quickly direct users to desired location in the cabinet.
  • Medications and supplies can be combined in a single cabinet, saving space and time.
  • Omnicell drawers and bins are made with metal, assuring greater reliability and security.
  • Interoperability between the Omnicell ADC and electronic health record (EHR) saves clinicians steps in medication workflow.

Anesthesia Workstation™
The Anesthesia Workstation gives anesthesia providers instant access to medications while ensuring pharmacy of tighter control in the operating room.

  • Securely stores all the medications and supplies needed for a full day of cases
  • Automatically tracks inventory used, cutting hours of manual documentation.
  • Integrated on same platform as ADCs used in nursing stations.

(1) Best in KLAS Awards – Medical Equipment & Infrastructure Reports, 2006-2014
©2014 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com

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