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Intelliguard® RFID Management Systems for Critical Pharmacy Inventory

Our suite of Intelliguard® RFID Management Systems offer unprecedented real-time visibility of critical pharmaceutical inventory to reduce costs through inventory management and monitoring of expiration dates, NDCs, lot numbers, and temperature; increase staff efficiency by eliminating manual counting and item-level scanning through automation; improve patient safety through medication error prevention; and enhance diversion prevention with embedded security features. Pharmacy management and administration receive actionable data for evidence-based decision making.

The Intelliguard® suite of systems includes:

  • Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System
  • Intelliguard® Inventory Management System
  • ntelliguard® Medication Management System

Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System
The right drugs, in the right doses — when and where you need them.

From pharmacy to point-of-care, Intelliguard® RFID Management Systems improve patient safety, reduce costs, and increase staff efficiency by automating medication inventory management and replenishment. Features include countertop and under counter enclosures or all-in-one cart options to automate tray inventory, replenishment and approval processes while significantly reducing required labor. With the ability to read high-density trays, multi-layer tackle boxes and overlapping kit tags, this revolutionary system can scan more than 150 medications in a matter of seconds.

Our suite of systems provide unprecedented real-time visibility of your high-value, critical-dose medication inventory.

  • Automate error-prone tasks and processes
  • Eliminate manual counting and item-level scanning
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Monitor expiration dates and lot numbers
  • Meet compliance requirements

“The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System has significantly improved accuracy and reduced pharmacy replenishment time from between 5 to 45 minutes to three minutes, even with trays containing more than 120 items. My staff can now focus more on patient care and I have more confidence that important floor stock medication, including many that are used in critical emergencies, are properly replenished.”
— Shannon “JJ” Johnson, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy, Sharp
Memorial Hospital,
San Diego, CA

Next Generation RFID Smart Tag Product Development and Deployment
We are always innovating and always listening to our clients. Based on clinical research, MEPS Real-Time® recently developed and introduced a new Intelliguard® Smart Tag - 65% smaller than our competitor for specific applications such as kits and trays used by anesthesiologists and other urgent response healthcare providers.
The new Intelliguard® Smart Tag is easier to handle and less intrusive, and alleviates the potential for medication to become stuck in smaller cart drawers and trays.

The new Intelliguard® Smart Tag:

  • Provides a 100% accuracy rate when combined with our patented antenna system and our software replenishment process.
  • Is less obtrusive when manually reading the FDA-approved label provided by the drug manufacturer.
  • Does not need to be wrapped around the vials, and more easily fits on ampules and small vials.
  • Allows for ampules and vials to more easily fit in pockets of trays, kits and boxes.
  • Is a single smart tag solution for all medication packaging including syringes, ampules, vials, boxes and bags.

Next Generation Kit and Tray Management System Form Factors
MEPS Real-Time® has also created Kit and Tray Management Systems in new sizes and configurations to meet limited space requirements of some hospital pharmacies. Unique form factors include:
- Free standing cart with large enclosure
- Countertop enclosure
- Under counter reader

Intelliguard® Inventory Management System
Optimize Your Pharmacy Inventory Levels

Hospitals are under increasing pressure to conserve costs wherever possible. The Intelliguard® Inventory Management System uses RFID technology to provide real-time visibility and reduce hospital inventory costs for high-value, critical dose pharmaceuticals featuring Controlled Temperature Cabinets with preset temperature settings for Cold (2° - 8°C) or Controlled Room Temperature (20° - 25°C) storage.

With Intelliguard® Controlled Temperature Cabinets available in multiple sizes—from small under-counter to large-capacity models—your staff and administration will have immediate access to the information they need to:

  • Confidently reduce inventory and pre-paid inventory costs
  • Improve patient safety by reducing stock-outs
  • Increase inventory control through PAR-level, expiration and lot number alerts and reports

Real-Time Visibility
Using the latest RFID technology, the Intelliguard® Inventory Management System allows you to be able to quickly find and remove expired or recalled medication, and identify shortages to avoid stock-outs that can put patients at risk.

