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LOGIX was founded in 1976 and is located in Livonia, Michigan, a few miles east of Ann Arbor. We have been assisting graphics professionals, photographers, and law enforcement investigators make the transition from traditional film to digital imaging.

For over 33 years, we've successfully implemented a wide variety of color-managed digital imaging systems for both large and small photography studios, sport and event photographers, medical centers, educational institutions, and other corporate and small business environments. Our product line includes Kodak, Fuji, Epson, Xerox, X-Rite, Noritsu, Sony, and many more.

KODAK Picture Kiosk Digital Print Systems

From the world leader in photo kiosk technology, Kodak's new generation of consumer photo kiosks can help you to take advantage of the new trends in digital photography. Kiosk printing is now the fastest-growing form of digital printing and Kodak leads this market by a whopping 72%. Build traffic and increase revenue for your high-traffic retail outlets.

Logix-usa Kodak Photo Processing Kiosk
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ScriptCenter Captures Customers

No More Waiting In Line!

With wait times longer than 5 minutes overall pharmacy satisfaction declines.
(National In-Store and M/A/R/C Research)
In about a minute, customers can pickup and pay for their prescriptions.
It gets them out of line and lets the pharmacy staff spend extra time with customers who really need it.

Pick Up Prescriptions Anytime!

70% of consumers are interested in having a self-service technology to pickup their prescriptions after hours. (Wilson Rx)
With ScriptCenter, consumers can shop on their own schedule and conveniently pickup their prescriptions even after the pharmacy has closed.

*State Board of Pharmacy approval required

customer service at scriptcenter scriptcenter
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 Pharmacists OnLine
Booth #13308
Pharmacists OnLine

Pharmacists OnLine™ announces the iHealth Kiosk™. Now your Pharmacy can have an incredible health kiosk in your store at a very affordable price. Freestanding pedestal or countertop versions are available. In the past, information kiosks have been expensive and difficult to maintain. iHealth Kiosk™ offers dynamic health content and uses wireless communications for real-time information feeds.

Education Drives Product Sales

Research reports that more than two-thirds of integrative shoppers that purchase a product for the first time, generally research it online beforehand.

Website Integration

Even if you don’t have our RxWeb Genius 'web presence' you can display an incredible array of health information. Our existing RxWeb Genius™ customers can feature their websites on their iHealth Kiosk™ for customers to view features, articles, special events and information. Included in both of our programs is a Wellness Library with thousands of pages of information including: Conditions, Drugs, Drug Interactions, Supplements and Herbs, as well as daily changing articles in the News & Features, Healthy Recipes and Ingredients Glossary.

Best Employee You Will Ever Have

The iHealth Kiosk will never be sick, always be available and there is 'no drama'! Customers and patients can preview the vast amount of health information, with sleek and easy, touch-screen technology.

Living Naturally/Pharmacists OnLine offers full integration of the RxWeb Genius program into the iHealth Kiosk™

iHealthKiosk Pharmcist Online
PharmacistsOnLine and ihealth kiosk on pharmacy kiosks. health kiosk and information kiosks Freestanding pedestal or countertop kiosks. RxWeb Genius independent pharmacy

Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Substance Abuse Continuing Education Phases of Treatment (TIP 43, Chapter 7): Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Opioid Treatment Programs (TIP 43)
Provided by: Substance Abuse Continuing Education
Phases of Treatment (TIP 43, Chapter 7): Medicated-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Opioid Treatment Programs (TIP 43) The model described in this chapter comprises either five or six patient-centered phases for planning and providing MAT services and evaluating treatment outcomes in an opioid treatment program (OTP), including the (1) ac...
PDHOnline An Introduction to Environmental Regulations for Manufacturers and Industry
Provided by: PDHOnline
This three-hour course introduces the environmental regulatory system in the United States. It presents an introduction to the major federal environmental rules affecting manufacturers and industry. This course is organized to present these rules as follows: General requirements for chemical and materials management Air quality and emissions con...
American Psychological Association Positive Aging: An Innovative Approach to Counseling Older Adults
Provided by: American Psychological Association
This introductory workshop teaches principles of Positive Aging to optimize coping in later life. Specific strategies are described for the range of late-life problems, including adjusting to long-term care, caregiving, and death and dying. Evidence-supported geriatric counseling is examined from a Positive Aging perspective, and meaning-based life...
Mortgage Broker Continuing Education Review of New York Mortgage Law
Provided by: Mortgage Broker Continuing Education
Three Hour Review of New York Mortgage Law provides a review of New York’s Article 12-D and 12-E of the Banking Laws and other laws that impact mortgage lending in New York, including those dealing with areas such as the New York State Department of Financial Services, law and regulation definitions, license law and regulation, compliance, and di... HIPAA and Confidentiality Practice May Change, but Principles Endure
Provided by:
Summary: The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was implemented in 1996 (with revisions since then). HIPAA can refer to guidelines that protect your ability to maintain your health insurance as you move from job to job or place to place (“portability”). HIPAA can also refer to efforts to simplify the administration of ...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Empirically Based Play Interventions for Children
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
This book is a compilation of innovative, well-designed play interventions, presented for the first time in one text....
Columbia University School of Continuing Education BUSI K4025. Marketing Strategy
Provided by: Columbia University School of Continuing Education
Students will develop analytical skills used to formulate and implement marketing driven strategies for an organization. Students will develop a deeper understanding of marketing strategies and how to implement tactics to achieve desired goals. Students will work on case study projects in both individual and a team based projects. By the end of thi...
Harvard Medical School Ethical Legal and Social Issues: Brief Case Studies in Genetics
Provided by: Harvard Medical School
This CME activity presents three brief patient scenarios that highlight ethical challenges presented by advances in genetic testing. While specific topics include an introduction to the Genetics Information and Nondiscrimination Act, direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and the presymptomatic testing of minors, broader themes such as respect for aut...
Steel Worker Continuing Education New Composite Design Provisions in the 2010 AISC Specification
Provided by: Steel Worker Continuing Education
Composite construction provisions have been greatly expanded in Chapter I of the AISC 2010 Specification. This webinar aims to review and provide background information for these revisions with the goal of aiding the designer in their navigation. Significant changes to be discussed include the overall reorganization of the chapter, new local buckli...
Nutrition Dimension Depression and Suicide Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: During any one-year period, about 10% of the population suffers from a depression. And the risk of suicide is increased in people with depression, with about 60% of those committing suicide experiencing depression at the time. The World Health Organization projected in 2004 that depression would rank first in the global burden of disease....
Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design Principles
Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
Learn the progression of a green stormwater infrastructure design beginning with the design process, site assessment and layout, interdisciplinary and agency coordination and design of practices. Special attention is given to bioretention. Through a field trip, understand the site assessment process and participate in a group design charette to dem...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Immediate Techniques for Children & Adolescents with Emotional & Behavioral Problems
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
50 immediate interventions for working with childhood depression, anxiety, ODD, ASD & ADHD CBT, mindfulness, self-regulation & brain-based interventions designed for kids Techniques to promote “whole brain” change in developing minds “Real-Life” strategies for engaging kids of all ages Take home reproducible worksheets It’s guarant...
Culinary Continuing Education Cross Contamination Action Ideas (Free)
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
Try this free CEH course being offered online by National Pasteurized Eggs. The course, Cross Contamination Action Ideas, addresses the issues that lead to foodborne illnesses. This course will teach you how to identify cross contamination as a contributing factor to foodborne illness; provide diverse examples of cross contamination; name at least ...
Nutrition Dimension Pinworms
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Pinworm, also known as Enterobius vermicularis, is a common parasitic infection in each continent and certainly the most common helminthic infection in North America. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that pinworm infestation is nearly twice as common as head lice. Estimates indicate that pinworm infestatio...
Nonprofit Continuing Education Mission-Based Management
Provided by: Nonprofit Continuing Education
The question is: can traditional business techniques be used effectively by nonprofits? The answer is: by all means! This course focuses on the importance of “mission-based management,” i.e., using sound, proven business techniques to do more mission. Good cash management procedures, effective marketing approaches, sound human resource prac...
