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 McKesson Health Systems (Distribution)
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McKesson Health Systems (Distribution)

McKesson Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of McKesson Corporation, is the leader in pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain management. Our supply, technology and care management solutions empower more than 25,000 retail and 5,000 health systems pharmacies nationwide. Our customers include large, national chains and community drugstores, as well as hospital pharmacies, outpatient clinics and other institutional providers.

Our nationwide network of distribution centers, transportation channels and technology ensure that both our customers — and their patients — receive the right medicines and medical supplies at the right time. Our operational excellence enables uninterrupted and high-quality business operations, with:

Day-and-night pharmaceutical distribution operations to support customers around the country, through 31 secure distribution centers. These are licensed and inspected regularly by federal and state government agencies
Precise order accuracy and safety with a Smithsonian Award-winning warehouse management system (Acumax™) that continuously tracks products using barcode technology
Uniform, fully redundant information technology systems, including robust, Web-based interfaces, housed at our state-of-the-art data centers
The fastest, most dependable delivery methods, via strong relationships with multiple transportation companies and utilization of all available distribution resources
Extensive stock of critical pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products at our distribution centers; inventory is supported by access to products from more than 3,800 suppliers

McKesson Pharmaceutical’s products and services are designed to help improve pharmacies’ business operations, so that pharmacists can focus on their patients.

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 Bonita Pharmaceuticals
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Bonita Pharmaceuticals


Bonita Pharmaceuticals is a licensed wholesale distributor. Bonita Pharmaceuticals provides a wide variety of FDA approved products including Generics, Brands, Vital Compounding Ingredients, Over-the-Counter Medications and Nutraceutical products. We provide our services to the Retail Chains, Independent Retail Pharmacies, Wholesale Distributors, and Institutional Providers such as Hospitals, Health Systems, Integrated Delivery Networks and Long-Term Care Providers.

We at Bonita pharmaceuticals provide our customers with top-rated a products at competitive wholesale prices. Using only FDA approved products, Bonita Pharmaceuticals stocks over 2000 products which include:

  • Injectables
  • Gels/Lotions
  • Compounding APIs
  • Tablet and Capsules
  • Ointments and Creams
  • Ophthalmic and Otics
  • OTC (Over-The-Counter)
  • Liquid Syrups / Suspensions
  • Dry Power Syrups / Suspensions

To learn more about Bonita Pharmaceuticals and our robust product line, please visit our website by clicking on the link below.

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 H. D. Smith
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We’re a little different because you’re a little different

You know your community’s health and wellness needs better than anyone. To provide the level of care your community deserves, you need a wholesaler that understands you and is committed to your success.

At H. D. Smith, we provide unique, best in class service and solutions that make running your facility that much easier. We apply decades of leadership in the pharmaceutical wholesale industry with market responsiveness. More than just product dispersal, we offer flexible services that maximize savings opportunities and efficiency. We are more than a wholesaler - we’re your advocate and partner. Let us help you care for your community.

Local access. Personalized service.

Understanding our customers often require assistance with unique circumstances, each H. D. Smith distribution center features on-site management, front-end assistance, home healthcare expertise and specialized customer support. This decentralized service strategy ensures that calls and questions are answered quickly by local, well-trained staff with extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry.

We want to do business with you in a way that meets your needs, not our agenda. Our ala carte business model allows you to choose the mix of products and services that best match your marketing plan.

Inventory Depth and Breadth

H. D. Smith is a full-line supplier of brand, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals, home healthcare products, durable medical equipment, over the counter items and seasonal merchandise. We are capable of supplying complex treatments to cover a full range of disease states. Balancing low overhead and necessary stock levels is a challenge for every facility. Your business is our priority; we offer a consistent product stream, enabling you to effectively service your patients without ordering excessive inventory.

H. D. Smith helps fulfill pharmacy needs by contracting with leading manufacturers to offer PharmaGen, our premier portfolio of quality generic pharmaceuticals. PharmaGen personnel monitor the generic market daily and partner with manufacturers to ensure PharmaGen customers have access to one of the most robust generic portfolios in the market. There is no need to order from multiple sources; PharmaGen ensures the best possible coverage, availability, quality and value on generic pharmaceuticals.

Home Healthcare is one of the fastest growing segments in the healthcare industry. H. D. Smith is the wholesaler leading the charge in helping you anticipate consumer demands and brand yourself as a home healthcare resource in your community. Our local home healthcare and merchandising experts equip you to take advantage of front-end sales opportunities that not only meet consumer demand, but also help you optimize every sale.

