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 Display Options / RX Planning Solutions
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RX Planning Solutions

A Division of Display Options, Inc.

Our Pharmacy Planning Team has over 70 years combined, unequaled experience based on more than 2,000 pharmacy installations since 1973. Our goal is to incorporate the owner’s business model and our expertise to develop a plan that maximizes profits, increases efficiency and improves overall results because no two Independent Pharmacies are just alike.

Our Pharmacy Planning Specializes In:

  • Community Pharmacies
  • Compounding Laboratories (Non-Sterile & USP 797 Compliant)
  • Institutional Pharmacies
  • Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies
  • 340B Community Health Center Pharmacies

By keeping abreast of the ever changing conditions we have learned what works best for each Independent Pharmacy, whether the client operates a single location or multiple stores. Creating the “ONE BEST LAYOUT” for every pharmacy is our ultimate goal. We can assist in every facet until the day you open your door; Even the smallest detail is not overlooked.

We Will Assist You in:

  • Evaluating Location
  • Meeting Building Codes, ADA and other Regulatory issues
  • Proper Space Utilization
  • Work Flow
  • Departmentalization
  • Security
  • Versatility
  • Customer Traffic Flow

Creating an Independent Pharmacy that is functional in every way is our ultimate goal. A wasted piece of square footage costs the same as a productive piece of square footage!

94% of respondents in a recent survey revealed that they prefer to do business with an Independent Pharmacy. By continuously analyzing location, visibility, convenience, departments, services provided, interior and exterior appearance Independent Pharmacies will continue to prosper. Independent Pharmacies set themselves apart by effectively providing specialized services. We believe that Independent Pharmacies should strive to distinguish their businesses as much as possible by emphasizing mostly health related departments and services.

Our most important asset is our reputation! We look forward to sharing our vast experience with you and your staff.

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Professional Installation | Custom Wood Shop | Timely Delivery

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 Retail Designs Inc.
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Retail Designs Inc.

Our specialty is increasing your productivity and profits through the design and installation of modern pharmacy equipment.

Retail Designs was founded in January 1975 and is located in Brentwood, TN. We have designed and installed over 2000 pharmacies in 24 states ranging from downtown Manhattan to the rural hills of Eastern Kentucky. We have earned the loyalty of pharmacists throughout America and we want to earn your loyalty.

Independent pharmacies are our focus. Our scope of work also includes hospitals, medical clinics and physician office buildings. Finally, we have designed/installed industrial pharmacies for BMW, Eastman Kodak, Tyson Chicken and Nissan. WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU!

Design & Color
We design the pharmacy based totally on the uniqueness of your operation. The equipment is ultra functional. We listen to you and provide options for your equipment needs. Are you using automated dispensing? Do you need additional/larger work stations, DME/Diabetic areas? Is your consultation area satisfactory to your patients? We design a pharmacy that prepares you for the future. Also, Retail Designs routinely works with architects and other professionals involved with your project.

We design the following:

  • Pharmacies, including DME, OTC, gift departments (hospital gift shops)
  • Compounding rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Storage areas

The color of your pharmacy subconsciously affects the customer – make sure it is positive! We offer the largest choice of colors available on the market. You choose from hundreds of variations, shades and tones.

The experience of our installers ranges from 6-18 years. You deserve to have your equipment installed correctly and at your convenience. Also, our installation costs are incredibly reasonable. We do not “mark-up” our installation to compensate for giving you a competitive price for your equipment.

Things You Should Keep in Mind

  • Modular equipment/shelving custom designed for your operation
  • Design staff has combined experience in excess of 45 years
  • Your choice of colors and equipment options
  • Quick, easy installation
  • All backed by more than 30 years in business
  • We are committed to exceeding your expectations
Retail Designs, Inc. - Pharmacy Design and Fixtures Pharmacy Design Retail Designs, Inc. - Pharmacy Design and Fixtures Retail Designs, Inc. - Pharmacy Design and Fixtures
Retail Designs Pharmacy Fixtures remodel design services layout engineering remodeling consultants modular shelving builders European Retail Designs shelves companies fill stations workflow consulting work benches architect plans efficient storage fabricators companies providers vendors Retail Designs

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Uniweb, Incorporated

We Create New Space!

