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Flash Returns

Flash Returns

Flash Returns

A Reverse Distributor is the Partner no Pharmacy can Afford to Overlook!

Flash Returns LLC was founded in 2017 by a group of partners with a combined 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry. The reverse distribution industry is crucial to pharmacy profitability, compliance, and public safety. With margins under attack, consolidation by the largest companies, predatory PBMs, and increasing compliance regulations on destruction, pharmacies need a partner in the returns business. Transparency and efficiency are our priority; it is the pharmacies capital that is tied up in expiring items after all. Independent pharmacies, long term care facilities, hospitals, and GPOs can count on Flash Returns in this complex and often forgotten aspect of their businesses.

At Flash we offer many ways to get cash back for your expiring products. If you're someone who can't find enough hours in the day, our Express Return is the fastest, easiest way to get cash back. If you like to be more meticulous, our self-service return employs our state-of-the-art website to easily create packing slips and track your return. We also offer on-site return on a regional basis, should you need help inside of your pharmacy, as well as flat-rate disposal services.

No Upfront Costs

There is no risk to becoming a Flash customer. We don't take a cent until you get your return–a true partnership between your pharmacy and Flash Returns.

No Destruction Fees

Other returns companies will nickel and dime your return until it hardly seems worth it. We don't hide added destruction fees or other service charges, just a low flat rate.

No Scanning

Don't have time to pick your shelves and scan every product? Flash has your back! Just ship your products to us and we'll take care of the rest.

PDS-Preferred Partner

Your pharmacy can't afford to trust just anyone who says they can help your business, which is why we're proud to be a PDS-preferred returns partner.

Drugs Expire, Your Profitability Doesn't Have To!

Aging inventory, recalls, and other issues can produce waste and shrink that modern pharmacy margins DO NOT allow. Let us specialize in each manufacturer’s policy, so you can focus on your business. Make an account and log a return in less than 5 minutes in many cases! Different options are available for credit or destruction, and various payment times. Please see the different options in your portal or reach out directly to us at


Manufacturers' policies are complex and vary greatly across drug classes and companies. Flash has experienced employees and a research and development process to investigate the different terms of service. Instead of paying your staff to comply with each policy, let our staff handle the return so you can run your business.

Easy to Use

Sign up for an account, log in items individually or just ship non-controlled substances expiring within 6 months in bulk, print a label and let us work! We will itemize and make an estimate for your return so you have visibility through the whole process All information will appear in your portal. See the how it works, create an account today!

Environmental Concerns

Multiple recent studies are showing a growing body of evidence that too much pharmaceutical waste is building up in the environment. Some may occur due to patients excreting products or destroying them at home. In other cases, it could be onsite destruction of pharmaceuticals in non-compliant ways. This is likely to be a major state and federal focus in the coming years and pharmacies should use qualified sources and not destroy pharmaceuticals onsite.

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