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Opioid community education, outreach, and awareness. Opioid stewardship online learning platform.

Provide an accessible and comprehensive online OPIOID eLEARNING CENTER to your community.

READINESS develops and hosts custom opioid eLearning centers for health systems, pharmacies, and organizations to support opioid stewardship and education initiatives. Offer your community an intuitive and accessible eLearning center to support opioid education and awareness.

1. Technology Platform: Provide a customized learning platform (eLearning Center), branded to your organization, and filled with relevant opioid educational activities.

2. Custom Opioid Activities: Host your opioid learning material (videos, pdf’s, slide decks, etc) as engaging activities within your opioid eLearning center.

3. Opioid Activity Library: Select from more than 60 pre-existing opioid activities to expand your opioid eLearning center content for maximum learner engagement.

4. Data & Reporting: Access a comprehensive reporting suite to assess learner engagement and monitor activity starts and completions.

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