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Containment Technologies Group

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Containment Technologies Groupís staff of certifiers have over 50+ years of combined experience in the certification industry. Our certifiers have a vast knowledge of equipment that is used through the pharmacy and laboratory industry. Our goal is to establish an ongoing relationship with your facility. We will work with you to address all of your needs, treating your staff as a working partner, not just a client. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Staff qualifications include:

  • NSF accredited staff members
  • CETA trained staff members
  • Staff annually trained on certification protocols

Containment Technologies Group, Inc. has a diverse and expansive national client base. A reference list can be provided upon request. Some examples include:

  • Eli Lilly
  • Bayer
  • Roche
  • Steris
  • DOW
  • University of Kentucky/Coldstream Laboratories
  • Wishard Memorial Hospital
  • St. Lukeís Health System
  • University of Louisville
  • Kettering Health Network
  • Mercy Medical Centers
  • Many VAMC & Government Facilities across the United States


  • Compounding Aseptic Isolators
  • Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators
  • Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Laminar Flow Hoods
  • Chemical Fume Hoods
  • Clean Rooms
  • Surgery Rooms/Suites
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Grossing Stations
  • HEPA Filtered Devices

Other Testing and Services:

  • Viable Air Sampling
  • Surface Testing
  • Fingertip Testing
  • Media Fill Testing
  • HEPA Filter Integrity Testing
  • Particulate Counts
  • UV Testing
  • Sound / Heat Level Testing
  • Unit Decontaminations (Biological and Chemical)
  • Maintenance and Repair of all Pharmacy and Laboratory Equipment
  • HEPA Filter Replacements

Training Modules Available:

  • Aseptic Training
  • Isolator Usage Training
  • Hazardous Compounding Training
  • Media Fill Training

We want to make your life easier! At Containment Technologies Group, Inc., we have a staff of professionals that live and breathe USP<797>. Whether it is providing your facility with products and supplies all the way to certification and training, we are here to provide your facility with a one-stop solution for all of your USP<797> needs.

CTG, Inc. Ė Your One Stop Solution For All Of Your USP<797> Needs

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