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Remote Pharmacist Verification

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 ScriptPro Remote Pharmacist Verification
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ScriptPro Remote Pharmacist Verification


Expanding the Role of Community Pharmacy

ScriptPro provides software and hardware to allow pharmacies to conduct high-quality, safe and efficient telepharmacy operations. The pharmacist can provide pharmaceutical care for patients while maintaining accountability and control over all prescriptions dispensed at the remote pharmacy. Staffing issues become less problematic with telepharmacy in place.

Inspection and Verification

The pharmacist oversees and supports personnel filling and verifying prescriptions at the remote location using a video/audio/data link over a network.

Images captured at the remote location allow the pharmacist to review, approve, and document all transactions.

Counseling and Patient Education

The pharmacist communicates with the patient through a video and audio link to provide personalized, real-time counseling, education, and motivation.

Remote Management

The pharmacist supervises inventory replenishment and overall remote pharmacy operations.

One pharmacist can support multiple remote facilities from a central location, promoting efficient and cost-effective use of pharmacy staff.

ScriptPro ScriptPro ScriptPro

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Continuing Education Activities
CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
Real Estate Continuing Education California Real Estate 8-hour Combined Survey
Provided by: Real Estate Continuing Education
The course will examine five specific topic areas: ethics, agency, fair housing, trust fund handling, and risk management. Both national and California-specific laws and legislation for each subject area will be discussed and the relevance to real estate agents explained. The various ways in which an agency relationship may be established, the type...
ed2go Intermediate Microsoft Access 2010
Provided by: ed2go
Do you have experience building Microsoft Access 2010 databases, but want to take your skills to the next level? In this course, you'll build an entire database project from scratch. By the time you've completed the course, you'll have a fully functional database that tracks customer and order information. You'll start by learning how to creat...
Inquisit Developing the Leader Within You
Provided by: Inquisit
Leaders and managers are not the same.  While leaders may be efficient managers, not all managers can rightfully be called leaders.  Managers who are leaders inspire, motivate, and energize people with their clear visions and strategies towards a shared goal.  Today’s leaders partner with their people….They no longer can...
American Psychological Association Casebook for Clinical Supervision: A Competency-Based Approach
Provided by: American Psychological Association
Description In Clinical Supervision: A Competency-Based Approach (APA, 2004), Falender and Shafranske created a comprehensive resource for the supervision of mental health practitioners. In this companion casebook, the editors have enlisted an elite group of contributors to help make the leap from theory and research to the real-life, hands-on imp...
Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Implementing & Evaluating Green Stormwater Infrastructure Projects
Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
This course will take students through the progression of green stormwater infrastructure Implementation beginning in the construction phase through the evaluation of built projects. Students will participate in interactive group discussions and field trips. Through lectures, case studies, multi-media presentations, readings and field trips, studen...
Boston College Victimology
Provided by: Boston College
This course examines a wide range of victimization experiences from the perspective of the victim, their families, and society. Crimes studied include robbery, burglary, car jacking, assault and battery, rape, domestic violence, stalking, homicide, arson, child sexual abuse and exploitation, child pornography crimes, federal crimes, identity theft,...
Teaching Assistant Continuing Education Personal Learning Networks: The Future of Learning
Provided by: Teaching Assistant Continuing Education
Learning is social, we've all known that. Now, the Internet has made it globally social. To flourish as learners in a connected world, we need a network that we can trust – and one that we can turn to when we need answers, inspiration, or direction. While we've always crafted these Personal Learning Networks in our face-to-face spaces, achievi...
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training ACPE - Neonatal and Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition Part B (for CPS employees only)
Provided by: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Training
At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to: 1.Develop a parenteral nutrition (PN) regimen for a premature neonate 2.Review calculations for fluids, calories, and macronutrients 3.Calculate osmolarity of the PN solution developed 4.Discuss monitoring requirements for the caseIn accordance with the Accreditation Council for P...
