Health Business Systems

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Health Business Systems

About HBS
For nearly 30 years, HBS has been delivering next-generation technology to support all channels of pharmacy:

  • Institutional / Nursing Home Pharmacy
  • Independent Retail Pharmacy
  • Chain Pharmacy
  • Mail Order / Central Fill

Whether your primary location is in a retail pharmacy, closed-door pharmacy or within an institutional or correctional facility, the HBS system can easily service 100 to 25,000+ beds from a single location.

Features and Functionality
HBS’ solutions will allow you to satisfy the demands of your clients and grow your business in today's competitive environment with unique features such as Facility Access Portal, which gives Nursing Homes real-time access to the patient’s profile, order generation and medical record printing—directly from the facility. In addition to our other popular retail pharmacy features, our core application provides you the ability to support your Institutional / Nursing Home pharmacy with other unique features and functionality, such as:

  • Bar Code and UPC Scanning
  • Quantity Entry at time of Cassette Exchange
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals per Facility
  • Workflow Management
  • Hours of Administration by Home and Station
  • Use of AHFS, GPI, or custom categories for reports
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • Full Documentation of Allergies, Interactions, Non-Formulary, etc.
  • Bar-coded Packing Lists and Delivery Manifests for Drivers
  • Cycle Fill
  • Customized Med-Sheets and Physician Orders
  • Standard Reporting Packages
  • OBDC Data Access (create custom reports)
  • Automation System Interfaces
  • GPI
  • Cost Reports