Return Solutions

Optimize Your Expired Product Returns with the OneCheck Select Program

Return Solutions has offered the simplest, most efficient expired product returns program in the industry for over 25 years. Reclaim time spent tracking expired product return credit with our OneCheck Select program. All credit due from Return Solutions is issued in a single check, directly to the customer, within 30, 60, or 90 days after a return. The rate depends on the timeframe selected and is an all-inclusive percentage of credit issued. There are never any unexpected additional charges for shipping, processing controlled substances, or disposal of non-returnable items. Manufacturer credit values are listed on the check stub, virtually eliminating credit tracking.

On-Site Service
Our on-site service is completely turn-key. An experienced representative thoroughly searches pharmacy shelves and pulls short-dated and outdated items. The rep enters each product into our proprietary software to arrive at an estimate and presents the customer with a printed inventory and credit estimate of all collected items on the day of service. Additional benefits include consultation regarding items with recently released generic equivalents, collection of Schedule II-V items and issuance of all necessary documentation, collection of recalled items, packaging of all items, and prepaid FedEx pick-up shipping.

Mail-In Service
Our easy and economical mail-in service is completely web-based. Customers create a return online and complete an inventory of outdated products, then print a return authorization and prepaid UPS shipping labels. Once we process the return at our warehouse, the return inventory and credit estimate are available on our website.

Destruction Service
We provide a safe, simple, and approved manner for compounding pharmacies, doctor’s offices, manufacturers, and distributors to dispose of unwanted and unsaleable products. Items are transported to an EPA approved, waste-to-energy incinerator where destruction is witnessed by at least two employees. Any hazardous waste is transported and destroyed by EPA licensed firms.

Consumer Medication Disposal Service
We’re excited to introduce a system that will allow you to offer a solution to your community for unused and expired prescription medications. MedCollect by Return Solutions provides simple, cost-effective, and compliant disposal of consumer prescription medications. Choose from a range of collection kiosks with capacities from six to sixty-two gallons. The collection kiosk can be left plain or completely customized to your specifications. The kiosk comes with a liner pack and everything needed to complete the first collection and destruction. When the liner is full and needs to be replaced, customers can easily reorder liner packs from our website. If a facility already has a collection cabinet that’s not from MedCollect, they can still use our liner packs inside it. Help keep your community safe and protect our environment with a MedCollect kiosk in your pharmacy. Visit for more information.