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Health Care Logistics


Health Care Logistics offers a variety of refrigerators and freezers to meet your temperature-sensitive medication storage needs. From compact countertop units to full-size appliances, we make it easy to manage any critical drug storage situation. Multiple locking options are available so you can choose the level of security and accessibility to match your facility’s needs.

Enjoy these benefits, which are standard on our pharmacy-grade refrigerators:

Digital Microprocessor Temperature Controller: Pharmacy-grade refrigerators maintain precise settings of temperature cycles to meet today’s standards and display interior ambient temperatures in
F° or C°.

Forced Draft Circulation: Pharmacy-grade refrigerators provide required temperature uniformity and recovery after door openings.

Temperature Alarms: Pharmacy-grade refrigerators are equipped with audible and visual high and low temperature alarms so you can respond quickly and before expensive drugs are compromised.

Port Hole: Pharmacy-grade refrigerators feature an access port for CDC-compliant temperature monitoring system probes that allow you to track the status of your meds for better accuracy.

Keyed Door Lock: Pharmacy-grade refrigerators feature locks to provide additional security for high-value vaccines.

Check out our full inventory of medical-grade refrigerators, freezers and temperature monitoring accessories and find the perfect match for your medication storage needs!

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