Reimbursement and Business Solutions

H. D. Smith’s Third Party Network aids community pharmacies in improving cash flow, boosting profits and leveling the playing field with payers and PBMs. Our robust portfolio of business solutions streamline pharmacy operations from billing to reimbursement. Cultivated through nearly 60 years experience with addressing the challenges faced by community pharmacies, we actively listen to our network of pharmacies and develop responsive solutions to address their needs.

Additional Offerings to Meet Your Needs:

  • Competitive Cost of Goods
  • Complete Generics Portfolio
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • 24/7 Internet Ordering
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Much More!
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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Inquisit Write a Business Plan:Learn a Lean 6-Sigma Process Made Simple
Provided by: Inquisit
In this session you will be provided ready-to-implement tools and techniques you can use to write an annual business plan.  You’ll learn how to identify resource gaps in your business area and translate them into an annual plan. Then, along with your peers, you’ll define strategic goals and operational tasks in order to improve per...
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine The Johns Hopkins Neuroradiology Review (EM)
Provided by: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Program Description This course is intended to address the needs of general radiologists and neuroradiologists practicing in the community. All course material will be presented in a case-based format to ensure the delivery of practical information in its clinical delivery of practical information in its clinical context. We will place great emph...
University of Florida College of Medicine Topics in Ocular Anti-Inflammatories
Provided by: University of Florida College of Medicine
University of Florida College of Medicine A Case-Based Approach to Improving the Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome in the Emergency Room
Provided by: University of Florida College of Medicine
University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy 19th Annual Comprehensive Pharmacy Law Continuing Education for Pharmacists & Technicians 2014
Provided by: University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy
Pharmacists in all practice settings need a working knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations that govern medication in NYS. As the scope of practice changes, newer regulations govern the practice in different ways; pharmacists must then assimilate the newer information into existing regulations and practices. This lecture will be a comprehens...
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University of Florida College of Medicine Alternative Dispute Resolution
Provided by: University of Florida College of Medicine
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) Safely Compounding Quality Medications - Understanding Revisions to USP General Chapter 1163
Provided by: International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
Quality is not just a word – it’s a critical component of pharmacy compounding. USP General Chapter provides pharmacists and technicians with a thorough overview of how quality can and should be integrated into daily practice with both philosophical and specific guidelines. This one-hour program highlights the latest revisions to USP Quality ...
Medical Interactive Community Plastic Surgery Risk and Claims I: An Overview
Provided by: Medical Interactive Community
Plastic surgeons spend 20% of their careers with one or more unresolved malpractice claims hanging over their heads, nearly twice the average for all specialties combined. The greatest areas of risk for this specialty are patient selection, informed consent and surgical provider/facility protocols, including rescue capability and emergency transfer...
PeerXChange Current and Emerging Therapies for Chronic Constipation and IBS-C
Provided by: PeerXChange
This monograph provides an overview of two very common gastrointestinal disorders affecting adults—chronic constipation (CC) and irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C). The first section provides a brief description of the definitions for each condition and reviews the epidemiologic burden and risk factors associated with CC and IBS-C...
Inquisit Harassment Prevention: The Real How To’s
Provided by: Inquisit
In today''s work environment, simply telling employees and supervisors to avoid harassment just won''t do the job. And training that’s just checking a box isn’t effective – participants need to understand, remember and act upon what they’ve learned. If your healthcare organization is going to spend money on harassment prevention training,...
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Provided by: Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps
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My Dental Continuing Education & OSHA Training California Dental CE Online | $99 25 for CEs OSHA |
Provided by: My Dental Continuing Education & OSHA Training
25 CEs for $99. All of our courses for suitable California dental professionals including Infection Control OSHA, CDPA, and Bloodborne Pathogens Review. 11 current courses. And also includes radiography, oral pathology, nitrous oxide sedation, risk management & medical error prevention, HIV /AIDS, domestic violence, and patient records. We send...
Inquisit Substance Abuse & Medication Misuse in Older Adults
Provided by: Inquisit
Substance abuse and medication misuse is becoming a major health concern as the “baby boomers” enter the age of retirement.  This webinar will compare the current generation and the baby boomers’ use of alcohol, illicit drugs and other abused medications.   The difficulty in recognizing substance use/ abuse disorder...
MCPHS University Massachusetts Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP): An Overview
Provided by: MCPHS University
The Massachusetts Prescription Monitoring Program (MA PMP) is a tool that supports safe prescribing and dispensing and assists in addressing prescription drug misuse, abuse and diversion. The MA PMP collects dispensing information on prescription drug products with recognized potential for abuse or dependence (e.g., narcotics, stimulants, sedatives...
Sea Courses Cruises Adventures in Medicine - Cardiology, Endocrinology, and cultural Medicine
Provided by: Sea Courses Cruises
