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TORBAL pharmacy scales have been sold to pharmacies for over 100 years. Our scales are in thousands of pharmacies in the U.S. and Worldwide. These scales are extremely rugged and affordable. They are designed specifically for prescription use. All DRX scales are NTEP certified for prescription weighing and pill counting. All of these models meet requirements for Class A prescription balances. They are Legal-for-Trade in all 50 states.

The DRX-4 is an ideal class II pharmacy scale. It was designed specifically for pharmacy use and it has been NTEP certified as legal for trade in prescription weighing. The DRX-4 is very robust, affordable and most important very accurate. It has a 100 gram capacity, with a resolution of .001 grams (1 milligram), it has a tare capacity equal to its range, and provides a display of scale capacity used (in percent) whenever weighing. The need for a draft shield is eliminated by the unique design of the pan shield.

The DRX-300 is an easy to use pill counting scale loaded with some of the best features on the market. Its Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy (APA) feature makes this model ideal for any pharmacy. This model is equipped with an RS232 interface port and automatic internal calibration. This scale has a capacity of 300g and is a class II pharmacy scale.

The DRX-4C2 is a rugged pill counting scale with a capacity of 300g. This scale has a large LCD display and is equipped with an RS232 interface port. The DRX-4C2 is an affordable class II pharmacy scale. It comes with both pill counting and compounding features.

The DRX-500s is the premiere model of the DRX-5 series. It is equipped with a laser barcode scanner for quick access to drug information and effective average piece weight storing. This model has a 10,000 drug capacity database built in so pharmacists will have no problem adding new drugs. Like any scale that stores average piece weight, these amounts should be updated regularly, but with the DRX-500s the scale will automatically remind the user to perform this task.

With a 3000 drug database capacity and pill counting features the DRX-4C is ideal for any pharmacy. This scale is equipped with a laser barcode scanner to easily store drug information into the internal database. This rugged 300g capacity scale has two RS232 interface ports and a large LCD display.

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Health Care Logistics

Scales and Balances

Class II Pharmacy Scale and Pill Counters from Health Care Logistics are made with the highest quality engineering processes to guarantee fast and accurate results that simplify your prescription filling and weighing routine. A small footprint makes them ideal for locations with limited counter space.

Each unit features Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy, which adjusts for pill weight variations to provide maximum accuracy when filling prescriptions. Pill fragment detection recognizes possible pill fragments or chipped pills for the best performance and results.

HCL has internal calibrating scales that save users time and ensure accuracy. These scales calibrate automatically at startup, every two hours or with the change of temperature, as determined by the user. Economical external calibrating scales are also available, and require manual calibration using an appropriate weight.

A built-in draft ring helps deflect common air movements. We also offer an optional draft shield for areas where sizeable drafts from fans, heaters or ventilation systems are likely to occur.

Units include software that allows users to transmit data digitally to a PC. Use this information for record keeping, inventory control and pharmacy management.

Improve accuracy and efficiency with our user-friendly line of pharmacy scales and pill counters. Call our friendly staff or visit us online at to learn more!

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