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Need a Complete Clinical Solution for Your Health System?
Not a Problem.

Tired of dealing with the headaches and hassles of piecing together the clinical information, tools and other resources you need to efficiently perform your job and effectively take care of your patients?

Enter Gold Standard.

We’re committed to delivering clinical information software solutions that streamline workflow, enhance patient safety and improve the way your facility provides healthcare. Developed by a highly trained staff of professionals, easily integrate any or all of these resources:

Drug Information
Award-winning Clinical Pharmacology real-time drug information to prevent drug errors, reduce adverse events, effectively counsel patients on their medications, and improve health outcomes

Toxicology Information
Point-of-care ToxED electronic clinical toxicology resource to immediately access critical information on emergency treatments, specific poisons and drug overdoses, chemical exposures, and more

Clinical Intervention Documentation and Reporting
Comprehensive Clini-Doc and RxRounds Interventions clinical intervention documentation and reporting systems to measure the financial impact of your pharmacy’s clinical activities

Formulary Management
Hospital-preferred formulary management software, FormChecker, to aid in JCAHO compliance, ensure pharmacy guidelines are met, and to reduce time spent on management of formulary conversions

Electronic Forms and Reports
Customized forms and reports for web and PDA, RxRounds Flexible Forms and Reports, to instantly capture information, automate data, easily generate reports, and analyze resources

Pharmacy Communication Portal
Convenient Pharmacy Hub communication portal to share files and connect your health system to best-of-breed solutions for pharmacy practice, informed decision-making, and better bottom line results

For more information about Gold Standard’s clinical solutions, a complimentary demo, or to contact us, use the link provided below.