  • Modular Fixtures, including “Counterwall” Pharmacy Applications
  • Pharmacy Workstations
    • Fill Stations
    • QA Stations
    • Administration
  • Pharmacy Design and Workflow Analysis
  • UL Listed, Pre-Wired Panels
  • Uniweb Retail Store Fixtures
  • Cosmetic Displays
  • Book Displays
  • Office Panels and Accessories

For over 40 years, Uniweb’s philosophy has focused on building relationships to help their customers identify their needs and arrive at cost-effective, viable solutions. Their expertise derives from working with other fixture manufacturers, pharmacy personnel, designers and architects, and store planners, creating an optimal knowledge base that our customers can depend on.

The Uniweb pharmacy solution is based on factory built modular units that are complete with UL listed modular wiring. The modularity allows for total flexibility of the complete unit and or all above and below accessories. Considering that they are a custom manufacture they are not limited to “fixed” boxes or components. This allows for every square foot of space to be fully utilized!

Their experience has proven that they can increase pharmacy inventory capacity by 30% and offer project costs 15-20% less than conventional millwork solutions. Add to this the tax advantage of depreciating the complete project as a “fixture” – accelerates return of investment!

Whether requiring new construction - complete rooms, updated pharmacy fixtures, or space saving merchandising units, one thing is certain… Uniweb has the solution! Explore the variety of applications for the Uniweb display system today. They would be proud to provide you with examples of current satisfied customers’ installations. Visit them for a tour of their state-of-the-industry 180,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, including their newest team member, a precision automated laser production line.

What challenges do you have for Uniweb? Uniweb's expertise is, without question, the design and manufacturing of high quality, powder-coated, steel fixtures and components. They look forward to meeting with you with dedication and enthusiasm to review your next pharmacy project.

Uniweb Systems- Pharmacy Design and Fixtures Uniweb Systems- Pharmacy Design and Fixtures Uniweb Systems- Pharmacy Design and Fixtures
Uniweb Pharmacy Fixtures remodel uni-web design services layout engineering remodeling Uniweb consultants modular shelving builders European shelves companies fill stations workflow consulting work benches architect plans efficient storage Uni Web fabricators companies providers vendors UNI-WEb Lok ‘n Roll Cabinet® retail hospital

 InterMetro Industries Corporation
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Metro Lionville

Space-Saving Storage Solutions for the Health System Pharmacy
Sharing years of industry-leading medication management expertise, Metro’s Lionville pharmacy fixtures offer turnkey pharmacy storage solutions that are specifically designed for every area of your pharmacy. Metro’s Lionville pharmacy fixtures meet your storage needs and maximize efficiency for unit dose, order entry, sterile prep, and many other important areas throughout your facility. In addition, our planning consultants offer design expertise and a full understanding of how to make your pharmacy’s workflow run more efficiently. Whenever medications are stored, delivered or administered, Metro has products that help to get the task done efficiently.

Metro’s Lionville pharmacy fixtures are created from the ground up to deliver flexibility, easy configuration, exceptional strength and durability. Our customized approach offers benefits for key areas of the pharmacy, including:

Picking Stations
The picking station is the most dynamic area of the pharmacy. As your needs change, Metro’s Lionville pharmacy fixtures change with you. Drawers can be customized for a variety of supplies using durable, configurable dividers. The drawers are also designed to pull out entirely, making supplies in the rear easy to access. Our work stations can be easily reconfigured onsite to accommodate any distribution method, including unit dose distribution, decentralized automatic dispensing systems, centralized robotic filling or any future distribution technology.

Order Entry
Metro’s order entry designs and computer workstations increase functionality by providing integrated, user-friendly areas that limit clutter and improve organization, so technicians can work more efficiently. We are constantly developing innovative solutions for this area of the pharmacy to improve overall workflow and productivity. Metro can seamlessly build in additional elements to improve workflow and overall efficiency. A sink, extra order entry station, or an additional open work space are just a few of the adaptations our experts can make to customize your pharmacy design.

Cleanrooms and More
Our flexible, modular casework will allow for future upgrades and enhancements in areas such as cleanrooms, narcotic control and even bulk storage. Metro is able to provide all levels of sterile preparation in areas that are consistent with USP 797 requirements. Our experience in hospital pharmacy design and state-of-the-art cleanroom technology results in practi¬cal, flexible designs that work.

Metro Lionville Metro Lionville Pharmacy Designs and Fixtures Metro Lionville Pharmacy Planning and Design
Lionville pharmacy design and layout with engineering and construction, modular pharmacy fixtures and health system pharmacist by Lionville, Lionville pharmacy design and layout with engineering and construction, modular pharmacy fixtures and health system pharmacist by Lionville. metro lionville, metro flo, medication carts and mobile computer carts with medication cabinets.

