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Founded in 1967 and exclusively devoted to the needs of the compounding pharmacist, at IMI creating products for the compounding pharmacist is our sole focus. As a result, our customers experience the quality, service, and value that only a specialized partner can offer. Through our partnerships with compounding professionals, we continue to advance our devices to serve the healthcare community. IMI’s customer-focused ethos and superior engineering capabilities allow us to be responsive to the needs of our partners and customers. Our capabilities and highly trained teams are the reasons we have remained the industry standard for tamper evident cap technology and how we continue to deliver customer-focused products to enhance pharmacy productivity, safety and security. All IMI products are manufactured in the United States at our FDA-registered, ISO 13485–certified facility under the strictest quality standards.

Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps

Innovation in Secure Drug Delivery

Compounded preparations are at their greatest risk when they leave the custody of your pharmacy. The benefits of tamper-evident products to address this risk have been recognized within the standards and guidelines of multiple influential organizations including the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the FDA. USP <797> Guidelines advocate “the use of tamper-evident closures and seals on CSP ports can add an additional measure of security to ensure product integrity regardless of the transport method used.” Tamper Evident products increase overall accountability in the chain of custody of mediation, maintain sterility, prevent leakage, ensure patients receive the full intended dose and reduce the risk of contamination. Experts agree that the use of tamper evident products increases the confidence of pharmacies, health care workers, and patients. IMI’s Prep-Lock™ Line of products provide high-value, high-quality, tamper-evident closures devices for a variety of drug delivery containers, including IV, Enteral, & Oral Syringes, Medication Cassettes, and IV Bags.

Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps are Available for:
  • Luer Lock IV Syringes
  • Oral Syringes
  • CADD Medication Cassetes
  • IV Bags
  • ENFit® Syringes

Essential Additions to Drug Security Programs:

Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps for IV Syringes

Hospitals that partner with an outsource compounder, may already be familiar with Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps for IV Syringes. Over 85% of the top 503B compounding facilities trust IMI Tamper Evident Caps to secure their preparations. Incorporating these caps for in-house preparations can provide standardization of all syringes throughout the hospital. As a result, clinicians will not need training for administering syringes with multiple tamper evident methods. Tamper Evident Caps help to ensure the integrity of your compounds by providing a visual indication of tampering, misuse, or access. Installation and administration are highly efficient. Each sterile tray of 10 includes a unique keyed feature that allows the pharmacist to install a cap with a simple twist of the syringe; helping to reduce the risk of touch contamination and enhance aseptic technique. To administer, simply pull off the outer sleeve of the tamper evident cap and unscrew the remaining luer lock cap. Clinicians and pharmacists appreciate not having to deal with sticky tapes or frustrating shrink wrap. Tamper-Evident Caps represent a convenient and comparatively low-cost risk mitigation mechanism for pharmacies and health systems.

Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps featuring RFID

RFID technology enables real time scanning that optimizes inventory management, efficiency, and medication safety while creating quantifiable pharmaceutical supply chain benefits by providing item level inventory visibility down to NDC and lot. Recognizing the advantages that RFID technology presents in healthcare IMI joined industry consortium DoseID to help increase interoperability, quality and performance of RFID tagged Products. Tamper Evident Caps with RFID provide a labor-reducing solution to incorporating RFID into your drug doses. With a simple twist of a syringe, your CSPs are equipped with renowned tamper evident protection and powerful analytic automation capabilities. These two powerful technologies in combination enhance workflow efficiencies, eliminate time-consuming manual inventory control processes, provide assistance with growing regulatory demand, and supply a comprehensive strategy to prevent, detect, and resolve drug diversion events. In addition, by incorporating RFID technology into IMI’s Industry-leading Tamper Evident Caps, facilities can reduce their cost of RFID implementation by up to 55% with little time-to-live and minimal staff investment, procedural changes, or capital investment.

Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Additive Port Cap

The Tamper Evident Additive Port Cap provides remarkable protection, and protocol assurance to the medication ports of Baxter, B.Braun, and Fresenius Kabi IV Bags. The simply one-handed installation and considerable contributions to the integrity of IV Compounds have gained acclaim with pharmacists and healthcare professionals. “I find their products to be the best on the market in terms of the device itself, the functionality, and the securement,” says Neil Colby RPh, Director of Infusion Pharmacy Services CDRX Infusion. These products extend the intention of USP <797> from pharmacy to patient by providing last mile security that strengthens pharmacist and HCP confidence and reduces risk of contamination and diversion.

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