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Real Time Operational Intellegence Operations Management

Staff, department managers and executive leadership across healthcare systems are all keenly aware that adjustments need to be made to the way they operate. But it is often difficult to know where to begin – including which process improvements need to be made first and which will have the biggest impact on their ability to deliver high-quality, efficient care.

With a real-time location system – or RTLS for healthcare – objective, meaningful data is automatically collected. You’ll know what’s really happening in the moment and have the insight to drive lasting change.

  • Decrease wait time
  • Increase throughput
  • Decrease waiting space
  • Free up care minutes
  • Increase utilization
  • Increase satisfaction

RTLS for Healthcare – Health Systems, Hospitals and Clinics

In healthcare, an RTLS solution, including both software and hardware, is used to provide real-time visibility into the movement and management of medical equipment, staff and patients.

For over a decade, Intelligent InSites has been providing best-in-class RTLS software to the healthcare industry. We partner with the top RTLS hardware technology to provide customers with the greatest value and most complete solution to meet their needs.

  • RTLS Hardware: The location badges/tags emit, and the location sensors receive unique ID codes to identify the precise location of people and assets across the facility.
  • RTLS Software: Intelligent InSites’ software extracts the data, and by applying robust workflow and milestone configurations, adds valuable context and visualization.
  • Integration with RTLS: By integrating other healthcare IT system (EHR, CMMS, etc.), InSites location and timestamp data can be supplemented with valuable data points from each system.

The output from this complete RTLS system gives you the visibility, functionality, and insight to improve efficiency and experiences.

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