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Manually splitting tablets is a tedious, messy, and time consuming chore for your technicians and pharmacists.

Automatically and precisely split tablets with the BullsEye Tablet Splitter. This revolutionary machine can split up to 16 pills per minute with only a 5% deviation, reducing the need to manually split medications. Often manual splitting is inaccurate, and in many circumstances can ruin a medication by crumbling it. The BullsEye uses canisters that are individually calibrated for each specific medication to be split in half. The process is simple: barcode scan the canister or medication bottle, enter the quantity to be split, and the device will then accurately split the medication.

Many medications cost the same or nearly the same for all doses. Patients have even been known to cut their tablets into halves. However, cutting tablets in half is risky if not done correctly. A recent research study found that when elderly patients split their doses, the doses deviated 9-37% from those intended. The study warned that “while an approximate deviation of 10% may not be clinically significant, the larger deviations in this study could be hazardous” in some cases. The BullsEye Tablet Splitter is supported by data that shows 99% accuracy with a deviation from the intended dose of less than 5% with the average being significantly lower.

Advantages of the BullsEye Tablet Splitter:

  • Saves labor on manual splitting
  • Accurately splits tablets to fulfill prescriptions of half strength
  • Saves space by reducing the quantity of strengths of medications you need to carry on your formulary
  • Saves money by splitting larger, comparably priced tablets into two equal half tablets
  • Increases patient safety by splitting tablets more precisely and ensuring patients get appropriate doses
  • Expedites payments from insurers who deny payments for prescriptions of lower strengths
  • Splits tablets for patients who have trouble swallowing larger tablets

BULLSEYE - Every Time.

