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Need a Complete Clinical Solution for Your Health System?
Not a Problem.

Tired of dealing with the headaches and hassles of piecing together the clinical information, tools and other resources you need to efficiently perform your job and effectively take care of your patients?

Enter Gold Standard.

We’re committed to delivering clinical information software solutions that streamline workflow, enhance patient safety and improve the way your facility provides healthcare. Developed by a highly trained staff of professionals, easily integrate any or all of these resources:

Drug Information
Award-winning Clinical Pharmacology real-time drug information to prevent drug errors, reduce adverse events, effectively counsel patients on their medications, and improve health outcomes

Toxicology Information
Point-of-care ToxED electronic clinical toxicology resource to immediately access critical information on emergency treatments, specific poisons and drug overdoses, chemical exposures, and more

Clinical Intervention Documentation and Reporting
Comprehensive Clini-Doc and RxRounds Interventions clinical intervention documentation and reporting systems to measure the financial impact of your pharmacy’s clinical activities

Formulary Management
Hospital-preferred formulary management software, FormChecker, to aid in JCAHO compliance, ensure pharmacy guidelines are met, and to reduce time spent on management of formulary conversions

Electronic Forms and Reports
Customized forms and reports for web and PDA, RxRounds Flexible Forms and Reports, to instantly capture information, automate data, easily generate reports, and analyze resources

Pharmacy Communication Portal
Convenient Pharmacy Hub communication portal to share files and connect your health system to best-of-breed solutions for pharmacy practice, informed decision-making, and better bottom line results

For more information about Gold Standard’s clinical solutions, a complimentary demo, or to contact us, use the link provided below.

