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We are a private San Diego company that is the leader in enterprise awareness and Real-time Location System (RTLS) solutions for healthcare. We actively track, monitor and optimize the utilization and workflow of equipment and people in hospitals. Our solutions enable our clients to achieve outcome improvements in the areas of efficiency, safety and compliance. Analogous to indoor GPS, RTLS provides hospital asset tracking, patient tracking and staff tracking needed to:

  • optimize efficient, cost effective use of medical equipment assets
  • reduce unnecessary equipment rentals and lessen lost, stolen and misplaced equipment
  • improve hospital staff productivity
  • enhance hospital operational efficiency measures
  • support patient safety initiatives including infection control in hospitals
  • enhance bed throughput and hospital capacity management
  • supply valuable location, status and movement data to clinicians and healthcare executives to enable patient flow initiatives, workflow automation and process improvement

Awarepoint provides ZigBee-based wireless mesh network technology for active RFID asset tracking, associated RTLS software applications and healthcare consulting services. Our Enterprise Awareness solutions improve hospital business processes, enable workflow automation, support hospital efficiency measures, improve patient safety and infection control initiatives and facilitate continuous process improvement in hospitals.

Today, Awarepoint represents the largest enterprise-wide hospital RTLS client base in the industry. Awarepoint is providing its RTLS to hospital clients which include prestigious university hospital teaching institutions, premiere independent hospitals, military medical centers and members of major hospital integrated delivery networks.

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