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RXinnovate Healthcare Consultants

RXinnovate Consulting was founded in 1999 to provide a broad range of consulting services to hospitals and health systems across the country. Our consulting and implementation teams have over 25 years' experience in pharmacy management and the skill sets for designing and implementing patient care technology projects for hospitals. RXinnovate's comprehensive consulting portfolio is designed to meet the unique challenges facing hospitals and healthcare systems.

Automated Dispensing Systems Consulting and Implementation Support

RXinnovate is the industry leader with designing, building and implementing automation and technology for hospitals. RXinnovate provides the resources and expertise for these projects that impact patient care throughout the hospital.

RXinnovate provides the vision and expertise for your Automated Dispensing System design, build and implementation.

  • Formulary build
  • Data Analysis and optimization review for pre build of equipment
  • Drawer mapping for high use medications
  • QA review of all equipment and medications pre implementation
  • Interface validation testing
  • System and workflow design
  • Medication optimization
  • Assigning and loading of all medications
  • Training and education
  • Implementation support for Pharmacy and Nursing
  • Project management
  • Post implementation optimizations
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