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ScriptPro Automation & Robotics


ScriptPro’s Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems

ScriptPro launched the first truly robotic prescription dispensing system in 1994 and it became the gold standard for reliability, longevity, and ROI. That standard holds true today.

From the largest health systems to the smallest retailers, ScriptPro’s Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems are the proven, time-tested workhorses behind your pharmacy counter.

The Power of ScriptPro Robotics

  • Streamline employment costs and staffing
  • System longevity – in service 20+ years
  • Quiet operation with no air-pressurized dispensing
  • Direct-to-vial dispensing eliminates cross-contamination
  • Six robot sizes for variable volume and space
  • Uptime rate of 99.46% and counting accuracy of 99.7%
  • 30-60% prescription processing rate
  • All-inclusive 24x7x365 customer support

ScriptPro’s state-of-the-art pharmacy systems get it right with unique advantages that streamline your workflow and operational objectives – backed by dramatically improved safety and accuracy.

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