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Pharmacy Solutions

Our management and consulting services for both inpatient and outpatient pharmacies help customers improve patient safety and the financial performance of their pharmacies.

With over 40 years of experience in serving pharmacies for hundreds of hospitals and health systems, we provide access to best practice strategies and tactics to improve pharmacy operations. Based on each hospital’s needs, we tailor our services, from assessments and project implementation to leadership support and full-service departmental management. All of our services are designed to enhance your pharmacy’s performance so you can focus on your core mission: providing safe, cost-effective healthcare to your patients.

Pharmacy Solutions helps our clients:

  • Reduce drug costs
  • Improve quality and regulatory programs
  • Optimize automated dispensing systems
  • Implement clinical programs and formulary management initiatives
  • Enhance staffing and human resources support
  • Increase outpatient prescription income
  • Reduce employee drug benefit costs

We invite you to visit our website to learn how our service offerings can help your pharmacy improve safety and workflow while controlling costs.

Pharmacy Management
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PharmaSource is different. We're different because we offer a full range of pharmacy services, including in-house and off-site models, backed with tremendous purchasing power. PharmaSource emphasizes our continuous, up-to-date clinical initiatives and best practices.

In-house Pharmacy Management
Through our in-house pharmacy management program, we provide a comprehensive package of pharmacy services, including clinical initiatives and The Joint Commission compliance programs. PharmaSource can employ the entire pharmacy staff and provide access to our national volume-purchasing program, which is backed by over one billion dollars in annual purchases. We can also furnish computer and automated dispensing systems. PharmaSource's in-house pharmacy option is a perfect model for long-term acute care or full-service hospitals, of all sizes.

Off-site Pharmacy Management
PharmaSource and Omnicare have combined resources allowing us to offer a full pharmacy service option through one of Omnicare's 200 pharmacy locations nationwide. Our off-site pharmacy model is designed for small and rural hospitals, behavioral health, rehabilitation, subacute hospitals and long-term care facilities. This model is designed to minimize in-house inventory management costs, reduce a hospital's overall pharmacy budget and provide superior pharmacy clinical services through our regional network.

Customized Pharmacy Management
Our customized solutions may include versions of either in-house and off-site pharmacy models or a combination of an in-house pharmacy staff with off-site inventory management.

Clinical Services
PharmaSource's clinical services begin with the tried and true basics of formulary management through generic and therapeutic substitution and extend to best practices and clinical guidelines. Clinical drug monitoring and pharmacist interventions are the norm, not the exception. Our pharmacists work within the interdisciplinary teams of the hospital to oversee and improve the medication management process.

For more information about Pharma Source solutions or to contact us, use the links provided below.

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Pharma Source Mangement Outsourcing
Pharma Source Mangement Outsourcing
Pharma Source Mangement Outsourcing
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QS/1®'s NRx® Pharmacy Management System for Outpatient Pharmacies

QS/1 provides the country's most comprehensive pharmacy management systems with technology and services to manage the entire pharmacy, with total solutions for retail, LTC, HME and multi-site management. QS/1's 550+ employees serve customers through a nationwide network of offices.

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PharmaCare Services

At Pharmacare Services, we focus on solving problems, rather than working around them. Our core values of team-based leadership, solid relationships, and deep commitment to quality and service are why hospitals rely on PharmaCare Services.

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Pharmacy Management Outsourcing

CPS Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services is the nation's leading independent pharmacy management service provider to acute care hospitals and behavioral systems, delivering pharmacy service value through financial, operational, clinical, therapeutic, and regulatory expertise.
PharmaCare Services
PharmaCare Services is a national pharmacy management and consulting company that was formed in 1996 by hospital pharmacists who helped pioneer the pharmacy outsourcing concept - serving acute care hospitals, long term care, psychiatric, rehabilitation, and surgical hospitals.
PharmaSource Healthcare - An Omnicare Company
PharmaSource is a leading provider of pharmacy management services with years of experience and expertise who offers management solutions developed to enhance services, improve patient care, and control costs. Visit our website for more information.

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