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Audit Trail & Protection for Medical Refrigerators - Made Easy!

Healthcare facilities face a constant challenge protecting their controlled substances. The hectic pace of medical environments often leaves stored medicines, samples, and vaccines vulnerable to external and internal theft.

FridgiGuard is a solution that provides secured and recorded access quickly and conveniently.

This compact electronic locking device provides:

  • Touchless RFID access and protection
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Remote locking and unlocking
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Wi-fi functionality
  • No batteries needed

Audit trail software comes standard with every FridgiGuard. Setting up FridgiGuard is quick and painless with a mounting jig (included) and industrial adhesive. No drilling necessary.

Each device lets managers track access for up to 12 users via desktop. Managers can transfer audit trial records from the cloud to an SD card or other memory device in seconds.

Order FridgiGuard direct at and have a device kit mailed to your medical facility!

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