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Stericycle is an industry leader in regulated waste, compliance and secure information destruction solutions that can help you keep your organization and community safe.

CsRx® Controlled Substance Wastage Service:

Designed to help prevent drug diversion when disposing of controlled substance wastage.

SafeDrop™ Sharps Mail Back Program:

Provides a convenient solution to collect COVID-19, flu, and other vaccine-related sharps waste and the containers are approved for return via USPS.

MedDrop™ Drug Collection Kiosks:

Serve the communities of thousands of hospitals and pharmacies across the country, providing patients with a secure way to discard unused medications.

Seal&Send™ Mail Back Envelopes:

Allow ultimate users to easily and anonymously send Schedule II-V controlled substances via the mail for treatment and disposal.

Shred-it® Secure Information Destruction:
Provides secure information and document destruction solutions, maintaining the security and integrity of private and confidential information.

Partner With An Industry Leader To Help You Prevent Drug Diversion.

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