 R. C. Smith Company
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R. C. Smith Company

R.C. Smith is a leader in the field of pharmacy design and modular pharmacy casework with over 4,000 completed projects in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Founded in 1965 and still a family owned business.


At R.C. Smith, we understand that a highly functional pharmacy begins with a soundly planned design. Our design team will combine years of experience with sophisticated design software coupled with a collaborative approach to insure the success of your project.

Here are some of the ways that we can support you during design:

  • by recommending an appropriate pharmacy square footage based on similar projects in our database to insure that you have the right amount of space.
  • by offering site visits to other facilities so that you can see our work firsthand and receive input from colleagues who have been through the process.
  • by understanding clean room design criteria and USP-797/state board of pharmacy regulatory compliance standards.
  • by providing a variety of design and product options to select from so that the very best solution is realized.
  • by reviewing plans with you and your team so that everyone has a clear understanding of how your finished project will look, feel and operate.
  • our design team will help you create a pharmacy that is highly functional, productive, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

Modular Pharmacy Casework

R.C. Smith’s modular pharmacy casework is innovative and has been developed with a form-meets-function design philosophy after listening to countless numbers of pharmacy directors and staff along with architects working in the healthcare field. Our casework is fully manufactured in our own state of the art manufacturing facility that you are welcome to tour.

The R.C. Smith Modular Pharmacy Casework has these qualities:

  • engineered specifically for the needs of pharmacy
  • versatile
  • reconfigurable
  • ergonomic
  • sustainable
  • durable
  • maximizes space
  • available in many configurations and finishes

  • custom configurations and sizes are available as needed
  • RC Smith design fixtures pharmacy design lab workstations pharmacy casework usp 797 hospital retail outpatient pharmacy inpatient consulting

     H.L. Coshatt
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    H.L. Coshatt

    Your pharmacy fixture solution for over 40 years...


    ONE SOURCE... Pharmacy Shelving, Design, Furniture & Installation. Warehouse DIRECT to your location! An Authorized LOZIER Dealer shipping Nationwide!

    It's all about serving YOUR NEEDS with shelving solutions for any retail or institutional pharmacy design since 1972. We are your "one stop shop" for pharmacy design consulting. Call us for Store Design, Display Shelving, Furniture and Installations that are all part of the "TURN KEY Service Concept". When your project is complete just unlock the door and start doing business.

    Let our knowledge of traffic flows, efficient design and display solutions, common to every successful retail business, ensure the success of your new or renovated location.

    • Custom Solutions: Our designers are dedicated to seeking the best solutions for each project with custom space planning, 3-Dimensional AutoCad drawings, and finish selection
    • Installation: Our experienced installation specialists deliver, unload, and assemble all products on your schedule
    • Sales & Project Management: Our philosophy is to understand the needs of our customers, and respond to them with high value, innovative solutions in a prompt, experienced and enthusiastic manner.

    We’ve built our reputation on establishing strong relationships with quality clients, superior suppliers and excellent service providers.

    Pharmacy Shelving

    • Flex RX & Classic Shelving
    • Under-Counter Units
    • Pick-up/Drop-off Area
    • Check-out & Consultation Area

    Retail Shelving

    • Merchandise Shelving
    • Display Showcasing
    • DME
    • Décor & Signage

    Let us help you today...

    H.L. Coshatt- Pharmacy Design, Fixtures, Layout, Engineering H.L. Coshatt- Pharmacy Shelving and Design H.L. Coshatt Retail Pharmacy Shelving H.L. Coshatt - LTC Pharmacy H.L. Coshatt Retail Pharmacy Shelving H.L. Coshatt - Hospital Pharmacy
    HL Coshatt equipment patient confidentiality unit dose secure safe locking contemporary Med-Modue cabinets & workstations antique pharmacy drawers bins free simple installation Module efficient space utilization square foot pharmacy inpatient outpatient hand crafted usp 797 compliant HL Coshatt. Lozier shelving store design display shelving installations rx retail design and FlexRx Storage, Classic Storage, Work Counter. Shelving for Retail Pharmacies, Hospital Pharmacies, and Long Term Care Facilities.

    Booth #412


    The ATP Series is the next generation technology for oral solid packing. TCG’s innovative and ground breaking software addresses market needs that have never before been addressed. The ATP Series is a practical, easy to use and innovative product that will keep your pharmacy up to speed now and in the future.