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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
I-CAR Advanced Material Damage Analysis
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Steel Structural Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Identify advanced materials used for vehicle construction and describe their characteristics and applications Explain how advanced vehicle construction materials affect collision energy management Under... Utilization Review Criteria: Introduction to MCG (formerly Milliman Care Guidelines)
Provided by:
OBJECTIVES 1. Define the purpose and goals of MCG (formerly Milliman Care Guidelines) 2. Define the Clinical Indications for Admission to Inpatient Care and use these indications to determine appropriateness of inpatient admission. 3. Describe the key features of: the Optimal Recovery Course the Discharge Planning Resources 4. Define and di...
Columbia University Department of Medicine UPDATE IN GLOMERULAR DISEASE 2015
Provided by: Columbia University Department of Medicine
Integrate advances in basic science and clinical management of common glomerular disease in a one-day ACCME accredited course Physicians ($150.00) Allied Health Professionals ($100.00) CUMC/NYP Faculty ($75.00) Fellows & Residents (No charge with letter from Program Director) Live Web Conference - $149.00 (Attend course virtually and rece...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Orthostatic Hypotension in Older People
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
The Virtual Journal Club CE article “Orthostatic Hypotension in Older People” is valid thru September 30, 2015. In this article, the purpose is to enhance awareness of orthostatic hypotension (OH) in older populations, and guide primary care nurse practitioners (NPs) in the assessment and management of patients with OH. You may also access an ...
Dietitian Continuing Education From Mindless Eating to Mindlessly Eating Better
Provided by: Dietitian Continuing Education
Most of us don’t overeat because we’re hungry. We overeat because of family and friends, packages and plates, names and numbers, labels and lights, colors and candles, shapes and smells, distractions and distances, cupboards and containers. Based on 20 years of research, Professor Wansink shows how we Mindlessly Eat and how to turn it around. I...
Canter and Associates, LLC Classroom Management to Promote Student Learning
Provided by: Canter and Associates, LLC
In today’s diverse classrooms, where students come with a range of learning needs as well as social and emotional needs, there is no single formula or model for effective classroom management. This graduate-level course explores several approaches to creating a supportive and respectful learning environment. Build a repertoire of research-based s...
University of Florida College of Medicine Optimizing Outcomes in Male Hypogonadism: Knowing When and How to Screen for and Diagnose Low Testosterone
Provided by: University of Florida College of Medicine
ed2go Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010
Provided by: ed2go
Take control over your data! Whether you're a novice or an experienced database user, this course will show you how to harness the full power of Microsoft Access 2010. In these practical and project-oriented lessons, you'll learn how to use this award-winning MS Office software to create and customize tables. You'll build relationships between ...
American Society of Civil Engineers Consistency of Soils and Atterberg Limits (ODGLT5)
Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
Atterberg Limit tests are used to determine the consistency of fine grained soils which represent behavior of soil based on the water content present in them. Based on their consistency, soils are classified into four different states, i.e., solid, semi-solid, plastic, and liquid state. Moisture contents of the soil when it changes from one state t...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Community and Hospital Acquired Pneumonia
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
This activity was recorded during the 2013 AANP Specialty Conference. The full session is presented here in a MP4 format with a posttest review. Please Note: If you have already received credit for a specific course offered at an AANP conference, you may NOT claim additional credit for the same course in a different format. After completion ...
PDHdirect An Intro to Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems (PG101)
Provided by: PDHdirect
This course will introduce you to advanced wastewater treatment processes that provide higher quality wastewater discharge than achievable with primary and secondary treatment alone. You will learn about polishing ponds, post-aeration, microstraining, filtration, activated carbon adsorption, phosphorous removal, land application systems, nitrifica...
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Sleep Disturbance in Older Adults
Provided by: American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
Advanced Courses in Geriatric Pharmacotherapy This package includes 12 advanced case studies approved for CGP Recertification, totaling 26.5 credit hours. You can purchase as a set or individually. ASCP member price for the package is $149, non-member $199. Each user has 365 days of access from date of purchase. These courses are not appro...
Financial Advisor Continuing Education Commercial General Liability Rating, 8th Edition
Provided by: Financial Advisor Continuing Education
You will only receive CFP CE credit if you purchase a course listed here. To obtain Insurance CE credit, click the Change State tab at the top of this page. Each course in our extensive library is written by industry experts and provides you with the skills necessary to meet mandatory requirements and to stay current in your area of expertise. C...
American Management Association iPhone® at Work: Tools for Business Productivity On the Go
Provided by: American Management Association
How to Use Your iPhone to Manage Your Workday Mobile productivity is all the rage. But just how productive can you be on your phone? This 90-minute webinar will demonstrate how you can use your iPhone as an effective tool for staying on task and keeping organized wherever you may be. The program will focus on using the phone’s operating system...
Nutrition Dimension EDs Face Influx of Nonurgent Patients
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: The demand for ED care is at an all-time high, yet the number of EDs continues to decline nationwide. ED overcrowding is a problem with hospitalwide implications. EDs that are at capacity often have patients who wait hours or even days to be fully admitted to a care unit. Sixty-five percent of urban hospitals and 47% of all hospitals repo...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Safety Matters: Pediatric Medication Safety
