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Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding

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APC represents compounding pharmacists and technicians in both 503A and 503B settings, as well as prescribers, educators, patients, and suppliers.

Our passion for compounding is fueled by our members’ passion for their patients — and the medications they create. APC is focused on strategies to assure that millions of patients can continue to access those compounded medications.

Our commitment — not only to our dues-paying members but also to their patients — is to lead, to influence, to speak, and to serve so that the practice of pharmacy compounding is not merely preserved but is elevated as a key component of health care delivery for millions of patients across America.

APC members subscribe to the Pharmacy Compounders Code of Ethics, comprised of 10 tenets that guide their professional, clinical, and business practices.

APC members play a vital role in the American healthcare system and in individual patients’ lives, preparing essential personalized medications for a range of issues, including autism, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, women’s health, and more.

Through its ally grassroots organization, the Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions, APC represents more than 150,000 patients, compounding professionals, prescribers, and others.

APC is committed to ensuring the rights of physicians to prescribe, of pharmacists to prepare, and of patients to take personalized medication solutions to meet their unique health care needs.

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