Program Cardiology - Cardiac-tests : which ones are indicated - Acute Coronary Syndromes: follow up - Life long cardiac health - Gender & Heart Disease : Is there really a difference? - Atrial Fibrillation : Risk Assessment - Cardiology Jeopardy : the game that puts it all together Endocrinology - Myth buster diabetes - Wh...
Inquisit WHO Hand Hygiene Guidelines: Time for a New Approach
Provided by: Inquisit
The user-centered approach to hand hygiene described in the 2009 WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare incorporates hand hygiene activity into the natural flow of patient care.  Using a variety of instructional tools with strong visual messages, WHO guidelines are easy to understand and remember.  This program will introduce &ldquo...
Western Schools Critical Care & Emergency Nursing
Provided by: Western Schools
This udpated engaging course discusses a broad range of topics relevant to nurses practicing in high acuity areas in an easy to understand, organized manner. Topics include cardiovascular disease, principles of hemodynamics, shock, and trauma, as well as a review of critical care issues associated with each of the body systems. Course Objectiv...
Medical Interactive Community Risk and Claims in Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery
Provided by: Medical Interactive Community
Cardiovascular thoracic surgery as a specialty has a good track record in coronary revascularization: reduced mortality, transparent quality measures, and appropriate indications for the procedure. Nevertheless, cardiac procedures and surgeries are currently subject to scrutiny, investigation and malpractice claims alleging lack of medical necessi...
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series: Pharmacy Records and Security (Part One of a Four-Part Series)
Provided by: International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
Part One of a Four-Part Series. Today’s compounding pharmacists will need to familiarize themselves with stringent laws and regulations enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) through their Office of Diversion Control (Diversion). Since the focus of any DEA investigation of a compounding pharmacy is the prescription, the initial...
New England Institute of Technology Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding + Medical Terminology
Provided by: New England Institute of Technology
The Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding with Medical Terminology is a nationally-recognized online program that will prepare you for the rewarding field of healthcare. Through this program, you will gain a wide range of medical office management skills that healthcare professionals need for the efficient operation of t...
PeerXChange Monitoring and Managing QOL in Chronic Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
Provided by: PeerXChange
Chronic constipation (CC) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are two of the most widespread functional bowel disorders in the United States (US). Both disorders have a significant impact on patient quality of life (QOL) that is largely overlooked or underappreciated by healthcare providers. The objectives of this activity are to increase awareness ...
Inquisit Ensuring Compliance with TJC 2012 Provision of Care Standards
Provided by: Inquisit
The purpose of this program is to familiarize the attendees with the 2012 Joint Commission chapter on the Provision of Care (PC). This is one of the most important and extensive chapters that address patient care. There are 48 standards in this section! It includes important issues such as falls, pain, abuse and neglect, assessment of patients, dia...
Inquisit MMLI: Financial Management II (Operating Budgets)
Provided by: Inquisit
As a professional working in a materials management department, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of financial terms, process, evaluations and methods of handling financial statements. Individuals must have an understanding of how operating budgets are developed by estimating spending for various accounts over a period of time. Once a...
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Health Effects of Air Pollution
Provided by: American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
This enduring material is based on AAAAI teaching slides and reviews the Health Effects of Air Pollution. As you review the presentation, scrolling over the slides may reveal additional information on some screens. Physicians can earn 1.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ and nurses can earn 1.20 CE Contact Hours. Credit is available May 1, 2013 th...
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) Pharmacy Compounding Law and Regulations: Staying Current in a Changing World
Provided by: International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
This one hour webinar is an in-depth presentation on federal and state legislative and regulatory issues that are affecting compounders today. Attendees will learn how regulatory initiatives and court decisions have influenced the regulation of compounders, the authority of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when inspecting compounding pharmaci...
Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps Delaware - Download the leading Delaware jobs mobile apps and DE continuing education mobile apps. MOBILIZE Your Career!
Provided by: Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps
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University of Florida College of Medicine Medical Error Prevention
Provided by: University of Florida College of Medicine
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) Safely Compounding Quality Medications - A Review of Revised USP General Chapter 795
Provided by: International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
General Chapter Pharmaceutical Compounding – Nonsterile Preparations provides compounders with standards on applying good compounding practices for the extemporaneous preparation of nonsterile compounded formulations. The chapter outlines the compounding process, facilities, component selection, handling, storage, documentation, and training req...
Applied Clinical Education Harnessing the Immune System in NSCLC Implications of Emerging Data and Immunotherapeutic Strategies for Personalized Medicine
Provided by: Applied Clinical Education
TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for this activity is medical oncologists, hematology/oncology fellows, oncology specialty pharmacists, and other health care professionals involved in the management of individuals with nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC). EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able...
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