The Leading Group Purchasing Organization for Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Asembia is the nation’s leading group purchasing organization (GPO) for specialty pharmaceuticals. Asembia’s large and diverse membership includes specialty pharmacies, alternate care pharmacies, health systems and retail pharmacies serving a broad range of specialty patients requiring complex medication therapy management. GPO program offerings include; traditional up-front group discounts, rebates, fee-for-service agreements, data fees and other similar programs that help Asembia’s members and contracted manufacturers achieve their business and financial goals. Asembia is the gateway to the specialty pharmacy industry and first point of contact for pharma/biotech manufacturers and other vendors in this market.

Asembia’s total channel management solution includes customized patient programs, prescription data management services, online platforms, and unique, cost-effective purchasing agreements for specialty pharmacy products as well as solutions for limited distribution products. Asembia is also the founder and host of the nation’s largest annual Specialty Pharmacy Summit (April 29 – May 2, 2019), welcoming thousands of attendees from pharmacy providers, pharma/biotech manufacturers, payers, drug wholesalers and more.