New England Institute of Technology Administrative Dental Assistant
Provided by: New England Institute of Technology
This nationally recognized Administrative Dental Assistant Online Certificate Program will teach you the essential skills for managing the business aspects of a dental practice and becoming an administrative dental assistant. You will learn about dental terminology and anatomy, medical records management, accounts receivable and reimbursement manag...
BlueVolt Idaho - NECA Grounding and Bonding - 8 Industry Related Credits
Provided by: BlueVolt
This training course is designed to teach the grounding requirements as they relate to Article 250 and other articles of the National Electric Code. Installation, testing, and inspection procedures for industrial, commercial, and residential power systems will also be discussed. The rules to minimize the risk of electricity as a source of electric...
Law Enforcement Continuing Education Street Crimes
Provided by: Law Enforcement Continuing Education
This training features very graphic videos & strong language. Intended for serious law enforcers only. Training provides the most up to date, street-tested information to help you stay one step ahead of criminals. Street Smart Intelligence Gathering Realistic Interview Tactics Officer Safety Issues Covert Surveillance Techniques Gang & Drug In...
National Association of Specialty Pharmacy Multiple Sclerosis: Pathogenesis and Diagnosis Considerations for Specialty Pharmacists
Provided by: National Association of Specialty Pharmacy
After completing the program, Specialty Pharmacists, Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacists, Specialty Pharmacy executives, Pharmacy Directors, Chief Pharmacy Officers, Nurses, and Infusion Nurses along with other healthcare practitioner participants will be able to: Describe the basic pathology underlying Multiple Sclerosis including basic immune mecha...
Financial Advisor Continuing Education Estate Planning for Charitable Giving
Provided by: Financial Advisor Continuing Education
Estate Planning for Charitable Giving provides participants with the knowledge needed to advise clients in the area of charitable giving and how it is used to provide additional liquidity for the estate and savings on potential estate taxes. Audience Trust Officers who have completed Building Trust Expertise Levels 1 and 2 and have 2 or more ye...
Construction Continuing Education AIA Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling Documents
Provided by: Construction Continuing Education
A revolution is occurring in the design and construction industry. This revolution is driven by the deep dissatisfaction felt by many industry stakeholders (e.g., owners, designers, constructors and lenders); that design and construction services are delivered too inefficiently in an atmosphere of uncertainty and controversy. Many believe there mus...
Financial Advisor Continuing Education Recent Developments in Estate and Tax Administration
Provided by: Financial Advisor Continuing Education
This group-live, two-hour program will examine recent developments in estate and trust administration and their implications upon your trust department and clients. Skip Fox, partner with McGuireWoods LLP and Tom Abendroth, partner with Schiff Hardin LLP will discuss a variety of trust, estate planning, tax topics and review legislative development...
Real Estate Continuing Education What Real Estate Professionals Need to Know About FHA
Provided by: Real Estate Continuing Education
This course provides an in-depth look at FHA mortgage lending policies. The purpose is to familiarize real estate professionals with the current regulations and how they apply to residential lending of various property types. First, it investigates what FHA deems to be unacceptable locations. It details potential hazards such as subsidence, heavy t...
Manufacturing Continuing Education  Six Sigma: Total Quality Fundamentals
Provided by: Manufacturing Continuing Education
Learn how to effectively apply the fundamentals of total quality. Understand what quality is and learn about the history of the quality movement. Discover the role of customers in quality and determine the major elements of a quality system. Master key concepts such as the cost of nonquality, variation, and total employee involvement (TEI). Increas...
Paramedic Continuing Education Aging Immune Systems Make Older Adults More Vulnerable to Attack
Provided by: Paramedic Continuing Education
This updated module will help healthcare professionals as a team understand how age-related changes in the immune system increase the risk for and severity of common infections in elderly patients....
National Council of Architectural Registration Board Building Evaluation for Preservation
Provided by: National Council of Architectural Registration Board
Building Evaluation for Preservation provides architects and design professionals with a systematic method to evaluate existing buildings for new use or continuing use. It details every building element from the interior and exterior systems and materials. The monograph is organized by the systems that serve a building—structural, electrical, ...
