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Odin Technologies

The ODIN technologies Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences COE brings a unique combination of specific industry experience and expertise with the world’s leading RFID deployment, design and testing team.

We are the only company to guarantee 99.9% read accuracy in a vendor-neutral environment. This guarantee is based on hundreds of systems designed and deployed and millions of tags read - not a small pilot or lab set-up.

ODIN’s Pharma COE has received industry acclaim from popular press to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its work in the space. This hard-earned success comes from having the author of the EPC Protocol, plus founding members of EPC’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Business Action Group (HLS BAG) and many leading pharmaceutical companies as clients.

ODIN’s Pharma COE can create strategy and actionable steps to implement that strategy for a fraction of what monolithic consultantcies charge for a strategy or ROI analysis. Benefits of this approach include:

* Compliance with ePedigree and customer mandates
* Automated drug authentication
* Anti-counterfeit protection
* Prosecution and detailed evidence chain
* Automated recognition of out-of-date stock, or wholesaler speculation
* Limiting liability from product recalls
* Increased supply chain visibility
* Automated documentation and reduced handling time
* Proof of individual delivery and receipt
* Pricing verification and consistency

ODIN technologies has been hired by the major pharmaceutical suppliers, and key partners in the space including most of the large consulting companies.

Only ODIN’s lab has performed a scientific-based study on the differences between HF and UHF in the Pharmaceutical supply chain, resulting in dozens of press and industry citations.

If you want to combine world-class expertise in the complex physics of RFID with specific industry knowledge and process planning, contact ODIN technologies and find out why major pharmaceutical clients trust them for their RFID solutions.

Pharmacy Supply Chain, RFID, or Pedigree
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Intelliguard® RFID Solutions for Critical Inventory by MEPS Real-Time, Inc.

Intelliguard® RFID Solutions use patented technology and processes that improve medication management and are proven to increase safety, reduce errors, ease staff workload, ensure safe and secure pharmaceutical storage, and automate data collection for evidence-based decision making.

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MEPS Real-Time

Intelliguard Kit and Tray Management System - Automates workflow, eliminates errors, reduces processing time

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MEPS Real-Time, Inc. Introduces Healthcare Industry’s First, RFID Enabled Smart Drawer Solutions

MEPS Real-Time, Inc. Introduces Healthcare Industry’s First, RFID Enabled Smart Drawer Solutions

Leading Patient Safety Advocate and Founder of The Emily Jerry Foundation To Serve as Keynote Speaker at the HIMSS'14 Preconference Symposium...

Christopher Jerry, founder of the Emily Jerry Foundation and a national advocate for increasing the adoption of new technologies to minimize death and injury from medication errors, will serve as the keynote speaker at the Intelligent Hospital Preconference Symposium to be held just prior to the 2014 HIMSS Conference. The Symposium will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Orlando, Fla., on February 23 at 8 AM ET.

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