RXQ Compounding

The Leading FDA 503B Outsourcing Facility and Only Certified HUBZone 503B in the United States.

Why Choose a 503B Outsourcing Facility?

  • Ability to provide drugs on the FDA Short List
  • Products do not require a patient-specific prescription and are available for office use
  • Required by the FDA to follow strict testing standards for sterility, potency, and endotoxins
  • Must comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements and U.S. Pharmacopeia Guidelines (USP)
  • Must follow state regulations and voluntarily register with the FDA
  • Subject to risk-based inspection by FDA

Why Choose RXQ Compounding, LLC?

  • FDA Approved Outsourcing Facility
  • Highest Quality Sterile and Non-Sterile manufacturing
  • Safety, Availability, & Compliance
  • Integrated Delivery Network
  • Ability to Deliver Custom Compounding
  • Only 503B Outsourcing Facility in a HUBZone in the U.S.

Guarantee Safety, Availability, and Compliance by Making RXQ Compounding, LLC Your FDA 503B Outsourcing Facility.