RS Software

RS Software- Software (Prescription Processing) RS Software- Software (Prescription Processing) RS Software- Software (Prescription Processing)

Concentrate on your profession, and trust ScriptAssist to take care of your business, from prescription entry and refill through reimbursement. With CompoundAssist (included), you can profit from your compounding pharmacy practice.

Unlike competing software products, ScriptAssist also manages your specialty pharmaceutical business, including compounding. You can automatically collect patient and physician information, along with Usual and Customary pricing for prompt payment.
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  • Provides multi-tasking environment
  • Transmission of Medicare claims on-line
  • Near instantaneous claim adjudication via Internet
  • Supplies state-of-the-art, mission critical database server
  • Fax refill requests automatically to the doctor
  • Reconciliation assistance with insurance analysis reports
  • Tracks and schedules automatic patient refills
  • ScriptAssist allows you to organize and simplify your practice, including specialty pharmacy practice.