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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Inquisit Recognizing Delirium in Older Adults in Acute Care Settings
Provided by: Inquisit
Delirium is the most common complication in older adults in the acute care setting. Unfortunately it is largely unrecognized due to its fluctuating presentation, co-morbidity with dementia, lack of formal assessments, and under appreciation of its clinical significance. It is not only degrading to the individual, but also it is associated with adve...
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ACPE - Pain Management - Part 1: Checkpoints for the Pharmacy Clinician (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to: 1. Define pain 2.Describe the epidemiology of pain 3.Discuss nociceptive pain pathophysiology: stimulation, transmission, perception, modulation, sensitization. 4.Discuss neuropathic pain. 5.Describe acute vs. chronic painIn accordance with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy E...
Nutrition Dimension Keep It Clean
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Whether at the surgical site or on the hands of the healthcare provider, skin is inherently laden with resident and transient flora. Inadequate hand hygiene allows opportunistic pathogens in varying life stages to transfer between patients and other surfaces during everyday activities. Yet many healthcare workers across various discipline...
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ACPE - Anticoagulation: Looking Back. Looking Ahead. Part 2 REPLAY (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
Anticoagulation: Looking Back. Looking Ahead Part 2 REPLAY is a PHARMACIST continuing education course. Upon successful completion of the instructional materials, post-test and course evaluation, the learner may claim credit and receive 1 contact hours or 0.1 CEUs. At the completion of this activity, the participant will demonstrate ability...
Human Resources CE Variable Pay: Compensation's Response to Attracting, Retaining, and Motivating Talent
Provided by: Human Resources CE
A dramatic shift has occurred in the way organizations are using rewards to attract, retain and motivate their workforces. Years of emphasis on merit increases have given way to the use of a wide range of variable compensation approaches. This self-paced e-learning program discusses 10 years of variable compensation data to reveal the most common t...
ed2go The Creative Classroom
Provided by: ed2go
Creativity will abound in your classroom as you tap your students' hidden talents. Learn how to use creativity to teach reading, writing, visual arts, performing arts, social studies, science, mathematics, and physical and health education. Develop creative new approaches to field trips, learning labs, activities, exercises, assignments, and evalua...
Inquisit Type 2 Diabetes: Individualized Patient Care to Improve Outcomes
Provided by: Inquisit
Diabetes is a serious and chronic disease affecting some 18 million Americans.  Each year, approximately 800,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes, with Type 2 diabetes accounting for 90-95% of all cases.  The prevalence of diabetes has increased steadily over the last 2 decades and with an aging US population and the increased prevalenc...
ed2go Creating Classroom Centers
Provided by: ed2go
Discover how easy and effective classroom centers can really be! In this course, you'll learn how to create and implement activities that boost independent learning in the classroom. You'll start out by learning what centers are (and aren't), what benefits they offer, and how to make the most of them. Next, you'll explore some very common mista...
HVAC Continuing Education HP11 & HP12
Provided by: HVAC Continuing Education
The HP11 webinar gives the technician a broad range of knowledge of heat pump operation and diagnostics. The HP12 webinar teaches the technician the procedures used in determining compressor, reversing valve, and metering device malfunctions....
American Society of Civil Engineers CBR Test on Soils Compacted in Laboratory (ODGLT10)
Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
The type of subgrade soils and their strength plays a critical role in the design and performance of pavements. In 1929, California Division of Highways developed a laboratory test to evaluate the suitability of a material for use in highway construction as a subgrade, and sub-base and base courses. The test is called California Bearing Ratio or CB...
Culinary Continuing Education Awareness and Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination in the Hospitality Workplace
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers are encouraged to take steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. They should clearly communicate to employees that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. They can do so by providing sexual harassment training to their employees and by establi...
Dental Continuing Education Introducing Dental Sleep Medicine into Your Practice
Provided by: Dental Continuing Education
We are being bombarded with the potential role of dentistry is sleep medicine; and yet only a fraction of those who learn about sleep medicine have successfully added these concepts to their general practice. We will teach not only the concepts of sleep medicine, but emphasize the challenges for the general dentist that need to be addressed success...
Teaching Assistant Continuing Education Promoting Better Classroom Behavior Through Effective Instruction
Provided by: Teaching Assistant Continuing Education
Research has demonstrated a strong positive correlation between behavior problems and low academic achievement. Student success and/or failures are in large part determined by how well teachers provide effective instruction to their students. Join the experts who created SRA FLEX Literacy, Read to Achieve, and Core Lesson Connections for Reading Ma...
AKH Inc. Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare Florida Laws and Rules
Provided by: AKH Inc. Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare
Target audience This course is designed to provide Laws and Rules continuing education for Florida Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. It fulfills the continuing education requirement for those licensed in the state of Florida. Course Description This course reviews the purpose and membership of the Florida Board of Nursing (FBON), its legislative...
Lab Tech Continuing Education Medical Errors for Laboratory Professionals
Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
