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Rx Systems

Family-owned mfr of RX LABELS, PILL CARDS, CUSTOM BAGS & RX VIALS, plus the VIVID-1 PILL COUNTER, celebrating 45 years in 2024.

A whole new way to count.

Designed for any pharmacy.

The VIVID Rx is the pill counter youíve been waiting for. Real-time counting and 99.99% accuracy guarantee you wonít miss a pill. Cost effective and maintenance-free counting is here.

More speed and accuracy in every count.

Easily dispense tablets and get instant results. Every count is continuously verifified so that you never second-guess your script.

Thoughtful and easy-to-use.

Large touchscreen display combined with a user-friendly app makes pill counting a breeze. Use it out-of-the-box, with no instructions required. Itís easy to configure and adapt to your pharmaciesí workflow.

Makes other counters seem countless.

No stressful cleaning, disassembly, or database maintenance. Made with premium components and built for the long haul.

HELP WANTED! Are your Ads being answered? Create time, relieve pressure & improve profits by investing in a VISION BASED PILL COUNTER, which have proven to create 10 extra man-hours per week.

Imagine your best CPhT having 40 free hours per month to focus on MedSync, or promote your clinical services. Bi-directional interfaces are available for the leading pharmacy software systems that improve workflow.

With 99.9% accuracy you will virtually eliminate over counts that impact your bottom line, and provide an ROI < 6 months.

Since 1979 Rx Systems has been a part of the community of independent pharmacy, now with locations in five states, and occupying over 250,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse space. Our company was created with the intent of providing a one-stop shop for pharmacy supplies. An emphasis on customer service, while providing quality products at a fair price, has created long term relationships with our business partners.

Rx Systems, Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer and full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies that provides independent community and institutional pharmacies with quality products including Rx Labels, Bags, Vials, Medication Carts, Pill Cards, and the Eyecon Pill Counter.

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A Whole New Way to Count Pills and Tablets

The VIVID is the fastest pill counter ever. It combines pharmacy automation with the familiarity of your classic pill counting tray. Just pour the pills on the tray and get the count instantly. With only a single scan it logs drug data, prescription number, and quantity. Itís the pill counter you want with the features you need. So, Chuck the tray and automate today!

  • Counts instantly with QUICK COUNT
  • Unmatched speed and accuracy
  • Captures and saves images of every count
  • Logs all transactions
  • Verifies prescriptions
  • Displays drug data while counting
  • No database maintenance or pill training required
  • The most cost-effective pill counter on the market


  • Exceeds 99.99% Accuracy
  • Instant Real-Time Counting Results
  • Count Verification
  • User Authentication
  • Image Log
  • Transaction Log
  • Rx Verification
  • Quick Count
  • Narcotics Double Counts
  • Single Scan
  • National Drug Code Database


  • Easy to Use Cloud Account
  • Built-in Barcode Scanner
  • High-Capacity Counting Surface
  • Large Touch Display
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Compact Design and Small Footprint
  • Smart Semi-Automatic Shaking
  • USP <800> Compliant
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB
  • Maintenance Free
  • Always Free Updates
  • Premium and Accessible Design

Image Log
The VIVID keeps a record of everything. An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed. Past transactions can be easily retrieved by scanning the Rx or NDC number and exported to PDF.

Transaction Log
Transactions are logged and stored in the userís online cloud account. An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed.

Rx Verification
Performs quick Rx validation to make sure the right drug is dispensed to the right patient.

Just count and fill with the quick count mode. No barcode scanning, calibration or pill training required.

Double Count
It validates and enforces double counts of CII, CIII, CIV, and CV drugs to make sure the right drug and quantity is dispensed.

User Authentication
Set up an unlimited number of users, locations, and administrators. Quickly login with a PIN or password. User activity is always logged in the transaction reports.

Intelligent Counting
Every result is continuously verified using our patented algorithm at a rate of five times per second.

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Health Care Logistics

Pill Splitters and Tablet Cutters

Whether youíre searching for quieter, more efficient tablet crushing methods or simpler, smarter tablet cutting solutions, HCL has you covered so you donít have to cut corners.

Tablet Crushers/Cutters rank among the most versatile products in our inventory and we have solutions for every need! Professionals in every setting will find the perfect device to meet their crushing criteria, while personal versions make it easy for patients to crush or cut on their own. Compact sizes and contemporary styles make our newest additions popular for use at home and on the go.

HCL also provides a full range of cutting and crushing accessories, including Crusher Bags or Crusher Pouches, Medication Cups or Medication Cup Dispensers.

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Splitters Crushers
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