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 ScriptPro Remote Pharmacist Verification
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ScriptPro Remote Pharmacist Verification


Expanding the Role of Community Pharmacy

ScriptPro provides software and hardware to allow pharmacies to conduct high-quality, safe and efficient telepharmacy operations. The pharmacist can provide pharmaceutical care for patients while maintaining accountability and control over all prescriptions dispensed at the remote pharmacy. Staffing issues become less problematic with telepharmacy in place.

Inspection and Verification

The pharmacist oversees and supports personnel filling and verifying prescriptions at the remote location using a video/audio/data link over a network.

Images captured at the remote location allow the pharmacist to review, approve, and document all transactions.

Counseling and Patient Education

The pharmacist communicates with the patient through a video and audio link to provide personalized, real-time counseling, education, and motivation.

Remote Management

The pharmacist supervises inventory replenishment and overall remote pharmacy operations.

One pharmacist can support multiple remote facilities from a central location, promoting efficient and cost-effective use of pharmacy staff.

ScriptPro ScriptPro ScriptPro

Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Nutrition Dimension Blood Pressure Difficulties After Mealtimes Postprandial Hypotension in the Elderly
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Following meals, the elderly population is at risk for postprandial hypotension, which is defined as a decrease in systolic blood pressure of 20 mmHg or greater within two hours of having a meal. The most common symptoms are sleepiness, extreme tiredness, nausea, yawning, headache, speech disturbances and syncope. During postprandial dige...
AEC Daily Sustainable Building Materials: LEED¬ģ Application for Transparency and Environmental Accountability
Provided by: AEC Daily
Sustainability through multi-attribute assessments are introduced to help the building professional utilize more comprehensive sources. This course addresses new techniques, risks, and basic leadership skills for successful sustainable projects. Furthermore, it looks at how design and construction teams can cooperate with material suppliers in trac...
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ACPE - Anticoagulation: Looking Back. Looking Ahead. Part 2 REPLAY (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
Anticoagulation: Looking Back. Looking Ahead Part 2 REPLAY is a PHARMACIST continuing education course. Upon successful completion of the instructional materials, post-test and course evaluation, the learner may claim credit and receive 1 contact hours or 0.1 CEUs. At the completion of this activity, the participant will demonstrate ability... HIPAA and Confidentiality Practice May Change, but Principles Endure
Provided by:
Summary: The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was implemented in 1996 (with revisions since then). HIPAA can refer to guidelines that protect your ability to maintain your health insurance as you move from job to job or place to place (‚Äúportability‚ÄĚ). HIPAA can also refer to efforts to simplify the administration of ...
Translator Continuing Education Technical Writing for ‚Äėinto English‚Äô Translators
Provided by: Translator Continuing Education
Superb writing skills are not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a technical translator‚Äôs skill set. The focus is usually on subject-matter expertise or methods for terminology research. Those are crucial, but good technical writing is a third skill that can be developed‚ÄĒone that improves translation quality quickly. This ...
Nutrition Dimension Prevention of Weight Loss in the Elderly
Provided by: Nutrition Dimension
Summary: Updated May 2011. OBRA regulations require dietitians to document and explain patinet weight loss. This updated course identifies situations, conditions and diseases (CHF, COPD, Pressure Sores, Diabetes, Infections and cancer) and provides intervention strategies. Topics include: dehydration, dementia, depression, and drugs, with current ...
Architectural Record The Engineering of Art
Provided by: Architectural Record
Artists who use public space as their canvas often depend on structural experts to help them realize their visions. Learning Objectives - After reading this article, you will be able to: Describe the role of structural engineers in several recently completed, high-profile public art projects. Describe the types of analyses engineers performe...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers A Primer on Clustering: III. Fuzzy Cluster Analysis in Very Large Scale Data Sets
Provided by: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
This last tutorial in the series discusses just one approach to the interesting and important problem of clustering in very large (VL) data. The target audience is graduate students majoring in engineering and science, and practicing engineers and scientists interested in either research about or applications of clustering applied to very large rea...
Human Resources CE The Positives Behind Negative Attention: Minimize Drama, Maximize Talent
