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Your Educational Resource for Sterile and Hazardous Drug Compounding

As a Global Leader in Continuing Healthcare Education® for the pharmaceutical compounding industry, one of LP3 Network’s primary goals is to ensure you are compliant with regulatory and practice standards. This year, the compounding regulatory landscape will undergo significant changes, with major revisions made to USP <797> (sterile compounding) and the implementation of USP <800> (hazardous drug compounding). Come December 1st 2019, the expected official date, compounders and pharmacies across the nation will be required to adhere to the new standards. LP3 Network’s mission is to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with its innovative continuing education opportunities in sterile and hazardous drug compounding.

Essential Elements of Compounded Sterile Preparations

  • ACPE accredited hours for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Home study and LiveEvent (seminar and hands-on lab) components
  • Aseptic technique, media-fill challenge, facility design, risk assessment, environmental monitoring and management, equipment and devices, verification protocols, observational auditing, and much more!
  • 4 hours in a certified clean room and 2 sterile preparations
  • Highly practical and interactive event with one-on-one evaluation

Essential Elements of Hazardous Drug Compounding

  • ACPE accredited hours for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians engaged in hazardous drug compounding
  • Live Seminar
  • Interactive program that covers facility design, personal protective equipment, hazardous drug handling, hazardous drug preparatory procedures, risk assessment, environmental control, and much more.

Special Topic Webinars

  • Sterile Cleanroom Design: Non-hazardous Drug Compounding
  • Sterile Cleanroom Design: Hazardous Drug Compounding
  • Air and Surface Quality and Testing for Sterile Compounding
  • Implementing USP <800>: Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
  • Ophthalmic Preparations Webinar Series

About LP3 Network

Together with its affiliated companies, MEDISCA® and MEDISCA® Network, LP3 Network® is dedicated to providing solutions for your personalized medicine practice and pharmaceutical compounding business. As a Global Leader in Continuing Healthcare Education®, LP3 Network has trained over 12,000professionals with over 70 live event offerings per year worldwide in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, its online learning platform featuring webinars, eLearning, home studies, and instructional videos provides convenient on-the-go education to over 50 countries worldwide.

With more than 55 programs covering: non-sterile and sterile compounding; regulatory and practice standards, such as preparing for a pharmacy inspection and complying with hazardous drug compounding; and niche markets, including hormone restoration therapy, analgesic therapy, veterinary medicine, and dermatology, LP3 Network’s innovative continuing education is revitalizing the industry.

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