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LOGIX was founded in 1976 and is located in Livonia, Michigan, a few miles east of Ann Arbor. We have been assisting graphics professionals, photographers, and law enforcement investigators make the transition from traditional film to digital imaging.

For over 33 years, we've successfully implemented a wide variety of color-managed digital imaging systems for both large and small photography studios, sport and event photographers, medical centers, educational institutions, and other corporate and small business environments. Our product line includes Kodak, Fuji, Epson, Xerox, X-Rite, Noritsu, Sony, and many more.

KODAK Picture Kiosk Digital Print Systems

From the world leader in photo kiosk technology, Kodak's new generation of consumer photo kiosks can help you to take advantage of the new trends in digital photography. Kiosk printing is now the fastest-growing form of digital printing and Kodak leads this market by a whopping 72%. Build traffic and increase revenue for your high-traffic retail outlets.

Logix-usa Kodak Photo Processing Kiosk
logix Epson Photo Printers Kodak Photo Printers Xerox Network Printers Sublimation Printing Event Print Systems Printer Supplies Digital Consulting Digital Studio & Events, Color Management, Kodak Picture Kiosks, Complete Systems Monitors & Displays Software & RIPs System Accessories Digital Cameras Camera Accessories Cleaning Kits Image Scanners X-Ray Scanners Mounting & Lamination

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ScriptCenter Captures Customers

No More Waiting In Line!

With wait times longer than 5 minutes overall pharmacy satisfaction declines.
(National In-Store and M/A/R/C Research)
In about a minute, customers can pickup and pay for their prescriptions.
It gets them out of line and lets the pharmacy staff spend extra time with customers who really need it.

Pick Up Prescriptions Anytime!

70% of consumers are interested in having a self-service technology to pickup their prescriptions after hours. (Wilson Rx)
With ScriptCenter, consumers can shop on their own schedule and conveniently pickup their prescriptions even after the pharmacy has closed.

*State Board of Pharmacy approval required

customer service at scriptcenter scriptcenter
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 Pharmacists OnLine
Booth #13308
Pharmacists OnLine

Pharmacists OnLine™ announces the iHealth Kiosk™. Now your Pharmacy can have an incredible health kiosk in your store at a very affordable price. Freestanding pedestal or countertop versions are available. In the past, information kiosks have been expensive and difficult to maintain. iHealth Kiosk™ offers dynamic health content and uses wireless communications for real-time information feeds.

Education Drives Product Sales

Research reports that more than two-thirds of integrative shoppers that purchase a product for the first time, generally research it online beforehand.

Website Integration

Even if you don’t have our RxWeb Genius 'web presence' you can display an incredible array of health information. Our existing RxWeb Genius™ customers can feature their websites on their iHealth Kiosk™ for customers to view features, articles, special events and information. Included in both of our programs is a Wellness Library with thousands of pages of information including: Conditions, Drugs, Drug Interactions, Supplements and Herbs, as well as daily changing articles in the News & Features, Healthy Recipes and Ingredients Glossary.

Best Employee You Will Ever Have

The iHealth Kiosk will never be sick, always be available and there is 'no drama'! Customers and patients can preview the vast amount of health information, with sleek and easy, touch-screen technology.

Living Naturally/Pharmacists OnLine offers full integration of the RxWeb Genius program into the iHealth Kiosk™

iHealthKiosk Pharmcist Online
PharmacistsOnLine and ihealth kiosk on pharmacy kiosks. health kiosk and information kiosks Freestanding pedestal or countertop kiosks. RxWeb Genius independent pharmacy

Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Inquisit The Evolution of Supplier Relations
Provided by: Inquisit
The “P” word (Partnership) has been over-used when dealing with supplier/customer relationships. People frequently wince when it is mentioned. Yet there still is a place for strategic relationships in the healthcare supply chain today and this will continue to into the future. This concept can provide you with opportunities to enhance y...
Banking Continuing Education Understanding Bank Products
Provided by: Banking Continuing Education
Understanding Bank Products is designed to give students an overview of the products and services offered by banks to meet the needs of consumers and small businesses. Gaining knowledge in the range of products offered by a bank will enable students to recognize when a client has a need and then suggest the appropriate product to meet that need. Th...
Culinary Continuing Education Fine Cooking 1
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
These are the classes on which our recreational program’s reputation was built. Over 15,000 students have taken this series. Once you master essential cooking techniques, you possess the culinary grounding to cook both classical cuisines and the latest cooking styles....
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Lessons Learned About Shared Decision Making: The Group Health Story
Provided by: The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Program Description Ben Moulton will discuss the Group Health Demonstration Project’s study (2009-2011) of the costs and benefits of integrating shared decision-making processes in clinical practice in Washington State. This patient-centered philosophy incorporates patients’ preferences when determining a health-treatment course. He will analy...
American Psychological Association What Therapists Don't Talk About and Why: Understanding Taboos That Hurt Us and Our Clients
Provided by: American Psychological Association
Description The book discusses the damaging myths that therapists seem to hold about themselves that sustain the taboo topics. By offering questions for self-assessment and a series of "explorations" that can be used to examine taboo topics individually or in groups, the book provides resources for recognizing the myths, challenging the taboos, an...
Optometry Continuing Education Updates in Ocular Surface Wellness Part 1
Provided by: Optometry Continuing Education
Eye care providers face multiple challenges in managing ocular surface disorders including ocular allergy and dry eye. Studies show that ocular allergies are often underdiagnosed and often not treated optimally. Recently, a group of experts convened to discuss their insights and approaches for managing patients with ocular allergy including special...
American Management Association The Art of Collaborative Teaming
Provided by: American Management Association
Getting Your Team Up to Speed Collaborative skills are important for every team member to master. Applied successfully, they will facilitate more effective problem solving, idea generation, and product improvement within your own team as well as cross-functionally throughout your organization. Join us as we explore the language and techniques of...
Manufacturing Continuing Education  Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications
Provided by: Manufacturing Continuing Education
Learn how to effectively apply the elements and methods of Six Sigma. Understand how more than 25 tools and methods relate to the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) model. Determine the relationship of basic statistics to Six Sigma and learn about the Six Sigma business case including strategic planning, the voice of the custome...
ed2go Creating K-12 Learning Materials
Provided by: ed2go
Do you have an idea for an instructional aid? The instructor--a former K-12 teacher who is also the author and developer of over 50 products for the educational market, will help you develop instructional aids that align with standards important to your district. This exciting program will show you how how to create and self-publish work books, ...
Child Care Continuing Education Influenza-Like-Illnesses: Ways to avoid and prevent them in your child care setting
Provided by: Child Care Continuing Education
Children in child care facilities are two to three times more likely to acquire infections and illnesses that affect their health than children who are kept at home. Because of that, child care providers must constantly monitor the children in their care to keep illnesses from spreading to the other children and workers in their facility. This 2-ho...
America's Health Insurance Plans Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
Provided by: America's Health Insurance Plans
It’s no secret – the cost of health care in our country has been significantly rising. We are challenged with finding innovative ways to improve the safety and quality of patient care while making health care more affordable for more people. One potential solution is to help health plans, doctors, hospitals, and other providers better coordi...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Changes in the Treatment of Inpatient Hyperglycemia: What Every Nurse Practitioner Should Know About the 2012 Standards of Care
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
The Virtual Journal Club article: Changes in the Treatment of Inpatient Hyperglycemia: What Every Nurse Practitioner Should Know About the 2012 Standards of Care is valid through December 31, 2014. You may also access an online version of this Journal issue on the AANP website under Publications. After completion of this activity participants ...
Nutrition Dimension Nutrition for Rehabilitation and Healing
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Rehabilitation care has grown in importance as hospital stays have shortened and active older patients encounter new injuries and surgeries. Author Karen Lilyquist has updated this course, adding new material on rehabilitation from trauma and sports injuries, plus updates in all chapters. Includes assessment of geriatric, transplant, pulm...
Dental / Dentistry Continuing Education Mobile App Download the Dental Continuing Education Mobile App
Provided by: Dental / Dentistry Continuing Education Mobile App
Dental professionals: Looking for continuing education credits in dentistry? Download this mobile app to conveniently monitor and find live seminars and online courses focused on dental-related CDE activities....
Steel Worker Continuing Education Facade Attachments to Steel Framed Buildings
Provided by: Steel Worker Continuing Education
One of the most challenging details facing structural designers is the support of a building facade. The complexity of this attachment is not to be overlooked, and the entire design team should be engaged in developing a strategy for supporting the facade system in order to prevent unplanned changes and problems in the field. The structural designe...