Provided by: Human Resources CE
Drama in the workplace is like an energy vampire, stealing precious energy from mission-critical tasks and luring talented individuals to misuse the strengths for which you hired them. Behind most negative behavior are unmet positive psychological needs. Dr. Regier will introduce 10 common patterns of sabotage behavior, expose the predictable conse...
BlueVolt Grounding & Bonding (2011)
Provided by: BlueVolt
This training course is designed to teach the grounding requirements as they relate to Article 250 and other articles of the National Electric Code. Installation, testing, and inspection procedures for industrial, commercial, and residential power systems will also be discussed. The rules to minimize the risk of electricity as a source of electric...
New England Institute of Technology CompTIA‚ĄĘ Security+ Certification Training
Provided by: New England Institute of Technology
In this program, you'll gain the skills you need to begin a career as a security professional and prepare yourself to take the CompTIA‚ĄĘ Security+ exam. You'll become proficient in basic security concepts such as attacks and mitigation, security applications, risk assessment, disaster recovery and incident reporting, and vulnerability assessment. ... Professional Development to Maximize Performance for Audiologists
Provided by:
From ‚ÄúDistress‚ÄĚ to ‚ÄúDe-Stress‚ÄĚ With Stress Management Summary: The physiological and psychological concept of stress dates back to the work of early 20th century physiologist Walter B. Cannon, who coined the expression ‚Äúfight-or-flight response.‚ÄĚ Later, Nobel laureate Hans Selye defined physiological stress as a chemical or physic...
Customer Service Continuing Education Personal Accountability in the Workplace
Provided by: Customer Service Continuing Education
Personal Accountability: WHAT it is, WHAT it looks like, WHY it’s critical, HOW to create it at work. Join us and learn: How simple questions can crush or boost personal accountability, How to recognize opportunities for accountability, What accountability looks like and doesn't look like,The benefits… the effort is worth it!...
PDHdirect Adsorbtion (RF113)
Provided by: PDHdirect
This course provides practical guidance for the design of liquid and vapor phase devices for the adsorption of organic chemicals. The self-study educational reference materials will addresses various adsorption media types, applicability, use of various adsorption process technologies, equipment and ancillary component design, availability, advant...
Substance Abuse Continuing Education Screening for Viral Hepatitis (TIP 53, Chapter 2): Addressing Viral Hepatitis in People With Substance Use Disorders (TIP 53)
Provided by: Substance Abuse Continuing Education
Screening for Viral Hepatitis (TIP 53, Chapter 2): Addressing viral hepatitis in people with substance use disorders (TIP 53) examines the treatment program’s role in the screening process for hepatitis A, B, and C which involves testing a small sample of blood for antigens and antibodies. It also describes the counseling practices that educate, ...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Childhood Mental Health Disorders: Evidence Base and Contextual Factors for Psychosocial, Psychopharmacological, and Combined Interventions
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
Childhood Mental Health Disorders is a comprehensive report, based on a thorough review of the literature, on the current effective use, sequencing, comparative risks/benefits, and integration of psychotropic medications and psychosocial interventions for children and adolescents....
Columbia University School of Continuing Education BUSI K4010. Managing Human Behavior in the Organization
Provided by: Columbia University School of Continuing Education
Students will gain an overview of major concepts of management and organization theory, concentrating on understanding human behavior in organizational contexts, with heavy emphasis on the application of concepts to solve managerial problems. By the end of this course students will have developed the skills to motivate employees, establish professi...
Electrical Engineering Continuing Education Understanding the Energy Independence and Security Act Webcast
Provided by: Electrical Engineering Continuing Education
The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007) established energy management goals and requirements while also amending portions of the National Energy Conservation Policy Act (NECPA). This webcast will discuss the Federal energy management and water conservation requirements in several areas, including: Section 431 - Energy Reduction...
Customer Service Continuing Education Generations in the Workplace
Provided by: Customer Service Continuing Education
The existence of multiple generations in the workplace has enormous impact on your work environment especially considering the rate of retirement of Baby Boomers and the emergence of Generation Y. This webinar explains effective approaches that can engage and motivate different generations as well as points of potential tension and disconnection....
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ASHP - Antibiotic Streamlining (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
