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American College of Apothecaries (ACA)

Since 1940, the ACA has been working with independent pharmacists to advance the entrepreneurial spirit of member pharmacists through education, innovation, mentoring, fellowship and training.

ACA Continuing Education Programs
Through educational conferences, seminars, compounding training, webinars and on-demand programs, ACA provides an array of opportunities for pharmacists, technicians, marketers and pharmacy students to obtain information, earn CE credits, and receive valuable networking with independent pharmacy entrepreneurs. ACA can also provide CE accreditation for other organizations.

Educational and Specialty Conferences
ACA provides an annual multi-day conference each year with continuing education sessions, social events, induction of new ACA Fellows and members, networking and award presentations. These conferences are held in different areas and in addition to learning, a large focus is on networking and sharing amongst pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, marketers and pharmacy students.

ACA Accredited Programs for Other Organizations
As an ACPE-approved provider of continuing pharmacy education, ACA is in compliance with ACPE’s Criteria for Quality and Interpretive Guidelines. Periodic review of educational programming by ACPE and continual self-evaluation by ACA ensures that the programs accredited by ACA are of the highest quality and meet ACPE standards. The ACPE Criteria and Guidelines are always followed when providing any continuing pharmacy education programs in live or in on demand format.

Webinars and Self-Paced Online Seminars/On-Demand CE
The ACA is pleased to introduce ACA Education CEnter an online catalog of more than 70 self-paced seminars for continuing pharmacy education! This new online education resource will include live webinars and on-demand courses that you can participate in from the comfort of your office or home and on your own schedule. The ACA is the source for pharmacists’ continuing education and professional development opportunities. Pharmacist and pharmacy technicians, marketers and pharmacy students can access online the latest webinars on subjects important to your career development. Visit the catalog today to browse through programs and begin enhancing your knowledge and earning CE credit!

Compounding Training Courses

  • Fundamental Compounding and Calculations

Fundamental Compounding & Calculations is a 3-day, 21 hour application-based course. This course combines one day of essential pharmacy calculations followed by two days of lectures and hands-on laboratory training. The overall goal of the calculations portion is to provide the pharmacist and technician with a review of the calculations they will need to master in order to prepare the variety of medications their patients may need to attain the greatest therapeutic actions from their medications with the fewest undesirable side effects. The lecture and hands-on portion is to provide the participant with a theoretical and practical basis on which to build a successful non-sterile compounding practice which complies with current requirements for good compounding practice. The instruction focuses on the proper preparation of fundamental dosage forms utilized by pharmacies which are compounding medications for their patients. The program is structured to demonstrate skills that can be immediately implemented by participants with minimal or no experience, as well as those wishing to update their compounding skills.

  • Comprehensive Sterile Compounding

Comprehensive Sterile Compounding is an 18.5 hour course designed to further prepare pharmacists and technicians to strengthen their knowledge base in Sterile Compounding. This course will provide the participant with the knowledge of preparation and quality control tests for sterile products, such as validation testing, membrane filtration, pyrogen tests, BET (bacterial endotoxin test) and others. This course will include the USP <797> guidelines. Also covered is proper hand washing and garbing. The attendee must pass their Aseptic glove test and their media fill to successfully complete the course.

  • Compounding for Natural Hormone Replacement

Compounding for Natural Hormone Replacement is a 15 hour application-based course designed to further prepare pharmacists and technicians to strengthen their knowledge base in the treatment of men and women with regard to hormone replacement therapy. Participants will be able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of a number of women’s issues, medications used to treat these issues, clinical guidelines for the treatment of women’s health issues, and side effects of these medications.

  • Compounding Options for Pain, Wound and Scar

Compounding Options for Pain, Wound and Scar is a 15hour application-based course. The overall goal of this application based program is to provide the pharmacist and/or technician the ability to learn about pain, its physical and behavioral components, the mechanisms of pain, the treatment of pain both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic, and how to compound unique dosage forms to meet the needs of the patient in pain. In addition the participant will learn the techniques compatible with USP 795 in the provision of quality pharmaceutical preparations and applicable DEA rules. Practical compounding case studies will be presented including the management of painful conditions, and wound and scar treatments.

  • Veterinary Compounding Essentials

Veterinary Compounding Essentials is a 15 hour application-based course designed to introduce the pharmacist and pharmacy technician to veterinary pharmacy compounding. The program provides fundamental techniques for effectively growing the veterinary compounding practice, including calculations, proper safety practices, hands-on compounding, and marketing

Additional information on the compounding training courses can be found on the ACA Calendar.

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