    TCGRx offers pharmacy optimization across space, labor, and inventory. As demands on pharmacy have become increasingly more difficult to manage solutions have been offered to address the individual areas of need. TCGRx is the only company that looks at all facets of the pharmacy to bring a total solution that addresses today’s needs while leaving options open for the future.

    ATP Series

    Proven, Reliable, State of the Art…
    Unit Dose and Multi-Dose Automation for all pharmacy settings and sizes.

    Long Term Care and Assisted Living:

    • The ATP-Series can facilitate a cost effective alternative to blister packages with automated unit dose pouch strips
    • Hands free and high speed production of unit dose strips for box replenishment
    • Multi-dose packages with medication capacity of up to 7 different medications and the ability to isolate expensive or controlled medications in individual packages in sequence with the other bags to facilitate ease of dispense as well as ease of return and control
    • The unique ability to automate up to 710 medications across multiple devices handles high volume unit dose packaging needs

    Hospital, Corrections, Clinics:

    • TCGRx offers an ATP device that is suitable to the specific needs of any pharmacy. With the ability to scale from 256-320-384 medications, formulary can be added as needed.
    • AUTOMATED, HANDS FREE, TABLETOP PACKAGER: The ATP-71 has been developed as an automated tabletop packager at an affordable price. It is the first of its kind on the market to offer entry level automation for any size hospital or pharmacy.

    Pick To Light Technology

    BEACON (Optical Positioning System) Storage and Retrieval System

    The BEACON System is a powerful tool that will allow the pharmacy to grow and add new services, control inventory and optimize workflow

    • Optimizes space, labor and inventory
    • Adds more capacity
    • Modular for easy reconfiguration
    • Increases Accuracy


    Pharmatecture: Pharmacy Design

    • TCG offers a full line of revolutionary high density storage. Our unique shelving and drawer systems allow us to optimize workflow, space, and inventory control.
    • TCG employs a team of pharmacy designers and industrial engineers who can help with the integration of automation or storage and retrieval solutions that will meet the business needs of the pharmacy.
    • Reduce your storage space by 50%

    WHETHER YOU ARE ABOUT TO PURCHASE OR HAVE PURCHASED PHARMACY AUTOMATION or STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS, TCGRx can be a valuable consultant and solutions provider for your pharmacy.

    TCGRx - Pharmacy Design, Fixtures, Layout
    Pharmacy Automation, Pharmacy Workflow Solutions, TCGRx, Unit Dose Technology, Pharmacy Barcoding, pharmacy design and fixtures

     Vic Store Fixtures
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    Vic Store Fixtures

    A unique system that understand the challenges of the pharmaceutical actual needs.

    With more than 60 years of experience , VIC Store has built its name through the pharmaceutical domain with a system that is used by some of the top 50 pharmacy chains across North America. The RxZone2; was developed through R&D to meet the efficiency requirements and processing requirements by Work Flow. The RxZone2™ system combines modularity, ergonomics and functionality to create productive, multifunctional work environments. The system is very versatile and management of electrical and electronic wiring is completely independent of the modules; therefore, facilitating access and ease of use.

    Various accessories, including their renowned storage system Rx-Tray™, have been developed to allow free and clean work surfaces preventing counter clutter. The RxZone2 is highly efficient, functional and it’s an incredible answer to the needs of modern and innovative pharmacies.

    The RxZone2™ system combines a modular and ergonomic design with powerful features to create a productive and versatile work environment. RxZone2™ offers:

    • Customized layouts that can be easily reconfigured
    • A streamlined workflow tailored to the needs of pharmacies
    • An array of counters, cabinets, and shelves for the ideal configuration

    With an impressive selection of more than 30 different cabinets, the RxZone2™ system can solve any space challenge in the five key zones of a pharmacy that conforms to high pharmaceutical standards:

    • Consultation
    • Preparation
    • Storage
    • Sales
    • Transaction

    Your project, our passion.

    Contact us today for more information.

    Front Ergonomic Functional Durability
    RxZone2, display fixtures, pharmacy, retail, modular design, Ordre des pharmaciens, customer service, streamline workflow

     Shelving Design Systems
    Booth #1897
    Shelving Design Systems

    Pharmacy Design, Store Fixtures, Custom Woodwork, & Installation

    This is What We’re Made Of.
    Shelving Design Systems is a specialized healthcare design and installation firm. We create innovative store displays that improve spaces-better layouts, smarter workflow, and more meaningful customer interaction-through use of the highest quality materials, design and space planning.