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
Safety Matters: Pediatric Medication Safety includes educational material created to support education of pediatric patients' parents and caregivers on medication safety. Young children are at great risk for medication errors. It is critical for parents and other caregivers to understand how to administer medications to young children safely and to...
Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc. State and Federal Law Update #3182
Provided by: Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc.
The goal of this curriculum is to provide law enforcement officers with an update of recently statute changes and addition provided by the 82nd Legislature. Recent Supreme Court decisions that impact important issues such as search and seizure, detention, etc., were also included in this curriculum as these cases may impact the function, policy, a...
I-CAR Trim and Hardware
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Non-Structural Technician Refinish Technician Auto Physical Damage Appraiser If you are a Refinish Technician Role Rep and would like an Online alternative to TRM01 in ProLevel 1, you may take TRM03e instead – a savings of 3 credit hours over the Live course TRM...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Malabsorption Anemia and Iron Supplement Induced Constipation in Post Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patients
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
The Virtual Journal Club CE article “Malabsorption Anemia and Iron Supplement Induced Constipation in Post Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patients” is valid thru December 31, 2015. Over 250,000 bariatric surgical procedures for the management of morbid obesity are performed in the United States annually. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) is an effe...
Dental Continuing Education Implants Made Easy
Provided by: Dental Continuing Education
One can't open a journal without seeing at least two articles on implantology. Through techniques such as grafting and the use of CBCT scans and Guided Surgery, placing implants is becoming more and more accessible to the General Practitioner. At times it's hard to evaluate if implantology is a path that you want to take. This course is aimed at gi...
American Management Association Procrastination to Productivity: 6 Ways to Get Started, Get More Done and Have More Energy
Provided by: American Management Association
Do you find yourself putting off important tasks to the last possible minute? The truth is that procrastination affects both your career and your personal life. Side effects include missed opportunities, stress, anxiety, resentment, and guilt. This webinar exposes the root causes of procrastination behaviors and hands you a number of easy-to-use ...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise Inhaler Device Counseling Technique
Provided by: University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise
This course provides the fundamentals of coaching patients in proper inhaler technique. Included in the course package learners will receive: four (4) placebo devices shipped to the learner, an online audiovisual classroom presentation supported by reference materials, and an individualized feedback session to guide health professionals in the deli...
Forestry Continuing Education Logger Business - Weight Law
Provided by: Forestry Continuing Education
Charlie Gee, of the Texas Logging Council, discusses the specifics of weight law, and its relevance to loggers. Recorded at the Business Management Workshop for Texas Pro Loggers on Thursday, April 7, 2011 in Lufkin, Texas. ...
Nutrition Dimension Understanding Insulin Management
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: With improved control of diabetes, patients have fewer complications, improved psychological well-being and overall greater satisfaction with diabetes management. As healthcare providers become more involved in helping patients control their diabetes, they need to understand the basic principles of insulin management. This course begin...
Paralegal Continuing Education Law 203 - Business Organizations
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
The "bread and butter" of many law firms comes from organizing small business entities and advising them of their duties and rights. When is a partnership better than a corporation? What procedure is followed in setting up a corporation? What must be included in the articles of corporation? How are corporate minutes drafted? These questions are imp...
CEAppCenter FREE Inquisit CE Mobile App Download
Provided by: CEAppCenter
Inquisit is proud to be affiliated with more than 25 accrediting agencies. Earn CE for many of Inquisit's educational programs. Take the next step in continuing your health care education! App includes a large variety! Download the FREE mobile app onto your mobile device by visiting the Healthcare’s Continuing Education App Center at www.CEAppCen...
Inquisit Feasibility of Therapeutic Hypothermia Post Cardiac Arrest in Small Community Hospitals Without PTCA
Provided by: Inquisit
This program will explore the history and prevalence of Inducing Hypothermia as a treatment modality leading into the modern day use in post resuscitation care.  The indications and methods for safely initiating therapeutic cooling will be addressed while focusing on the feasibility in smaller hospitals.  Typically only larger facilities ...
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Using Mobile Apps and Social Media in Your Practice
Provided by: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Discover the new world of mobile technologies and how easy it is to integrate them into your evidence-based speech and language therapy practice. Perfect for those new to these technologies, you’ll get a useful introduction that will provide you with a framework for using them in your work. We won’t recommend specific apps, instead, we’ll sho...
ed2go Introduction to C# Programming
Provided by: ed2go
Learn the fundamentals of computer programming with C#, the in-demand and incredibly useful programming language that incorporates the best features of Visual Basic, C++, and Java. You'll first develop your understanding of programming fundamentals: input/output operations, decision making, and looping. Then, we'll explore the many benefits of o...
American Management Association Workarounds That Work: Getting Things Done with Whatever It Takes
Provided by: American Management Association
Are you ready to be the one who gets things done, no matter what? You've experienced the frustration dozens of times: you need approval on a purchase, but a key sign-off person is on vacation; a project is on a crash schedule, but you're missing an important detail; you need to move ahead in a process, but company rules cause delays. What you nee...
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