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SRS Pharmacy Systems

Total Pharmacy Integration... One Vendor!

Over 20 Years of Supporting Community Pharmacy
Since 1989, SRS Pharmacy Systems has focused on building pharmacy management software that helps community pharmacies operate more efficiently and accurately, keeping processes consistent, inventories low and profitability high.

Total Pharmacy Integration
The key to maximizing profittability is total integration from top to bottom. All SRS modules are directly integrated with our core pharmacy management software, PKonRx. Modules include:

  • PKonRx
  • NPI and DEA Number Validation
  • Rx Scanning & RPh Verification
  • POS w/eSignature
  • Integrated Credit, Debit & FSA Card Processing
  • Drive-Thru Wireless
  • IVR & PhoneManager
  • Smartphone & Web Rells
  • Text Message Alerts

RxTwin: Integrated Onsite Backup Server

  • Proactive network, system and component replacement
  • SQL database for reliability and speed
  • Web access from each station
  • Fast and stable C++ programming

One System, One Vendor, One Call!
Pharmacies gain because SRS doesn't outsource its technology. SRS directly develops, supports and services all core system, software and hardware. SRS components are software and hardware pre-configured.SRS automatically maintains software drivers, system updates, security functions, and PBM requirements. Additionally, SRS pharmacies have a SINGLE SOURCE for all pharmacy support needs, allowing SRS pharmacies to focus on customer care and let SRS focus on computer system care!

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SRS IVR Pharmacy Technology
SRS IVR Pharmacy Technology
SRS IVR Pharmacy Technology
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QS/1® - Customer Driven, Community Inspired

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SharpRx is a completely new pharmacy management systems from QS/1.

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Pharmacy IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

OmniSYS provides essential communication technology solutions to help pharmacies become more efficient, productive and responsive to patient and business needs. Our solutions help drive business into your pharmacy!
QS/1 provides products, services, and support to a variety of healthcare providers including community pharmacies, chain pharmacies, long- term care facilities, institutions, home medical equipment providers, and point-of-sale operations.
SRS systems are designed to help you accomplish more - to keep your processes consistent, your inventories low, and your profitability high. Our systems earn excellent marks in reliability, performance, and ease of use. Conversion is rapid and reliable, with 100% functionality from day one. And our technical support is among the best in the business.

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