Manufacturing Continuing Education  Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications
Provided by: Manufacturing Continuing Education
Learn how to effectively apply the elements and methods of Six Sigma. Understand how more than 25 tools and methods relate to the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) model. Determine the relationship of basic statistics to Six Sigma and learn about the Six Sigma business case including strategic planning, the voice of the custome...
American Society of Civil Engineers Design for Lateral-Load Resistance in Structural Steel (AWI121211)
Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
Purpose and Background Structural steel design for gravity loads is familiar to most structural engineers, but the design for lateral load resistance tends to be more complex. With the recent changes that have taken place in this area, many engineers have a lot of questions about today’s rules. What R-value of the lateral-force-resisting syste...
Culinary Continuing Education Supervision Refresher: Supervisory Management Refresher
Provided by: Culinary Continuing Education
Supervisory Management Refresher - 10% discount for ACF members. Contact us for details. Today's business climate is extremely turbulent. This is particularly so in the foodservice industry where issues of labor supply and demand have many chefs and managers scratching their heads, wondering where they are going to get enough qualified staff to sup...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Chronic Pain in Primary Care: Overview and Pathophysiology, Module 1
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
Chronic Pain in Primary Care: Overview and Pathophysiology, Module 1: Managing patients with chronic pain in primary care has been a challenge. A review of the literature indicates that these challenges impact all healthcare providers. The CE for program is valid through August 31, 2015. After completion of this activity participants will b...
Human Resources CE Exempt vs. Nonexempt: You Need to Know the Difference
Provided by: Human Resources CE
Understand the essential information you need to know in order to determine if a position is eligible for overtime (nonexempt) or exempt from overtime and/or minimum wage requirements under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. ...
American Association of Nurse Practitioners Food Allergy—What You Need to Know
Provided by: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
This activity is a presentation on food allergies. Material includes the significance of the problem, assessment, complexities of testing, and treatment. Pharmacological treatments are reviewed in detail, with multiple clinical pearls provided. This session was recorded during the 2013 AANP 28th National Conference. The full session is presen...
Medical University of South Carolina 17th Annual Frontiers in Pediatrics
Provided by: Medical University of South Carolina
Course designed to meet the needs of pediatric primary care practitioners, including Pediatricians, Family Physicians, and Nurse Practitioners. The course is organized to allow extensive discussion with presenters by limiting pure lecture presentations...
Substance Abuse Continuing Education Comorbidity: Addiction and Other Mental Illnesses
Provided by: Substance Abuse Continuing Education
The occurrence of substance use disorders and other mental health issues is quite common. This co-morbidity carries implications for the diagnosis and the treatment of these disorders. This program provides the latest updates on research and treatment in relation to comorbid disorders. Learning Objectives Discuss the risk factors for co-morbidi...
Epidemiology Continuing Education Implementing the Data Security & Confidentiality Guidelines Webinar Series: Webinar #5: Active Responsible Stewardship - From Training to Responding
Provided by: Epidemiology Continuing Education
Active responsible stewardship includes not only having policies for how to do things but having plans for when things go wrong and policies are breached, learning from those experiences, and creating a culture of privacy that is reinforced through regular security and confidentiality training. In this webinar, we will highlight the related standar...
ATrain Education Inc. Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias
Provided by: ATrain Education Inc.
Provides direct-care staff in nursing homes, hospice, and adult daycare with the skills, techniques, and strategies to care for residents who have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia on a daily basis. It includes activities that allow participants to practice the skills and strategies they have learned. ...
HealthMattersCME Positive Pulse Expert Commentaries From ICAAC, IDWeek, and EACS*
Provided by: HealthMattersCME
This activity will provide participants with important up-to-date information regarding the latest findings in HIV epidemiology, comorbidities, HIV therapies for treatment-naive and -experienced patients, and strategies for managing virologic failure and ART-related adverse effects....
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