    We’re trusted.
    With a long history in the retail and healthcare industry, many jobs completed, compliances and codes met and many difficult spaces filled means we have the unique know-how to make any project a roaring success.

    We’re fully full-service.
    A one-stop shop-sales, design, manufacture and installation.

    We Make It Interesting.
    Shelving Design Systems offers complete, start-to-finish design services.
    Our Planning and Design services include:

    • Space Planning and Traffic Flow
    • Fixture Design
    • Color and Material Selection
    • Removal of Existing Equipment
    • Delivery and Installation of New Equipment
    • Computed Aided Drafting Floor Plans and 3-D Plans
    • Site Examination and Field Measuring
    • Collaboration with Architects and Contractors
    • Budgeting
    • Archival of Drawings and Fixture Data for Future Growth

    We design, manufacture and install:

    • Medical Records Storage
    • Prescription Storage
    • Stockroom Shelving
    • Merchandise Display
    • Decor & Signage
    • Display Showcases
    • Pallet Racking
    • Clean Room
    • Narcotic Control
    • Bulk Storage
    • Wrap Counters

    Call us for:

    • Work stations that allow for on-site reconfiguration to accommodate variable distribution methods, including unit dose, automatic dispensing systems, and robotic filling
    • USP 797 compliant sterile compounding and room design featuring fully finished surfaces for regular cleaning and sanitization without degrading of material

    We serve:

    • Long Term Care Pharmacies
    • Closed Door Pharmacies
    • Retail Pharmacies
    • Hospital Pharmacies
    Shelving Design Systems Custom Pharmacy Design Shelving Design Systems Pharmacy Design Shelving Design Systems Design, Layout, Engineering & Construction Shelving Design Systems Hospital, Institutional and LTC Design Shelving Design Systems Pharmacy Shelving and Design
    Shelving Design Systems design layout engineering construction supply, design fixtures and layout for standard and custom retail pharmacies and hospital industrial and LTC pharmacies. Standard retail pharmacy design with shelving design systems pharmacy work counters cabinets storage shelving OTC work station and compounding. Specializing in Custom Wood OTC & RX Shelving with gondolas and end caps, will call, front shelving with Shelving Design Systems.

     Health Care Logistics
    Booth #7510
    Health Care Logistics

    Cabinets and Shelving Shipped in 5 Days!

    When you need quick, easy and affordable office furnishings look no further than Health Care
    Logistics and our ready-to-assemble cabinets and shelving. Available in six colors, with five attractive laminated countertop colors to choose from. Now furnish office spaces affordably and in five shipping days or less!

    Our full line of Cabinets can be easily assembled or ship already assembled. Our products are crafted of high-quality ¾” thick heavy-duty melamine fused to particleboard, which provides a durable finish resistant to scratching, impact, moisture, heat and chemicals. Thick and tough plastic edges take a beating and look great! Surfaces are hygienic, attractive and easy to wipe clean, which makes a lasting impression in any space.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for? Need a different size or configuration? No problem! Our FREE
    3-D design consultation service is at your disposal. Give us your requirements and we’ll design
    workstations that will complement and add maximum productivity to your specific area.

    Wide Range of Cabinet and Countertop Color Options
    FREE 3-D Design Consultation Service
    Fully Concealed Door Hinges
    PVC Edge-Banding

    Pharmacy Fixtures remodel design services layout engineering remodeling consultants modular shelving builders European shelves companies fill stations workflow consulting work benches architect plans efficient storage fabricators companies providers vendors JCAHO compliant JAHCO compliance patient safety companies suppliers Long term Care retail hospital outpatient counseling center displays cosmetic book displays office panels compounding are sink opening a new pharmacy addition used and surplus equipment patient confidentiality unit dose secure safe locking contemporary cabinets & workstations antique pharmacy drawers bins free simple installation efficient space utilization square foot

     Apothecary Images
    Booth #7518
    Apothecary Images

    Apothecary Images Inc. Offers a Glimpse into the Past.

