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Who is Dr. Comfort?

Founded in 2002, Dr. Comfort is currently the fastest-growing diabetic footwear provider in the United States and across the globe. Its huge success is owed largely in part to the creative genius and business knowledge of its founder, Rick Kanter. Rick grew up working in his father's footwear business, and eventually founded his own chain of footwear stores. These stores specialized in providing a wide range of styles, sizes, and widths for both the average and not-so-average foot.

After more than 20 years in the retail footwear industry, Rick sold his business and took a year off for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. It was during this time that Rick became aware of the dilemma faced by diabetics and their feet. Rick noticed that almost all of the footwear available for the diabetic foot was not only poor in quality, but that it also lacked another important factor… style.

Rick, with the help of podiatrists and certified pedorthists, founded Dr. Comfort and set about designing footwear to both fulfill the medical needs and exceed the fashion expectations of the diabetic patient. Rick and his team spent a year researching and developing proper medical lasts and eye appealing styles. The result was a product that was extremely well received by diabetics and their health care professionals not only for their feel and function, but also their overall look and quality.

Today, you can find Dr. Comfort shoes in all 50 states and abroad. You’ll find them on the diabetic foot as well as so many others. They’re perfect for anyone who suffers from any type of foot complication, or for those who simply need relief for their feet from the stresses of everyday life, and for those who just desire a really comfortable pair of shoes.

Dr. Comfort was founded upon and continues to honor the following principals:

  • Total satisfaction of the wearer in the look, feel, and quality of the footwear.
  • The use of top-quality natural materials in all of its footwear. Our shoes are made from the finest top-grain Texas leathers.
  • Complete fulfillment of the needs of the diabetic foot: from the extra depth and design of the foot bed to the state-of-the-industry, on-site pedorthic laboratories.
  • Belief that proper shoe fitting can alleviate, or even prevent, foot complications and deformities. All of Dr. Comfort’s distributors are trained in the shoe fitting process, and experts are on-site and available to help tackle the most difficult of foot issues.
  • Continual improvement of every product from heel to toe, making it the best it can be; creating and recreating the gold standard of the industry.
  • Maintain a positive impact on the daily lives of all its customers. Customer service, satisfaction, and comfort are top priorities.

What’s new at Dr. Comfort?

As part of our commitment to continually improve our product line, Dr. Comfort is pleased to present a new innovative, eco-friendly, comfortable line of socks, thus offering another line of defense for the diabetic foot. A technological masterpiece, these seamless, contour - fitted socks contain natural Nano Bamboo Charcoal in the heel and forefoot, which provides extra padding without bulk. Other benefits of bamboo charcoal include its ability to regulate foot temperature, promote blood circulation, restrain microbial growth, and adjust for moisture. The perfect diabetic sock, it comes in a variety of colors and styles and is loved by diabetics and non-diabetics alike!

What does Dr. Comfort offer pharmacies?

Increased recognition that the proper use of diabetic footwear will not only improve a patient’s overall heath outcomes, but also reduce future medical costs, has led many pharmacists to view Dr. Comfort shoes as a natural part of their services offered to the diabetic patient. Consistent, increasing reimbursement rates from Medicare and private insurance companies combined with the Dr. Comfort model has reinforced the business practicality of having diabetic footwear as a successful service for the properly trained pharmacist. Dr. Comfort’s shoes, heat moldable and custom inserts are all Medicare approved and reimbursable. Furthermore, Dr. Comfort’s gel inserts and socks serve as ultra-high quality, natural accessories to the shoes and inserts.

Based on these commitments to quality and service, it’s easy to see why Dr. Comfort has grown to be the leading diabetic shoe company in the industry. Additionally, all Dr. Comfort shoes and inserts are delivered in approximately four to six days, and 99% of all orders are shipped within 24 hours of order! Turnaround time for custom inserts, toe fillers and shoe modifications is seven to ten days from order, as the in-house laboratory works efficiently and promptly to process custom orders.

The Dr. Comfort sales model is designed to be not only user-friendly for pharmacists and their staff, but also to draw attention from patients and customers entering the pharmacy. This model is based on a simple, attractive fitting center and display rack. The Dr. Comfort fitting center carries up to 32 pairs of shoes and is sent containing every style and size that the company offers. This multi-purpose, attractive rack serves as fitting stock, sales display and solution to the problem of carrying a large inventory. Having a Dr. Comfort rack in the pharmacy enables customers to see, touch, and try on every style and size available. Once the patient has found a size and style to fit their needs, the order is sent in and the patient will be wearing their new shoes and inserts within a week!

What makes Dr. Comfort shoes different?
Dr. Comfort shoes are specially designed to fit the diabetic foot. They feature extra width and depth in the toe box and forefoot to relieve pressure from key areas of the foot.

Who are your shoes intended for?
Our shoes were originally designed for the diabetic patient; however, non-diabetics will also benefit from wearing our products.

What shoes are recommended for my foot condition?
Dr. Comfort manufactures several different styles of shoes designed for specific foot complications.

How do your shoes fit?
Dr. Comfort shoes are made according to the American Lasting Standards and should fit true to size. For more information, please contact your representative, or click on the links below for more information.

How many styles do you make?
Dr. Comfort currently offers 17 different men’s styles and 19 different women’s styles in a variety of colors. Dr. Comfort is continually improving our product line, see our current collection.

Getting started with Dr. Comfort is simple and affordable – it’s only $199 to order the Dr. Comfort fitting center. Simplified solutions, plus exceptional customer service and the best diabetic footwear… it’s no wonder Dr. Comfort is America’s premier diabetic footwear! Contact Dr Comfort today!

shoes and acces. inersole shoe products
Diabetic shoes and therapeutic inserts and shoes for diabetics both type 1 and type 2 to prevent diabetic foot ulcers. Free or medicare reimbursed shoes to prevent foot complications that are high quality, leather, padded and contain arch support inserts. Custom diabetes shoes for both senior citizens

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