At PioneerRx we are passionate about being the best, and we can’t be the best unless our customers are the best. Many of the leading innovators in community pharmacy use PioneerRx Pharmacy Software to make more money and have more fun. Working closely with them, we deliver weekly improvements and cutting-edge features that are designed to provide speed, simplicity, consistency, and flexibility. Leading the industry in first-to-market functionality in one seamlessly integrated package, PioneerRx has become one of the most successful pharmacy systems in the United States.

Top 10 things to love about your new pharmacy system...

10. Family-Owned
PioneerRx is backed by a family-owned company that has been passionate about independent pharmacy since 1841.

9. MTM/5-Star Ratings
Improve your patients’ health and increase profit/revenue with our integrated features, including Mirixa, OutcomesMTM, built-in labs, and immunization.

8. Integrated Point of Sale
With a truly integrated point of sale, you have direct access to pricing and patient information, seamlessly becoming part of your workflow.

7. Quick Disaster Recovery
Your pharmacy’s data is backed up to the Cloud –that means meeting HIPAA requirements and minimizing downtime in the event of an emergency.

6. Rapid Data Entry
With PioneerRx, you can customize your tab stops, use keyboard shortcuts, pull information from the NPI/DEA database, and easily fill prescriptions from eScripts. These are all key features that save you time.

5. What Everyone’s Talking About
Did you know, 50% of our sales are referrals from existing customers whose pharmacies have been empowered by PioneerRx?

4. Rapid Innovation
From weekly automatic software and database updates, to our user-driven Community Idea portal, we deliver cutting-edge technology in one integrated solution.

3. Healthier Patients
With our integrated Rx Syncing and easy search features, you can efficiently improve your patients’ health and adherence, which also enables you to better participate in your patients’ wellness.

2. Maximize Profits
PioneerRx’s customers will tell you they are making more money and having more fun!

1. User-Driven Features
In 2015, we averaged 12 new updates every week. Most of those updates are inspired by you! Our pharmacists play a large role in our weekly innovation.