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Anton / Bauer MPS

Established in 1970, Anton/Bauer is the leader in design, manufacturing, and testing of mobile power systems for use in the medical market. With more than 40 years of experience, Anton/Bauer has gained an unrivaled understanding of battery system technology and power management. In 2000, Anton/Bauer received an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development" for its mobile power systems used in film and broadcast.

Medical Products
Anton/Bauer takes a consultative approach to provide the highest quality and most reliable power systems available, anywhere. When you choose Anton/Bauer, we review your power requirements and recommend the most efficient solution to meet your budget/performance goals.

Hot-Swap Systems
Anton/Bauer MPS provides the most reliable and efficient HotSwap system on the market.

  • 100% mobility: The cart is never plugged into charge
  • Infection Control: Simple design for easy cleaning 
  • Reduces hallway clutter because the cart is always mobile (JACHO likes this)
  • Significantly reduced weight
  • Batteries replaced in years not months
  • Reduced overall capital equipment costs
  • Compatible: Works with existing battery management software
  • Fits any medical cart or workstation on wheels

MPS-4 Multi-Chemistry Power System
"The last integral power system that you will ever need to buy"

  • Accepts multiple battery chemistries with one device, plug and play
  • Simultaneously charge batteries while the cart is in use
  • Fast charging 85% within 2-hours, 100% within 3.5-hours
  • Change batteries packs in minutes: Reduces cart downtime
  • 400-800 Watt-Hours of continuous run-time
  • Remote Fuel Gauging

Refurbishment Service
Anton/Bauer refurbishment service replaces cart batteries with the highest quality cells available on the market.

  • Reliable and consistent runtimes
  • Three year life span
  • Low Maintenance
  • Charged batteries while remaining operable

Interactive® Charging System
Patented charging systems that communicate with batteries to ensure maximum runtime and cycle life.

  • Charge Anton/Bauer NiMh, Li-Ion, Li-po, LiFe and any other chemistry with one single device
  • Combines the most efficient control circuitry with a detailed communication protocol
  • Ensures that the appropriate charge and termination algorithms are used
  • Ability to accommodate complex charging requirements with a simple firmware update rather than a charger replacement.



Anton / Bauer MPS on medication carts and mobil computer carts. batteries with hot swap system and refurbish service. interactive charging systems, multi chemistry battery system technology and power management.
Hot Swap
MPS-4 Multi Chemistry
Interactive Charging System
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Drug Package, Inc

One Stop Shopping, Quality Products, Excellent Service

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The Metro SecureRx MD

Mobile medication system improves your medication delivery practice from the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) to the patient bedside. Rather than in clinicians' pockets, medications can be stored in individually locking, patient specific drawers. SecureRx MD interfaces with a hospital's information system to reference a common set of data for patient drawer assignment, enabling compatibility with all leading ADCs. So when you are ready to improve medication delivery... think Metro.

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Access. Virtually Everywhere. NEW Metro SecureRx MD System. Integrated mobile bedside medication tracking & transport system, Communicates seamlessly with leading automated dispensing cabinets including Metro MedDispense®, Improves workflow while providing additional visibility in the medication management process.

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Mobile Computer Carts

Drug Package Inc
Drug Package offers Long Term Care Medication Carts in a wide range of configurations and styles to best accommodate the procedures used by dispensing pharmacists; the practical consideration of storage and flexibility demanded by caregivers. Drug Package top-quality carts have been carefully engineered for dependability with minimum maintenance, designed with pleasing style and are offered at attractive, economical pricing. We offer several "Punch-Card" Cart configurations, allowing appropriate storage and your choice of the cart most appropriate for your facility and procedures.
Harloff understands that in today's pharmacy marketplace, one size of solution doesn't fit all situations. Medical professionals working in the in-patient and extended care setting need flexibility, durability and agility in their medication and specialty carts. Whether you need solutions for medication dispensing, treatment, isolation, or emergency, Harloff has a wide selection of competitively-priced, high-quality carts.

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Capsa Solutions Announces Acquisition of Kirby Lester, LLC

Capsa Solutions, a leading provider of medication management systems, mobile computing carts and medical cart platforms for healthcare facilities, today announced the acquisition of Kirby Lester, LLC of Lake Forest, Illinois. Kirby Lester is a leading provider of automated medication dispensing solutions in retail, institutional, hospital, and ambulatory pharmacy settings.

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