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Organized by activity. Directed by light. Verified by barcode.

DeliverRx™ provides accurate Rx delivery every time. This system is designed to eliminate the frustration of searching through alphabetically stored bags while also improving customer satisfaction. DeliverRx ensures that all prescriptions are found and delivered to the customer using lights and barcode verification. The system is configurable and mobile high-density storage that can be built for ANY pharmacy of ANY size.

DeliverRx saves time, increases efficiency and improves accuracy.

  • Identifies all prescriptions including bulk and refrigerated items
  • Defines days in will-call for alarm and reporting
  • Interfaces with IVR (interactive voice response) system
  • Return to stock function allows items to be taken out of will-call
  • Consolidates all prescriptions by patient or by household to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Interfaces with pharmacy information system

The ability to consolidate all prescriptions by patient or by household, including bulk and refrigerated medications, guarantees that the customer leaves with all of their prescriptions. Customer wait time is reduced and satisfaction increases with DeliverRx. DeliverRx also tracks the prescriptions by aging reports, alerting the pharmacists of prescriptions not picked up by the customer. The return-to-stock function allows the pharmacist to take these unused medications and replenish the stock, thus eliminating waste and saving the pharmacy money.

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