    Apothecary Images Inc. of St. Catharines, Ontario, is pleased to introduce its dynamic collection of specialty photographic art images of pharmacy, dental and medical antiques, preserved from the 18th and the 19th centuries. This most recent catalog is proud to include: Images of Niagara Apothecary for pharmacists and pharmacy schools; a blood-letting series for hematologists and blood banks; art work depicting anatomical core-ball exercises for chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists; water-color works of Dr. Victor Yanchick of Virginia Commonwealth University College of Pharmacy for the pharmacy schools and pharmacists, everywhere; internationally renowned artist Barry McCarthy; and “Illustrations by Erin” series for the dental profession, hospitals and pediatric wards. Some images illustrate the use of antique medicines, naturopathic remedies, colorful elixirs and a wide array of professional tools. “They are artistic, historical images relating to the science of ‘apothecary’ and the health care field, in general”, says Founder Philip McCarthy. Other images of pharmacy and medicine for pharmacists, physicians and specialists are also offered, framed or plaque-mounted.

    McCarthy started collecting pharmacy and medical antiques 20 years ago with the help of pharmacists, friends and relatives involved in the pharmaceutical and medical professions. As he built up an inventory of rare items, he wanted to share his appreciation for the history of pharmacy and medicine with the very professionals in those fields. Things expanded rather rapidly to fill the gap in other health care fields.

    Apothecary Image’s high quality products can be given as performance awards, graduation and retirement gifts or raffle prizes (golf tournaments and silent auctions) or simply used for display in hallways, offices or treatment/waiting/operatory rooms. Custom photography is also available. Take a step back with Apothecary Images Inc.

    Illustrations by Erin

    "I chose to paint for the dental profession and pediatric wards of hospitals because I hope these works will encourage a smile and a reaction from all. “The Flying Pig” piece is a representation of the unique imaginations all children share. Children are colorful people, therefore the choice of colors in my illustrations are bright, youthful, and uplifting. Any dental office or pediatric ward would be happy to display them”, says Erin.

    Also Available

    • Medical Images for the hallways, offices, waiting rooms – medical offices, hospital corridors and boardrooms.
    • Pharmacy Watercolor Artwork by Dr. Victor Yanchick.
    • Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy Illustrations by Joe Pelino BSC, DC and Meaghan Brierley
    • Water Colors by Barry McCarthy
    • Dental Images

    Three sizes available...

    • 16" x 20"
    • 20" x 24"
    • 24" x 30"


    Custom photography is also available. Please contact us for details.

    For more information about Apothecary Images Inc. or to contact us, please use the links provided below.

    Apothecary Images Inc., already well known for its extensive photographic art image collections in the dental and medical fields has announced that it is expanding into the world of pharmaceutical imagery with its new "Pharmacy Practice - Series I."

    An outstanding collection of 25 compelling pharmacy practice images, this exciting series showcases pharmacists engaged in a wide variety of professional roles. From hospitals to nursing homes, to acute care centers, retail settings, research centers and classrooms, each image places the spotlight on the vital roles played by pharmacists in the health care world today. A big focus has been placed on the fields of nanotechnology, biogenomics and nuclear pharmacy, capturing through the camera’s eye the vital contributions pharmacists are making to these emerging areas of specialization. Whether the work is being carried out in Canada or in a third world nation halfway around the globe, our images tell the story of the pharmacy profession, in all its myriad forms.

    Designed to be used for multiple purposes, Apothecary Images Inc. products can be purchased display-ready, with black or brown frames complete with white or tan rebate border and glass. Images are also available for promotional campaigns. We perform custom work and accommodate any visual campaign.

    For more information about Apothecary Images Inc. or to contact us, please use the links provided below.

    lantern glass bottles spilled bottle pharmacist patien blood pressure nurse measuring
    Pharmacy Fixtures remodel design layout engineering remodeling shelving shelves companies fabricators air tubes transfer systems Pharmaceutical technology companies providers vendors

     Surplus Equipment Company
    Booth #7515
    Surplus Equipment Company is a division of Surplus Equipment Company; a leading distributor of Lozier Pharmacy Shelving, Flex Rx Shelving, Pharmacy Cabinets, and Store Fixtures. We created to provide an easy to use, one stop shop for all your retail and pharmacy fixture needs.

    We offer convenient online ordering for these products & more!

    The new Flex Rx Pharmacy System features open backs, shelves that adjust on 1" centers and down slant 17 1/2 degree for easy access to product on higher shelves.

    The Classic Rx Shelving units feature a two piece modular design with closed backs and sides.

    Lozier store fixtures and merchandising systems are built around standard units that easily adjust to meet your changing needs. We offer a complete line of island sections, wall sections, end caps, and accessories. Lozier Shelves are offered in two position (TL) and multi-position (DL) styles. Shelves have double rows of perforations on 1" centers at the front and rear edges to accommodate vertical dividers, binning, and product retainers.

