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ReconRx from Pharm Assess is a state-of-the-art third-party payer claim reconciliation program. Designed to make your pharmacy money, ReconRx automatically goes after payment up to two weeks earlier than competing programs to ensure you recover missing payments. Save time and enhance cash flow without installing any software. Track your payments at the claim level and recover missing payments to the penny. With an automated process, ReconRx offers a hassle-free way to make the money your pharmacy has earned. There are no write-offs, so unpaid or short-paid claims are tracked until the full balance is recovered. ReconRx provides reports to track DIR fees at the transaction level and payment level. You can also track the status updates for unpaid claims and missing checks. With ReconRx on your side, we guarantee no money is left behind. Best of all, ReconRx values your time by going after claims faster than any other program. Money is recovered in full in a timely manner.

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