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New Leaf Rx® by KeyCentrix™

Pharmacy Software for the Next Level of Patient Care

Leverage the power of order-based, exception-driven workflow with New Leaf Rx®, now available in Complete, Advanced, and Lite versions. New Leaf Rx’s easy to use, configurable workflow and order manager are tailored to pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers that are looking to innovate, increase efficiencies and maximize their footprint in the advanced retail, specialty, or mail order markets. New Leaf Rx ensures compliance adherence with exception-driven workflow based on business objectives or desired patient outcomes. This customization supports ideal throughput and enforces best practices, scalable to a variety of single or multi-location environments. Integrations with new or existing applications, including the flexTRAX Point of Sale, streamline processes to reduce costs. In addition, KeyCentrix’ consultative approach is focused on understanding the dynamic objectives of each customer with a level of service and expertise unlike anything available in the industry.

  • Order Manager
  • Integration to Existing Applications
  • Exception-Driven Workflow
  • Data Extraction and Analysis
  • Hands-on Implementation/Training
  • Document Management
  • Activity Tracking
  • Configurable Workflow Stages
  • EPCS Certified
  • User Defined Fields
  • Remote Fill Functionality
  • Intuitive, Consistent Design
  • Workflow Consultation
  • Pharma Data Reporting
  • Compounding Support
  • Customizable Labels
  • Barcode Verification
  • Automated PMP Reporting
  • Drug Location Assignment
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Multiple Inventories

KeyCentrix delivers more than software – contact us today for an interactive New Leaf Rx demo or to learn more.

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Pharmacy Management System for closed-door, institutional, and long-term care pharmacies

Flexible Pharmacy Management
Integra's PrimeCare is designed for closed-door, institutional, and long-term care pharmacies serving skilled nursing, mental health, and assisted-living facilities. Our Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard displays queue information to alert you to potential bottlenecks. PrimeCare is developed specifically for the rigors of institutional pharmacy and provides time-saving and productivity-enhancing technology, including workflow and simplified billing and reporting.

With WebConnect, facilities can view profiles, order refill medications, maintain ancillary orders, access clinical information, and print MARs. WebConnect’s application for iPad® and other devices is intuitive and provides mobility within the facility in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

PrimeCare interfaces with other technologies to improve efficiency, reduce duplicate data entry, and improve customer service. Our hundreds of ready-made interfaces, including most eMARs, document management, and packaging systems use industry standards, such as HL7®, XML, web services, and NCPDP® SCRIPT 10.6 to ensure reliable, accurate communications.

Built-in Forms
Fill Lists streamline unit dose filling and billing, and PrimeCare contains easy-to-use forms, including:

  • 93 Physician Order forms
  • 98 Medical Administration records
  • 13 Psychotropic Medication Forms

PrimeCare integrates with QS/1’s SystemOne® for HME, Web Refill Services, Remote Backup, Multi-Site Management (MSM™) and many other QS/1 products and services.

Contact us by clicking the links above!

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AdvanceNet Health Solutions

At AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth), we're dedicated to being the world's premier ePharmacy technology company. Our ePostRx product enables pharmacies to facilitate higher fulfillment volumes, enhance patient care and increase profitably by supporting multiple business models, including Electronic Scripts, Retail, Chain Retail, Mail-Order and Central Fill. Now ePostRx is the healthcare industry's first and only open source, enterprise pharmacy solution licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). So if your business requires:

  • Prescription Fulfillment/Management Software
  • ePrescribing Translation/Management Software
  • Pharmacy Operations & Technology Consulting
  • Open source technology consulting and Project Development.

Then contact ANSHealth and get involved with the ePostRx community today!

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Advance Net- Software (Prescription Processing)
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QS/1® - Customer Driven, Community Inspired

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Integra Suite Solution Industry-Tested Software That Fits Your LTC Pharmacy

Increase performance, reduce the cost of ownership, boost productivity, create automation by eliminating repetitive manual processes, maximize business intelligence, and drive more reliable, error-free customer service with the Integra Suite Solution.

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Improve Profitability With Medforce's Affordable, Modular Document and Process Management Software

Maximizing efficiency goes beyond basic content management. Medforce fills the gaps in productivity enabling you to be truly paperless across your whole operations from patient files to accounts payable.

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Health Business Systems, Inc.

HBS offers a variety of technology suites designed to enhance the productivity of any pharmacy.

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New Leaf Rx

Pharmacy software for the next level of patient care.

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SharpRx is a completely new pharmacy management systems from QS/1.

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AdvanceNet Health Solutions

The industry's only crafted source enterprise pharmacy solution.

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Long Term Care / LTC Pharmacy Software

SXC’s suite of HBS product and services has been providing the pharmacy environment with state-of-the-art solution to help run your business efficiently, while maximizing your bottom line. Whether you are a part of a larger chain, an independent, or a mail order operation, HBS systems will automate many time-consuming activities to allow you more time to focus on your customers. Available as an installed and supported in-house system, or on an Application Service Provider (ASP) basis, HBS is the single-source solution to help you manage your business.
Integra Software
Integra is an innovative industry leader, offering solutions to closed-door, institutional, and long-term care pharmacies. Integra is part of Smith Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation.

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