    The Lozier Undercounter System offers a wide variety of units that can be adapted to fit your individual needs. Choose from narcotics cabinets, bottle dispenser units, open and closed storage cabinet, and more!

    We are pleased to represent Akro Mils and Quantum Storage products. We offer a wide selection of dividable bins & drawers that are ideal for storing patient supplies, medication, and small parts.

    We are always happy to help with layout and design. Please provide us with a rough sketch of your location showing room dimensions, locations of doors, windows, and any obstructions (columns, etc.). Contact us using the handy links provided. - pharmacy design and fixtures - pharmacy layout and engineering - pharmacy design, fixtures, layout and engineering
    RXhelving JCAHO compliant JAHCO compliance patient safety companies suppliers Long term Care retail hospital outpatient counseling center RXhelving displays cosmetic book displays office panels compounding are sink opening a new pharmacy addition used and surplus RXhelving

    Continuing Education Activities
    CESearchEngine - Healthcare Continuing Education
    Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Building Systems for Designers – Advanced Acoustic Design Principals
    Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
    Achieving good acoustics has become increasingly difficult for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are budgets with low construction budgets, weight of various materials, and an increase in open areas and a higher density of employees in the office. Interior designers can have a profound effect on the acoustical quality of an interior envir...
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    Purpose and Background Design of anchor bolts used to be rather straight-forward. The building codes contained simple design formulas, and the procedures were easy to follow. To a limited degree, the latest editions of the International Building Code (IBC) continues the tradition by including a table of the allowable service load capacities for ...
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    Lab Tech Continuing Education An introduction to plant sequencing
    Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
    In her recent publication “Fast isogenic mapping-by-sequencing of EMS-induced mutant bulks” in Plant Physiology, Dr. Franziska Turck and her team introduced deep candidate resequencing (dCARE) using the Ion PGM™ Sequencer to their Arabidopsis mutant identification pipeline. Join us to learn her opinion about the application of the isogenic...
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    Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Construction Operations & Productivity (CM 588)
    Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
    Study of heavy construction operations with emphasis on productivity enhancement. An integrated approach to planning, modeling, analysis and design of construction operations is presented and the use of simulation models and other analytical tools are examined. ...
    Steel Worker Continuing Education Welding - Special Applications
    Provided by: Steel Worker Continuing Education
    How do you address an anchor bolt that has an inadequate length of available thread? Are there aspects of welding coated steels beyond worrying about fumes? And what about welding existing structures? What needs to be considered? This webinar presents practical, straightforward solutions to challenging situations including: Extending anchor b...
    Civil Engineering Continuing Education Storm Water Control Facilities
    Provided by: Civil Engineering Continuing Education
    Did you know? When storm water management first became common, most detention/retention facilities were designed for control of runoff from only a single storm frequency. One of the fundamental objectives of storm water management is to maintain the peak runoff rate from a developing area at or below the pre-development rate to control flooding...
    Manufacturing Continuing Education  Effective Manufacturing Planning, Scheduling, and Control
    Provided by: Manufacturing Continuing Education
    This practical course is divided into three parts: 1. Developing or improving the understanding of how business, demand, and operations plans need to be developed, tied together, reviewed, and updated to optimize the financial performance of an entire company (SOP). 2. Developing an understanding of the similarities and differences among sales, d...
    Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Hydraulic Motor Selection for Industrial Conveyors
    Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
    This 3-hour interactive online course describes procedures for selecting a hydraulic motor to drive industrial conveyors. Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic motors are listed and engineering theory is described with special emphasis on maximizing efficiency. A model is used to help the student visualize the fluid parameters that affect eff...
    Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Decision Analysis in Engineering (IND E 583)
    Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
    Multi-criteria decision tools involving qualitative and quantitative methods. Decision trees, subjective probability, utility and value theories, goals and objectives, risk, optimization, and simulation. Includes case studies in decision and systems analysis. ...
    American Society of Civil Engineers An Introduction to Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Sustainability and Green Building Design (AW052611)
    Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Purpose and Background Public and private sector investors in buildings seek reassurances more than ever before that maximum value be received for funds expended. This means that not only initial costs but long-term operational costs must be considered. The latter costs directly affect the total cost of ownership, i.e. the Life Cycle Cost (LCC)....
    American Society of Civil Engineers An Introduction to Value Engineering (VE) for Value Based Design Decision-Making (AWI081512)
    Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Purpose and Background The objective of this webinar is to acquaint participants with the methodology of Value Engineering (VE) and its decision-making process. It will familiarize participants with procedures that provide standards for VE applications. VE methodology has been developed for more than 40 years to assist management and engineering...
    American Society of Civil Engineers 10 Tips for Winning Federal Business (AW092713)
    Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Purpose and Background Many civil engineering firms that traditionally have shunned the federal market are now reconsidering. Given the current state of the economy, many of these firms are now seeing greater advantages to having federal government contracts. Even in todays budgetary climate, the fact is that many federal government agencies hav...
    Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design Principles
    Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
    Learn the progression of a green stormwater infrastructure design beginning with the design process, site assessment and layout, interdisciplinary and agency coordination and design of practices. Special attention is given to bioretention. Through a field trip, understand the site assessment process and participate in a group design charette to dem...
    Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Thermodynamics I: An Introduction
    Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
    This 4-hour online course presents the beginning of an introduction to Thermodynamics. It states the three laws of thermodynamics and some of the basic tools along with symbols and some of the basic units. This course introduces state point notation and definitions of state points for material in a system. It also discusses different systems and...
    Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education Preventive Maintenance
    Provided by: Mechanical Engineering Continuing Education
    This 1-hour online course is designed to help companies develop a highly effective Preventive Maintenance program and to help increase the productivity of already existing P.M .programs. The P.M. program is the key to any successful maintenance/ asset management program because it reduces the amount of reactive maintenance allowing other initi...
    Lab Tech Continuing Education RNAi technology reveals possible targets for treating Parkinson's disease
    Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
    Nature publication case study: High-content genome-wide RNAi screens identify regulators of parkin upstream of mitophagy This free webinar discusses how RNAi technology was used to reveal genes that may represent new therapeutic targets for treating Parkinson’s disease Webinar abstract: Gene silencing through RNA interference (RNAi) has revolut...
    Lab Tech Continuing Education Genome editing of iPSCs from Parkinson’s disease patients using TAL technology
    Provided by: Lab Tech Continuing Education
    Watch this on-demand as we examine genetic engineering of iPSCs derived from Parkinson’s disease patient samples, which provide model systems to study disease mechanisms in cell types not previously available. Next-generation tools for stem cell engineering, GeneArt™ Precision TALs offer an extremely efficient method for targeting and regulatin...
    American Society of Civil Engineers Advanced Culvert Hydraulics with HEC-RAS (AWO012511)
    Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Purpose and Background The analysis of culvert hydraulics is a common task faced by engineers working on transportation, land development, and flood control projects. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center’s HECRAS software program is a widely used tool for various open channel hydraulics analysis and design tasks. One ...
    American Society of Civil Engineers An Overview of Geosynthetics and Their Major Applications (AWI030711)
    Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Purpose and Background This webinar presents an overview of the $3 billion worldwide industry known as “Geosynthetics”. Made from polymeric materials into fibers, filaments, yarns, ribs, grids, nets or sheets, they fall into the following categories (“geo” since they are usually covered with soil or another geosynthetic): geotextiles; ge...
    Civil Engineering Continuing Education Guidelines for Design in the Arctic and Subarctic
    Provided by: Civil Engineering Continuing Education
    Did you know? The arctic is the northern region in which the mean temperature for the warmest month is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and the mean annual temperature is below 32 degrees F. In general, the arctic coincides with the tundra region north of the limit of trees. This course discusses the design of surface drainage in the subarct...
    American Society of Civil Engineers Changes to the Nonbuilding Structures Provisions in ASCE 7-10 (AWI042611)
    Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Purpose and Background The 2010 edition of ASCE 7 contains a number of important changes that affect the seismic design of nonbuilding structures. This webinar discusses these important changes and how these changes impact the design and construction of nonbuilding structures. In addition, changes made to the provisions to help clarify the appli...
    Civil Engineering Continuing Education An Introduction to HEC-HMS (AWI110910)
    Provided by: Civil Engineering Continuing Education
    The analysis and design of most drainage-related infrastructure (channels, culverts, bridges, reservoirs, etc.) requires the determinate of a peak flowrate or a runoff hydrograph. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center’s HEC-HMS software program is commonly used for this task. However, the HEC-HMS program has many other fe...
    American Society of Civil Engineers Connection Solutions for Wood Framed Structures (AWI120312)
    Provided by: American Society of Civil Engineers
    Purpose and Background Wood is truly the only sustainable structural material and it is a carbon sink—as such, its use greatly benefits the environment, including its excellent life-cycle performance characteristics. However, one of the most common concerns expressed by engineers is the apparent complexity of designing connections for wood-fra...
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