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Continuing Education Activities
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American Management Association The Next Level of Career Success: Your Body of Work
Provided by: American Management Association
The world of work has blown up, and with it, the old framework of career development. As our market fell to pieces at the dawn of 2009, many people were afraid that they no longer could have significant, stable and financially viable careers. While it is true things aren't like they used to be, the upside is that there are many new ways to think a...
National Association of Specialty Pharmacy An Overview of Cystic Fibrosis for the Specialty Pharmacist and the multi-disciplinarian healthcare team
Provided by: National Association of Specialty Pharmacy
After completing the program, Specialty Pharmacists, Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacists, Specialty Pharmacy executives, Pharmacy Directors, Chief Pharmacy Officers, Nurses, and Infusion Nurses along with other healthcare practitioner participants will be able to: •Describe the pathophysiology of the organ dysfunctions that occur in cystic fibro...
PDHdirect ADA Standards for Accessible Design (C1001)
Provided by: PDHdirect
This course sets guidelines for accessibility to places of public accommodation and commercial facilities by individuals with disabilities. These guidelines are to be applied during the design, construction, and alteration of such buildings and facilities to the extent required by regulations issued by Federal agencies, including the Department of ...
Nutrition Dimension Vegetarian Nutrition
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Revised June 2010. Nutrition professionals with vegetarian clients need to learn about the philosophy, nutritional soundness and risks of meatless diets. This complete guide discusses counseling, quackery, myths, fads and pseudotechnology, fitness and weight control, supplementation and much more. Objectives: Upon successful complet...
Paralegal Continuing Education The Paralegal's Guide to Estate Assets
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
Effectively Manage Assets in Estate Planning and Administration The success of an estate plan hinges on the asset management behind it. Are all the assets accounted for, correctly inventoried, and properly titled? This essential course takes a closer look at the paralegal's asset-related duties in estate planning and administration. Learn how to...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Effects of Reliability Mechanisms on VLSI Circuit Functionality
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
This tutorial discusses examples of reliability mechanisms and how these can affect the normal operation of selected VLSI circuits. Large circuit-count ASIC chips use standard digital and analog circuits such as Logic gates, eSRAM, eDRAM and I/O circuits which must function properly under various voltage and thermal environments. These chips are su...
I-CAR Fundamentals of Collision Repair
Provided by: I-CAR
This course meets the training requirements for the following roles: Estimator Auto Physical Damage Appraiser Identify the different types of vehicle designs and vehicle construction material Identify the various types of manufacturing processes for body panels, vehicle structures, and technologies Identify control and reference points to ...
Paralegal Continuing Education A Paralegal's Guide to Federal Court
Provided by: Paralegal Continuing Education
Navigating through the federal court system can be stressful and intimidating. The process is very extensive, and any deviation can potentially jeopardize the case. In this comprehensive legal guide you'll discover practical procedural tips to ensure your firm's federal cases have the best chance for success. Examine common errors made, get tips to...
Nutrition Dimension Pharmaceutical Super Bundle
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Explore food-drug interactions, effects of drugs on morbidity and mortality, special drug needs of the elderly, and how cardiovascular drugs and drugs used for mental problems impact health status and appetite. ...
Applied Clinical Education Rationale, Reversal, and Recovery of Neuromuscular Blockade, Part 1: Framing the Issues
Provided by: Applied Clinical Education
Goal The goal of this activity is to educate physicians and other clinicians about strategies to minimize residual paralysis following neuromuscular blockade (NMB) in surgery. Learning Objectives Describe the rationale for NMB, including potential benefits in specific surgery types. Review the benefits and drawbacks of available neu...
CEAppCenter FREE Brown Medical School CME Mobile App Download
Provided by: CEAppCenter
The Alpert Medical School is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians. Download the FREE mobile app onto your mobile device by visiting the Healthcare’s Continuing Education App Center at
Nutrition Dimension Keep It Clean
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Whether at the surgical site or on the hands of the healthcare provider, skin is inherently laden with resident and transient flora. Inadequate hand hygiene allows opportunistic pathogens in varying life stages to transfer between patients and other surfaces during everyday activities. Yet many healthcare workers across various discipline...
Nutrition Dimension Fueling for Exercise and Recovery
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Athletes are always seeking strategies to improve performance. Adequate carbohydrate stores (muscle and liver glycogen and blood glucose) are critical for optimum athletic performance during intermittent high-intensity work and prolonged endurance exercise. Fueling with adequate carbohydrates before, during and after endurance events can ...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Evaluation and Management of Testosterone Deficiency
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
This program is a presentation on testosterone deficiency. Materials review the significance of the problem, assessment, clinical decision making and complexities of treatment. Pharmacological treatments are reviewed in detail. Clinical pearls are throughout. This session was recorded during the 2013 AANP 28th National Conference. The full s...
Financial Advisor Continuing Education Investments I
Provided by: Financial Advisor Continuing Education
Investments I focuses on an overall discussion of investment risk, organization of the investment decision process, regulatory influences for investments and the similarities and differences of commingled funds and mutual funds investments. Note: This course is not intended to train students to become the sole-providers of investment information...
