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Intelligent InSites

Real Time Operational Intellegence

With Operational Intelligence, your people and things are automatically sensed as they move and interact in different places. Rules can be set up to change status for process time-stamping, distribute reminder tasks, update map views, and even email family members as patients move through surgery. Data from InSites can provide location and duration context to other tools, like EHRs and ERPs. Data from other systems can feed into InSites to enhance reporting and analytics.

As people and things move around your facilities, InSites is building up stores of intelligence about your operations that you’ve never had before. Intelligence that isn’t gathered by hand. Intelligence that gives you clear paths to continuously make things better.

For most, the word platform is just a buzzword. For us, it’s core to how we’ve built our solution from the start, it’s central to our strategy and vision, and it’s the foundation of our customers’ success. Everything about our platform is open and accessible through RESTful APIs, providing a flexible, scalable “future proof” solution for healthcare systems and an open development environment for building new apps and sharing data across the enterprise.

Financial and Operational Efficiency
Optimize inventory, increase asset utilization, reduce rental expenses, and streamline workflows to increase patient throughput – resulting in decreased cost and increased revenue and reimbursement.

Deliver better care through real-time high-impact information. Know where your patients are in the process of care delivery and be aware of situations that may cause harm to a patient. Track surgical instruments and monitor exposure to infection diseases to reduce your liability exposure and create a safer care environment.

Regulatory Compliance
Automate your monitoring processes to meet state, federal, and Joint Commission regulations – from monitoring the location and status of oxygen tanks and fire extinguishers to the temperature of vaccine storage and blood refrigerators.

Satisfaction of Patients, Families, and Staff
Increase the time that your nurses can spend with patients by automating tedious, manual activities – improving the patient experience and increasing staff satisfaction. Provide patient families with automated up-to-date information on the status of their loved ones. Improve Medicare reimbursement through increased patient satisfaction scores.

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