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Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Find practical, proven solutions for temperature monitoring and management in one location at Health Care Logistics®. From wireless temperature management to medical-grade data loggers, temperature recorders and thermometers, HCL® offers virtually everything imaginable to protect and secure critical drug supplies.

Stat Temp® is a remote temperature monitoring system, exclusively from HCL, that helps ensure temperature accuracy throughout an entire facility. It allows users to monitor temperatures within set parameters and receive real-time alerts when excursions occur. Users can also customize settings to accommodate any monitoring, reporting, and alert preferences they choose.

With Stat Temp users can:

  • Transmit information wirelessly using monitors that mount anywhere;
  • Access information anytime, anywhere using the web-based, software-free system;
  • Automatically log excursion resolutions with user information and action taken;
  • Receive real-time alerts of abnormal temperature ranges and save thousands of dollars in drug waste;
  • Access historical data points instantly; and
  • Customize all monitoring and alert preferences —perfect for facilities not staffed 24 hours a day.

Manage temperatures remotely, prevent drug waste and provide peace of mind with the Stat Temp monitoring system. On-site demonstrations are available for customers ready to automate their routine and take back lost time.

To independently monitor standalone units, HCL also offers a complete inventory of temperature-sensitive drug monitoring devices. Track status, respond to out-of-range incidents, and record measurements with tools designed to improve drug integrity and protect patient safety, on site or off.

Visit HCL online for more temperature monitoring solutions, to chat live with a team member or to request a live demonstration!

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