American Nurses Association Scopes and Standards of Nursing Practice
Provided by: American Nurses Association
Overview: Nurses need to be familiar with the Scope and Standards of Professional Nursing Practice because they are held accountable to these standards by regulatory and legal bodies. Practicing within scope and adhering to standards also improves patient care. Purpose/Goal: To help nurses better understand scope of practice and standards so that...
SIUE School of Pharmacy Medication Administration Errors and Community Practice
Provided by: SIUE School of Pharmacy
Description Healthcare providers have long been aware that medication errors are a common occurence in practice. The 1999 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, “To err is human”, highlighted the issue of medical errors in general, creating a sense of urgency that mobilized the healthcare professions to begin critically evaluating the safety of h...
Medical University of South Carolina 39th Cardiology Update: Evidence-Based Management
Provided by: Medical University of South Carolina
Cardiology continues to advance in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. The intent of this conference is to provide the most current evidence based treatment strategies for your patients. This conference is designed for Cardiologists, Family Practice physicians, Internists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants....
Lab Tech Continuing Education An introduction to precise genome editing with TAL effectors
Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
Attend this free Webinar on the TAL Effectors Tool Box for Precision Genome Editing Transcription activator–like (TAL) effectors are proteins expressed by plant bacterial pathogens to evade host defense mechanisms. Due to the unique and predictable code for each DNA base within the amino acid repeat regions, TAL DNA binding domains can be custom...
Culinary Continuing Education Making Chefs Move to Schools a Success - Panel Discussion (Free)
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
Are you interested in joining the Chefs Move to Schools movement but not sure what's involved? Have you reached out to schools in your community only to hit a roadblock? Our panel of chefs will share their experiences, as well as provide valuable insight as to how they navigated school administrative protocols and overcame challenges. Listen to the...
American Psychological Association Caring for Veterans With Deployment-Related Stress Disorders: Iraq, Afghanistan and Beyond
Provided by: American Psychological Association
Description This book emphasizes prevention and treatment through better assessment, psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions (including couple/family therapy), and appropriate evidence-based treatments. Learning Objectives Identify three causes and consequences of war-related stress disorders. Discuss prevention and...
Sales Continuing Education Customer Service Excellence: How to Win and Keep Customers - Atlanta, Georgia
Provided by: Sales Continuing Education
Providing customer service excellence is what will keep your customers coming back. Customer service excellence will give you the competitive advantage you need to survive in a tough and increasingly uncertain business climate. In today’s customer-oriented business environment, "people skills" are critical for personal and organizational success...
Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App Advancing the Management of AML: A 3-Part iNL Series Issue 2: Targeted Therapies
Provided by: Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App
A CME-certified interactive newsletter series on the management of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Acute myeloid leukemia is a rapidly progressing cancer that starts in the bone marrow. AML can progress quickly without treatment; however, rates of remission and cure have increased over the past few decades as evidence for optimal therapeutic re...
Optometry Continuing Education Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
Provided by: Optometry Continuing Education
This 50-slide video podcast goes over anterior ischemic optic neuropathy ...
Nutrition Dimension EDs Face Influx of Nonurgent Patients
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: The demand for ED care is at an all-time high, yet the number of EDs continues to decline nationwide. ED overcrowding is a problem with hospitalwide implications. EDs that are at capacity often have patients who wait hours or even days to be fully admitted to a care unit. Sixty-five percent of urban hospitals and 47% of all hospitals repo...
Paramedic Continuing Education EMT Allergic Reactions, Envenomations, Substance Abuse & Poisonings
Provided by: Paramedic Continuing Education
Learn to demonstrate recognition of the patient experiencing an allergic reaction. Describe the emergency medical care of the patient with an allergic reaction. Describe the signs and symptoms of DT's. Describe the mechanisms of allergic response and the implications for airway management and state the generic and trade names, medication forms, do...
Substance Abuse Continuing Education Using Recovery-Oriented Principles in Addiction Counseling Practice
Provided by: Substance Abuse Continuing Education
According the SAMHSA, there are ten guiding principles of recovery: Recovery emerges from hope Recovery is person-driven Recovery occurs via many pathways Recovery is holistic Recovery is supported by peers and allies Recovery is supported through relationship and social networks Recovery is culturally based and influenced Recovery is sup...
ed2go Intermediate Visual Basic
Provided by: ed2go
Why is Visual Basic the most widely used programming language for creating Windows applications? Because it's easier to learn and faster to use than most other programming languages. If you're a VB programmer who wants to go beyond the introductory level to create the sophisticated and powerful programs business users need, this course is for y...
Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps North Carolina - Download the leading North Carolina jobs mobile apps and NC continuing education mobile apps. MOBILIZE Your Career!
Provided by: Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps
Visit to discover and download mobile apps focused on North Carolina jobs and North Carolina continuing education & training activities....
Phlebotomy CE Phlebotomy: Principles and Guidelines
Provided by: Phlebotomy CE
Designed for all professionals responsible for the pre-analytical phase of a blood specimen, ie. the student, anyone wanting a general update and review of phlebotomy, and the educator responsible for training, competency, and documentation of collected blood specimens, this course examines the principles and guidelines as foundations for quality c...
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