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Split-Billing Software 340B Account Manager


Experts in Healthcare Software Solutions

Our extensive experience in healthcare technology and the 340B Program enables us to provide our clients with the best solutions in the business.

Split-Billing Feature

340Basics delivers an industry-changing 340B split-billing solution that transcends and eclipses the existing hospital software products. Our solution was developed around the demands and needs of the end-user with the assistance of an intensive research group comprised of leading hospitals.

  • Superior Technology

Software created and developed utilizing the most advanced technology, in conjunction with a dynamic interface, ensures the user experience is effortless. Multiple dashboards allow for a financial and operational view, enabling full program management.

  • Intuitive Accumulation

Maximum transparency and reporting capabilities enable the CE to have in-depth visibility and accessibility across multiple accumulators. Providing the ability to manage categories and report savings more accurately.

  • Optimize Purchase Orders

Full access to P.O.ís, whether system generated or manual, make possible a complete reporting, overview, and management of all orders. Working directly with wholesaler systems, Invictis has the capability to avoid swell.

  • System Overview

-System integration ensuring the most accurate data
-Location and service area level configuration
-Provider-specific eligibility determination
-Custom visit proximity windows
-Fully automated referral program with optional close-the-loop service
-Dedicated Account Management reviewing program performance and savings

Superior Account Management

We know that successfully navigating the 340B Program demands more than utilizing compliant, industry-leading technology. It also requires the provision of superior client support and education and is viewed as an integral part of the services and solutions 340Basics provides. Our clients not only receive dedicated Account Managers, have standing meetings with full program review, but also have multiple avenues to have direct access to support with no lag time.

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