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We are bridging the digital gap between Healthcare Providers and their Patients.

Learn how we are helping reshape patient care with our suite of digital healthcare products and solutions:

  • Kaktus Mobile
  • Kaktus Concierge
  • Kaktus Delivery

Kaktus Mobile
Access, anywhere, anytime.
Expand your patient care reach with our mobile healthcare solutions. There are many benefits to our mobile service for both patient and provider:

  • Schedule Services, Labs, & Appointments
  • Integrated Payment Options
  • Prescription Order Management
  • Secure Online Chat System
  • Tele-health consultation
  • Specialty pharmacy workflow
  • Alerts & Notifications for Appointment Arrivals & Changes

Kaktus Concierge
Patient management simplified.
Our Concierge solutions and services allow you to better manage and optimize your patient care services using the following benefits:

  • Telehealth Virtual Visits & Consults
  • Secure Online Chat System
  • Workflow Management & Optimization

Kaktus Deliver
Extend your patient care.
Getting patients, the medication and equipment they need is vital to successful patient care and management. Our delivery solutions give you access to a variety of delivery options:

  • Outpatient Bedside Delivery
  • Payment-Ready Options
  • Consultations On-The-Go
  • Prescription Order Management
  • Multiple Delivery Methods: Curbside Pickup, Couriers, Kiosk, Counter, and Mail
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