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The Medi-Dose® Group, known for its innovative solid and liquid oral unit dose packaging systems, has always had deep roots---family roots. This is not surprising since Medi-Dose began as a small family business. Medi-Dose was founded in 1971 when Milton Braverman, a former pharmaceutical company Territory Manager, formed his own company.

The requirements of USP <800> prohibit the use of automated packaging for hazardous medications. Fortunately, the Medi-Dose® unit dose system has been designed to be the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to unit dose and bar code your inventory. Because of its unique Cold-Seal technology, the Medi-Dose System is simple to use, requires no special in-service training or additional space and can be an essential part of your USP <800> compliance plan.

The finished package provides tamper-evidence, ultraviolet inhibitance, moisture protection … and even 1-year beyond-use dating! There are 13 different styles of blisters, including JUMBO blisters for large tablets or capsules, MINI blisters designed for saving space in medication bins, and OVAL blisters for a variety of dispensing cabinets.

Medi-Dose’s MILT® software provides complete medication identification and bar coding capabilities for all your labeling needs:

  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Syringes
  • Ampules
  • IV’s
  • Equipment

It includes a wide library of auxiliary label images with special emphasis on those calling attention to the special handling required for meds covered by USP <800>. Flexible formatting (different colors, fonts, even Tall-Man Lettering), laser and thermal printing, and customizable workflow for your facility are all available through the program.

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