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Let us help with access to more compounding knowledge with up to 60% off courses

Letco partners with the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) to provide the industry-leading Education Value Program (EVP). We are proud to offer our customers access to a first-class continuing education experience at up to a 60% discount.

Continuing education is compounding pharmacies’ secret weapon.  With access to real-world experience, valuable insights, and the latest innovations, Letco customers can continually discover new ways to run a profitable pharmacy and serve patients.

Even better together
Increase your savings when you combine Letco’s EVP with ACA membership discounts! Become an ACA member to save even more on training.

Why do we partner with ACA - and why should you?

  • Education Savings. Reduce your cost of continuing education and training by up to 60%, especially compared to equivalent industry offerings.
  • Expert instruction. ACA’s instructors are currently practicing, industry-leading experts who bring real-world experience and insights into the classroom.
  • Small Class Sizes. It’s your education – make the most of it with personal attention from instructors and hands-on instruction.
  • Leading Curriculum. Up-to-date content and techniques that reflect the latest developments in compounding.

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