This course provides a learning module, an online post-test, and a visual validation checklist for the learner and supervisor to document proficiency in Antibiotic Streamlining. At the completion of this program the learner will demonstrate the ability to: 1. Discuss the benefits of antibiotic streamlining. 2. Identify the signs and symptoms ass...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Immediate Techniques for Children & Adolescents with Emotional & Behavioral Problems
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
50 immediate interventions for working with childhood depression, anxiety, ODD, ASD & ADHD CBT, mindfulness, self-regulation & brain-based interventions designed for kids Techniques to promote ‚Äúwhole brain‚ÄĚ change in developing minds ‚ÄúReal-Life‚ÄĚ strategies for engaging kids of all ages Take home reproducible worksheets It‚Äôs guarant...
Lab Tech Continuing Education Florida State Requirements Bundle
Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
This bundle provides Florida licensed clinical laboratory technologists a convenient and inexpensive way to satisfy the mandated CE requirements of the Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel. These 3 courses include a 2 hour course on the prevention of medical errors, a 1 hour course on HIV/AIDs, and a 1 hour course on the laws and rules of... Evidence-Based Practice in Medical Speech-Language Pathology Settings
Provided by:
Summary: Because evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology is at the forefront of clinical decision-making, professionals must have a clear understanding of its principles in order to effectively apply it to daily practice. Patient/family values are an integral part of EBP. Clinicians develop expertise through didactic and mentored clin...
Firefighter Continuing Education Taking Responsibility for a Positive Public Image
Provided by: Firefighter Continuing Education
During the webinar, we discuss the growing need for departments to take a proactive role in maintaining a positive public image. Using the toolkit Taking Responsibility for a Positive Public Perspective as a guide, we offer tips on how to take action today....
Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App How To Stay Safe While Administering Chemotherapy
Provided by: Oncology Continuing Education Mobile App
Objectives: The goal of this chemotherapy administration continuing education program is to provide nurses with information about safe handling practices when administering chemotherapy. After studying the information presented here, you will be able to: Identify three types of potential occupational exposures when administering chemotherapy De...
Firefighter Continuing Education Relationship Interoperability: How to Excel at the Human Side of Operational Effectiveness
Provided by: Firefighter Continuing Education
Although the term ‚Äúinteroperability‚ÄĚ normally is associated with communication systems and processes, the fact that people are required to plan, develop, implement, and maintain those systems means that human beings are an integral part of operational effectiveness. To maximize the likelihood of achieving their mission, both day-to-day and in t...
Child Psychology Continuing Education Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia: Brain Development Causes & Remediation
Provided by: Child Psychology Continuing Education
Increase sequencing and memory Reading ability including an instant improvement Handwriting Increase words written Math skills Improving processing speed Reduce anxiety, including test anxiety Stop reversals After eight years of research and working with struggling students, Kathy Johnson has witnessed these students becoming successful a...
Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Green Building - Sustainable Buildings
Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
The sustainable buildings checklist, booklet, and program were developed by a countywide committee consisting of city planning and permitting staff, city recycling staff, local architects, nonprofit representatives, and builders. This course aims to explain all the checklist items, some of which may be unfamiliar to some users, and to describe t...
Financial Advisor Continuing Education Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements
Provided by: Financial Advisor Continuing Education
Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements presents the tools needed to analyze financial statements with confidence. This course reviews the importance of analyzing financial statements in the small business lending process, and teaches the terms and steps associated with analyzing financial statements, including the income statement, the bala...
America's Health Insurance Plans Understanding Equity-Indexed Annuities
Provided by: America's Health Insurance Plans
This online course provides an in-depth view of equity-indexed annuities with emphasis on the various indexing methods. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of taxation issues for both equity-indexed annuities and fixed/variable annuities and consider their suitability, compliance, and ethical issues. Who Should take this Course: Health insura...
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