As a laboratory professional, you have an important role in the outcome of medical treatment of patients. Healthcare providers expect and depend on accurate laboratory results in order to make a diagnosis and initiate proper treatment. The results that laboratories provide must not only be accurate, but they also need to be provided in a short ...
Real Estate Continuing Education California Real Estate 8-hour Combined Survey
Provided by: Real Estate Continuing Education
The course will examine five specific topic areas: ethics, agency, fair housing, trust fund handling, and risk management. Both national and California-specific laws and legislation for each subject area will be discussed and the relevance to real estate agents explained. The various ways in which an agency relationship may be established, the type...
BlueVolt Georgia - 2011 Changes to the NEC, Part I (Articles 90-300) - 4 Credit Hours
Provided by: BlueVolt
It's so convenient to learn about the 2011 Changes to the NEC online and earn your state-approved CEUs. The course is broken up into chapters (by article), covering the most significant electrical code changes. Start and stop as often as you like Try it out! You only pay after you pass the course...
HVAC Continuing Education Energy-Saving Strategies for Rooftop VAV Systems
Provided by: HVAC Continuing Education
Rooftop variable-air-volume (VAV) systems are used to provide comfort in a wide range of building types and climates. This ENL discusses HVAC system design and operating strategies that can save energy in these systems. Learning Objectives: Explain the basic concepts of a rooftop VAV system, including the basic components, its advantages and ...
American Psychological Association Module 4: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cognitive Changes at the End of Life
Provided by: American Psychological Association
Various types of disorders, diagnostic techniques, and treatment strategies are associated with end-of-life care. Cognitive changes may interfere with a patient’s having a “good death” and deprive families of the opportunity to communicate meaningfully with their loved ones, which may lead to significant distress. This module will introduce t...
Paramedic Continuing Education EMT Basic Airway Management
Provided by: Paramedic Continuing Education
.Learn to d emonstrate an understanding of the physiologic processes involved with respiration, choose the correct airway management technique for various scenarios and describe appropriate use of a nasopharyngeal airway....
Architectural Record Specifying a Safe Dock Lift
Provided by: Architectural Record
Learning Objectives - After reading this article, you will be able to: Identify the comparative advantages of using a dock lift to move goods from one level to another. Describe the different factors to be considered when specifying a dock lift. Explain how undersizing a dock lift creates a potentially dangerous situation. Evaluate different ...
PDH Source, LLC Electrical Systems for Medical Facilities
Provided by: PDH Source, LLC
This course will introduce you to electrical systems for medical facilities, including hospitals, medical and dental clinics, and medical and dental laboratories. You will learn about general electrical requirements, exterior electrical systems, alternate power sources, interior electrical systems and lighting requirements. You will become familiar...
BlueVolt 2011 Changes to the NEC Part I - 8 credit hours
Provided by: BlueVolt
The most significant 2011 NEC Code Changes are covered in this course....
Paramedic Continuing Education EMT Allergic Reactions, Envenomations, Substance Abuse & Poisonings
Provided by: Paramedic Continuing Education
Learn to demonstrate recognition of the patient experiencing an allergic reaction. Describe the emergency medical care of the patient with an allergic reaction. Describe the signs and symptoms of DT's. Describe the mechanisms of allergic response and the implications for airway management and state the generic and trade names, medication forms, do...
Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps Utah - Download the leading Utah jobs mobile apps and UT continuing education mobile apps. MOBILIZE Your Career!
Provided by: Mobile Jobs Apps & Mobile CE Apps
Visit to discover and download mobile apps focused on Utah jobs and Utah continuing education & training activities....
Mortgage Broker Continuing Education Review of Vermont Mortgage Law
Provided by: Mortgage Broker Continuing Education
Two Hour Review of Vermont Mortgage Law provides a review of the laws that impact mortgage activities in Vermont. In Module 1, students will spend one hour reviewing the Licensed Lenders Act, including definitions and the licensing process, as well as important disclosures required by Vermont law, information on escrow accounts, and funded settleme...
Firefighter Continuing Education Prepare to Excel at Fire Service Distance Learning
Provided by: Firefighter Continuing Education
This webcast discusses the history of distance learning and how it can benefit members of the fire service. Presenter William Jenaway will guide attendees through steps such as establishing goals, expectations, benchmarks and limitations. You will learn about he various types of distance education applications and the presenter will help you choose...
Marketing Continuing Education Data As a Strategic Asset: A Customer-Focused Approach - New York, NY
Provided by: Marketing Continuing Education
Developed with IBM® exclusively for AMA Learn the secrets of marketing analytics! Have you ever wondered if there are goldmines buried in your customer data? What if you could unlock those secrets to reveal trends, discover insights and formulate a new and winning strategy? Developed with IBM®, this seminar puts data and analytics at your...
Nutrition Dimension Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease, Part 1 Is It a Viable Alternative to Drug Therapy?
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: For decades, researchers have been searching for a cure for Parkinson’s disease (PD). Over the years, countless drugs have been developed but none is able to cure this movement disorder. All of the drugs control the symptoms for a period of time and then the disorder relapses. It was found that rather than destroying the area of the tha...
Inquisit Getting the Scoop on Clostridium difficile
Provided by: Inquisit
Five years ago, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set a goal to decrease Clostridium difficile infections by 30% by the end of 2013.  We will not meet this goal.  In this program you will earn why the incidence, deaths, and excess health-care costs resulting from Clostridium difficile remain high despite our prevention and ...
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