CEAppCenter American Headache Society CE / CME Mobile App
Provided by: CEAppCenter
AHS is proud to offer CE/CME opportunities for physicians, dentists, and allied health professionals with updated and practical experiences in the management of headache....
Office Management Continuing Education Partnering with Your Boss: Strategic Skills for Administrative Professionals - Dallas, TX
Provided by: Office Management Continuing Education
Get more out of your work by partnering with your boss! Attend this seminar and master techniques for effective goal setting, prioritizing, planning, decision making, relationship building and listening. Learn how to communicate confidently and assertively—and develop and use power and authority. You’ll return to work better able to support ...
Harvard Medical School Genetics: Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy
Provided by: Harvard Medical School
This CME activity follows a 20-month-old girl with febrile and afebrile seizures. Her clinical presentation and diagnostic workup is most consistent with Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI), also known as Dravet syndrome. The most common cause of SMEI is mutation in the SCN1A gene (one of a cluster of sodium channel genes localized to chrom...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
This introductory course, from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), describes the symptoms and treatments for bipolar disorder (BPD) in children and adolescents. All parents can relate to the many changes their children go through as they grow up. But sometimes it’s hard to tell if a child is just going through a “phase,” or showin...
Firefighter Continuing Education Chemistry for Emergency Response (N233)
Provided by: Firefighter Continuing Education
Description This 2-week course is designed to prepare the responder to function safely at the scene of a hazardous materials incident by understanding the potential hazards. This is accomplished by learning chemical nomenclature and basic principles of chemistry in order to assess risks to responders and the public. The course seeks to convey to f...
Banking Continuing Education Corporate-to-Bank Integration in the Cloud
Provided by: Banking Continuing Education
When Dow Corning Corporation decided to upgrade its treasury technology to standardize, improve and enhance interactions with its banking partners, it still faced a challenge with corporate-to-bank integration. Learn about different connectivity options available to corporates and which approach DCC used to simplify connectivity with its banks arou...
Banking Continuing Education Experiential Innovation for Bankers
Provided by: Banking Continuing Education
Discover the power of experiential banking as Senteo CEO, Mark Ruckman, explores how banks can build customer loyalty through mutually beneficial relationships. If customer experience is about making each individual contact with the bank pleasing, fulfilling, engaging and possibly even fun, how does the sum of those individual experiences turn i...
America's Health Insurance Plans Health Insurance 101: An Orientation
Provided by: America's Health Insurance Plans
Health Insurance 101: An Orientation is a flexible online course that teaches health insurance basics. It provides a comprehensive review that can enhance your skills and prepare you for career opportunities and challenges. If you are new to the industry, the course is an ideal introduction to health insurance basics. The course is made up of n...
Human Resources CE Effective Leadership for the Union-Free Organization
Provided by: Human Resources CE
Many organizations potentially face union organizing activities and want to know how best to respond. This webinar will summarize the current state of union organization efforts and related legal rules and focus on the actions management may and may not take in response to union activity, both inside and outside of the organization. Designed for fr...
Civil Engineer Educators, Inc. Standardized Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength
Provided by: Civil Engineer Educators, Inc.
Course Synopsis: Did you know? Using the ACN-PCN method, it is possible to express the effect of an individual airplane on different pavements by a single unique number that varies according to airplane weight and configuration, pavement type, and subgrade strength. This course, using FAA AC No: 150/5335-5A, provides guidance for using the stan...
Electrical Engineering Continuing Education Electric Power Transformers Webcast
Provided by: Electrical Engineering Continuing Education
This course will cover information regarding electric power transformers and their application in commercial, business and residential facilities. Information about how electric transformers provide the proper voltage is included. Focus will be primarily on the utility type of transformer for power supplies needed to operate equipment, HVAC systems...
CEAppCenter FREE SLP/Speech Language Pathology CE Mobile App Download
Provided by: CEAppCenter
Speech-Language Pathologists, find CE activities through this app. CE credits offered in clinical topics and disorders: aphasia, literacy, dysphagia, stuttering, voice and voice disorders, aging, etc. Download the FREE mobile app onto your mobile device by visiting the Healthcare’s Continuing Education App Center at
Child Psychology Continuing Education Shy Children, Phobic Adults: Nature and Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder, Second Edition
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
This book describes the clinical presentation of social anxiety disorder, presents theoretical perspectives on its etiology, and examines the latest empirical data with respect to both pharmacological and behavioral interventions. Includes information from new studies differentiating patterns of distress characteristic of social anxiety disorder v...
Nutrition Dimension Late-Onset Alcoholism in the Community
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the prevalence of current alcohol use (at least one drink in the past 30 days) among older age groups decreases with increasing age, from 51.6% among 60 to 64 year olds, to 38.2% among people aged 65 or older. A variety of healthcare professionals, including paramedics, social ...
Culinary Continuing Education Fresh Mango Curriculum (FREE)
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
Fresh Mango Curriculum teaches the basics of how to order, handle and cook with the world's most popular fruit, including the mango's remarkable versatility in cold and hot applications, use in global cuisines, senosry characteristics and superfruit nutrition. The program includes six lessons with a practice quiz after each. ...
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