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Just Associates is a health data integration consulting firm focused on data integrity and the accurate linking of electronic health data. We provide healthcare organizations with customized solutions that improve health data quality and result in enhanced revenue cycle efficiency, increased patient and clinician satisfaction and improved patient care.

We provide expert services in every aspect of Health Data quality. Our core business, MPI Clean-Up Services, focus on analyzing your data and resolving duplicate records and their causes. Our IDManage® Ongoing MPI Management services provide outsourced staffing for ongoing duplicate record resolution. Our IDOptimize® Patient Matching Algorithm Optimization services improves your systems’ ability to identify possible duplicate records.

Our Data Integrity Consulting Services includes the following:

  • Our Patient Access Management services review your patient data capture process and identify potential improvements that can reduce the number of duplicate records created.
  • Our HIO/EMPI Consulting services assist with Data Governance/Stewardship policy review and creation and Data Integrity team development. We also assist with requirements definition, system selection and implementation.
  • Our HIPAA Privacy Consulting services focus on HIPAA privacy readiness assessments and assess organizations’ compliance with the final HIPAA Privacy Omnibus rule.

Our core competencies include Health Information Management, Project Management and Data Technology Management. Our services and products help our clients maximize the benefit from their Health Information Technology investment and support meaningful use initiatives.

Just Associates delivers the comprehensive Data Integrity solutions that our clients demand. Our clients represent both urban and rural healthcare markets and range from small community hospitals to large integrated health systems. We also consult with Health Information Technology vendors in need of our data integrity expertise.

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Master Patient Index Services

Master Patient Index (MPI) is a database that maintains a unique index (or identifier) for every patient registered at a health care organization. The MPI is used by each registration application within the HCO to ensure a patient is logically represented only once and with the same set of registration demographic / registration data in all systems and at an organizational level. It can be used as enterprise tool to assure that vital clinical and demographic information can be cross-referenced between different facilities in a health care system. A MPI correlates and cross-references patient identifiers and performs a matching function with high accuracy in an unattended mode. A MPI is considered an important resource in a healthcare facility because it is the link tracking patient, person, or member activity within an organization (or enterprise) and across patient care settings.

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