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Rx Destroyer


Meeting Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for controlled substance destruction can be challenging for pharmaceutical facilities without product and process intervention. The DEA requires pharmaceutical waste to be deemed non-retrievable and unavailable for misuse. Additionally, the EPA has banned the flushing and draining of all medications. With Rx Destroyer, non-retrievable drug deactivation actively protects people, communities, and the environment by eliminating risks of wrongful misuse or incorrect disposal.

Rx Destroyer is a fast-acting ready-to-use formula that begins neutralizing medications on contact, complying with the DEA non-retrievable standard 21 CFR and the EPA’s 40 CFR. Our patented, fast acting formula begins neutralizing medications on contact, with no need to add water or batteries, no flammable powders, and no long-term contract requirements.

Integrating Rx Destroyer drug disposal systems into your existing pharmaceutical program is easy, cost effective, and simply the most comprehensive solution in preventing drug abuse, drug diversion, and stockpiling.


Our simple-to-use Rx Destroyer product line offers an unmatched range of disposal container sizes, available in 4 oz. to 55-gallon drums and everything in between to serve any size pharmacy or budget. The range of accessories designed for Rx Destroyer drug deactivation products are engineered to deliver maximum fill utilization, safe handling, and secure positioning. Designed to be as space-efficient and non-invasive as possible, our accessory range makes drug disposal a safe, accessible, and simple process anytime and anywhere. Our bottles are ergonomic and space-optimizing, and our vented caps regulate bottle pressure to allow the commingling of medications that produce off-gassing.

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