Intelliguard® Medication Management System
The Right Medication, The Right Dose, The Right Patient

The Intelliguard® Automatic Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) provides real-time item-level visibility of your pharmaceuticals to ensure dispensing accuracy and optimized inventory levels with single and double-drawer options. The Intelliguard® ADC is an all-in-one medication management system that easily configures to accommodate your high-value, critical dose medications.

With the Intelliguard ADC, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage Cold (2° — 8°C) or Controlled Room Temperature (20° — 25°C) medications in one location
  • Monitor real-time temperatures of each drawer
  • Automate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks and item-level barcoding
  • Control who has access to medications stored inside
  • See who accessed the system and at what time
  • Ensure the correct drawer opens and the correct compartment is identified for staff
  • Track items that are removed
  • Alert staff if incorrect medicine or quantity is dispensed
  • Manage expiration dates and lot numbers to prompt usage of next-to-expire drugs and easily locate recalled medications
  • Set medication PAR level for automatic reorder reports or reordering


MEPS Supply Chain/RIFD Medication Error Prevention System MEPS RFID Solutions MEPS Real-time MEPS Medication Management System
MEPS real time on supply chain. Medication Error Prevention Systems and RIFD Solutions with critical-dose medication dispensing and State-of-the-Art RFID Technology patient safety in medication dispensing with PC-based and HL7 Compliant Software. RFID Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) with Patient Bedside Reader. intelliguard RFID Solutions for Critical Inventory

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CompleteRx provides a consulting team of trained and experienced Pharmacy professionals to hospitals nationwide ensuring the successful, efficient integration of Automation into various clinical settings. We proficiently integrate Automation Dispensing Cabinets such as: Omnicell, Pyxis and AcuDose. In addition to Carousels: Omnicell, McKesson and PHACTS; Packagers: Talyst, Euclid and MediDose; and Robots: McKesson and Swisslog to name a few.

CompleteRx services large systems, independent and critical access hospitals nationwide. As part of our Automation services for new integrations we provide interface testing, optimization, design, build and configuration. We also provide reengineering and optimization of existing automation in order to achieve maximum efficiency. CompleteRx assures that our Automation solutions are delivered expertly and on time by our permanent team of trained and experienced Pharmacy professionals.

CompleteRx a premier provider of Pharmacy project solutions will ensure your project is completed expertly, efficiently and on time. Contact our sales team to discuss our Automation Dispensing Cabinet solutions for your Pharmacy.

CPR, Complete Pharmacy Resources, Automation installation, configuration and optimization, CPOE implementation, eMAR integration, BMV, Bedside Barcoding, Pharmacy system upgrades, Carousel builds, rebalancing, Charge Master review, cleanup and optimization, 340B optimization, Regulatory assessment and compliance, Pharmacy workflow optimization CompleteRx

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The new MedSelect® Flex™ from AmerisourceBergen is designed to help busy clinicians achieve higher performance, greater reliability, and enhanced patient outcomes. Enabling the delivery of high-quality patient care, MedSelect Flex enhancements were designed to help you meet demanding medication administration needs. The system provides a True Unit Dose Module (UDM) for controlled substances, eliminating count-remaining after each dispense or shift and preserving valuable time for patient care. Single-item access drawers help to increase patient safety and reduce errors. With nearly double the capacity, MedSelect Flex accommodates additional SKUs and higher quantities, and the cabinets are customizable, modular and secure – ideal for pharmacy, nursing and other decentralized locations including the ER, OR and critical care. The system is also linked to a centralized database network that tracks up to 5 years cabinet inventory, usage by patient, by provider, and by other critical data so you can evaluate usage trends. And a new audit feature allows you to reconcile inventory and easily retrieve and report information which is especially important for tracking diversion. With the ability to integrate all cabinets, software and report writing systems, MedSelect Flex enables hospitals and healthcare providers to manage medications and supplies more cost-effectively and improve security and efficiency.

For more information about the products and services provided by AmerisourceBergen, please visit the company website provided below.
Drug Dispensing Medication Cart
AmerisourceBergen MedSelect Decentralized med Cabinets Nurses automatic drug dispensers in nursing stations locking narcotic lock computerized system bedside medication storage units

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Medication Dispensing Cabinets

Modular by design, Omnicell medication dispensing cabinets are available in a wide variety of hardware and software configurations to suit the varied needs of all areas of patient care. An integrated biometric, positive-ID system, touch-screen software, magnetic card readers, and guiding light technology help caregivers access medications quickly and easily.