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ACPE - High-Alert Medications (V2) (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
The High-Alert Medications course is a home-study, application activity for PHARMACIST. The primary focus being the appropriate management of high-alert medications that require increased attention to help minimize the potential for negative outcomes associated with their use. This program will define high-alert medications, strategies and obstacl...
Steel Worker Continuing Education Orthogonal & Skewed Shear Connections
Provided by: Steel Worker Continuing Education
Upon completion of study, the attendee can purchase and take a 10-question examination, testing his or her knowledge on the technical content of the article. Attendees are required to correctly answer at least seven questions to receive credit for the course and will then be able to download and print a CEU/PDH certificate. ...
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) Rx Abuse: The Scope of the Problem 2012
Provided by: International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
America’s number one drug problem is now the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs. Now the drug war is being fought in our local neighborhoods. With the street value of oxycodone between $25 and $75 a tablet and other controlled substances selling for $5 to $20 a pill, it’s easy to see why pharmacies, you, and your team are at increasing risk...
Inquisit MMLI: Lean Six Sigma in Supply Chain: A Proven Process Improvement Methodology
Provided by: Inquisit
Many healthcare supply chain operations adequately meet their customers’ requirements in terms of providing the supplies they need to operate. However, how many go the next step and truly integrate their customers into their operations such that each and every supply chain employee is intimate with each and every supply chain customer? How ma...
Epidemiology Continuing Education The Power of Policy Webinar 5 - Health in All Policies: Lessons Learned from California
Provided by: Epidemiology Continuing Education
Health in All Policies is a collaborative approach to improve health by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across all policy areas. This webinar provided an overview of the Health in All Policies approach and reviewed the work of California’s Health in All Policies Task Force - the first state-level, United States effort to ...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Legislative Action for NPs: Tips for Effective State Level Grass Roots Activity
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
This continuing education activity is presented as a PowerPoint presentation with audio and handout. Upon completion learners should be able to: • Develop an understanding of issues impacting NP practice at the state level. • Illustrate methods for communicating with state legislators and staff, related to NP practice issues. • Ident...
Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps Vermont - Download the leading Vermont jobs mobile apps and VT continuing education mobile apps. MOBILIZE Your Career!
Provided by: Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps
Visit to discover and download mobile apps focused on Vermont jobs and Vermont continuing education & training activities....
I-CAR Mechanical Systems Analysis
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Identify mechanical damage and vehicle systems related to the location of the damage Identify damage to cooling systems, air conditioning systems, and their components Understand how to inspect vehicle electrical systems, circuit p...
Culinary Continuing Education Wild Style: The Alaska Salmon Story (Free)
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
The Wild Style training program will provide you with all the information you need to know about wild Alaska Salmon. Completion of this training will earn you 5 continuing education hours from the American Culinary Federation. This online training program includes several modules covering salmon harvesting methods, the different salmon species and ...
Boston College Clinical Research Certificate
Provided by: Boston College
The field of Clinical Research is rapidly expanding and there are many career opportunities. This program will give you an understanding of the "landscape" of clinical research including the duties of the following roles; Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), data specialist, subject recruiter, research billing of...
BlueVolt Kansas - 2008 Significant Changes to the NEC, Part I and II - 12 CE Hours
Provided by: BlueVolt
*Please note: Course approval varies by local jurisdiction. Check your city or county in Kansas for acceptance of online continuing education courses before enrolling. Officially approved in the cities of Leavenworth, Topeka and Ottawa. The course is timed. You must spend 12 hours studying the course material and taking the quizzes to receive the f...
Boston College Safe Prescribing Opiod Medications - ONLINE COURSE
Provided by: Boston College
Safe Prescribing and Prevention of Diversions of Schedule II-V Medications This online offering is designed to meet the mandatory educational requirement of APRN prescribers who are applying or renewing their application of MA Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR). Course content includes added safeguards to the existing Prescription Monitorin...
Banking Continuing Education Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers
Provided by: Banking Continuing Education
Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers focuses primarily on behavior among co-workers. This course introduces information about social behavioral styles and how the different styles affect communication among co-workers. Students will identify their own base preference group and learn what creates the challenges with his/her behavioral opposite. Stude...
Phlebotomy CE Overview of Prion Diseases
Provided by: Phlebotomy CE
This course includes an overview of the function of prion proteins and the differing theories as to how prions cause several different neurodegenerative diseases. The causes and symptoms of the four types of infectious and classical prion diseases will be explored, as well as the recommendations for safe handling of blood and body fluid specimens f...
Inquisit Food Safety Update
Provided by: Inquisit
With 1-in-6 American's affected by foodborne illness each year it's important for health and nutrition information providers to be well versed in current issues in food safety.  Recent outbreaks linked to peanut butter, frozen berries, cilantro and raw chicken will be explored for lessons learned with a focus on causes, mitigation steps and wh...
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