Patient medication profiling, bar code scanning to confirm the identity of medication for restock and selected issues and returns, and complete inventory management tools help ensure patient safety and improve the efficiency of pharmacy staff.

Omnicell Medication Cabinet Line

OmniRx Color Touch
The OmniRx Color Touch provides a robust, high capacity yet compact solution for medication delivery and control. Powered by Omnicell Color Touch software, the OmniRx Color Touch provides a large, color screen and easy-to-use touch-screen technology which enables nurses to access medications easily and efficiently.

The system can be Web-enabled, providing access to a drug information database and other clinical tools to aid in decision-making and help improve accuracy in medication delivery.

Containing 13 drawer locations (expandable with auxiliary units), which can be configured to hold any combination of drawers—from our high-security FlexBin™ Single-Dose Drawer to the Lighted Matrix Drawer—the OmniRx Color Touch satisfies the needs of all patient care areas.

Anesthesia Workstation
The Anesthesia Workstation from Omnicell provides the operating room with a complete system for the management of anesthesia supplies and medications, while conforming to and complementing the workflow of the clinician at the point of care.

Powered by Omnicell Color Touch software, the Anesthesia Workstation provides a large, color screen and easy-to-use touch-screen technology, which enables nurses and anesthesiologists to access supplies and medications easily and efficiently.

Combination Systems
Integrating the benefits of Omnicell supply and pharmacy systems, Omnicell combination systems enable healthcare facilities to manage supplies and medications in one versatile cabinet or group of cabinets.

The unique architecture of the combination systems enables each department to manage its supplies and medications independently while tracking transaction data, inventory levels, expenses, and patient treatment costs through a single database.

OmniRx TT
Ideal for operating rooms, cath labs, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other areas short on space, the OmniRx TT provides automated dispensing of medications in a secure and controlled manner within a modular, space-efficient design. The system is easy to use, has ample capacity, and offers a full spectrum of security options.

Omnicell Omnicell Omnicell Omnicell
omnicare, Medication Dispensing Cabinets, An integrated biometric, positive-ID system, touch-screen software, magnetic card readers, and guiding light technology, medication profiling, bar code scanning, Omnicell Medication Cabinet Line, OmniRx Color Touch, Anesthesia Workstation, Combination Systems, OmniRx TT

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Metro’s MedDispense Series

Metro's MedDispense Series provides decentralized automated medication dispensing systems for health care facilities nationwide. Our systems are known for their low cost and high-capacity yet compact design.

The dispensing automation that most facilities desire is simply out of their price range. The MedDispense Series delivers an affordable, robust system that even the smaller hospital can afford. Our systems use the latest interface technology, ensuring revenue capture as well as JCAHO compliance at a surprising low cost.

Compared to other vendors, our systems are undoubtedly the most affordable on the market today as well as the simplest to use.

  • allow nursing access to medications with pharmacy control via centralized server
  • reduce medication errors
  • eliminate missing doses
  • eliminate manual charge functions with interface functionality
  • ensure accurate dispensing with profile interface
  • enable freestanding functionality when network connectivity not feasible

Our software is the most intuitive dispensing system software available on the market today. Our systems were developed by healthcare professionals committed to keeping training simple while delivering extensive functionality. Nurses can typically be trained on our systems in less than 5 minutes.

Full interface functionality is also available through the HL7 standard, including ADT, billing, profile, inventory, and formulary.

Because implementation issues that are involved with HL7 interface projects usually require custom development and extensive site analysis, MedDispense employs a team of analysts to serve as HL7 interface implementation specialists. These specialists will work with the medical facility and third party vendor developers on HL7 interface projects from the initial design phase until the interface is installed and in production.

Nurse Work Station Nurse picking drug from MedDispense
MEDDISPENSE Med Distribution Station Companies Providers Decentralized Medication Distribution Cabinets Lockers Nursing Stations narcotic drawers locking med stations automated medication storage lock-boxes management nursing unit safety medication errors accountability reports keyless tracking system safe vault controls bar code auxiliary software support adt billing patient profile RN workstation med dispense MedDispense

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