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Foundation Systems Inc.


About FSI

Since 1982, Foundation Systems Inc. has empowered pharmacies to be safe, efficient, and successful. Our software will meet your needs whether you are a Community Retail Pharmacy, Clinic, Long-Term Care, Hospital, Compounding, or Mail-Order pharmacy.

Each member of our support team is readily available to answer your questions or customize our software to lower your cost-per-script, maximize your resources, and boost efficiency. You don’t have to go through a phone tree, and we offer 24/7 support. There are no support call limits and if you need help now, you get help now. Our support agents have direct access to the development and sales teams streamlining customer relations.

Our clients are assigned an Account Manager who will assist your pharmacy along the way. We want you to have the software and hardware necessary to be a competitive, technologically advanced, and efficient pharmacy. Foundation Systems partners with DATARITHM and FDS Amplicare for advanced inventory, MTM, Star Ratings, DIR fee management, and more. Our software capabilities can also help retain your patients by offering Workflow, Online Scripts, digital hard copies, IVR, personalized online, and mobile app refill requests, outbound messaging (email, text, and calls), automated refills, will-call, and point-of-sale.

FSI Features
  • Knowledgeable support agents will always answer the phone when you call
  • No phone tree when you call
  • If you need help now, you get help now
  • 24-hour available support
  • Support has direct access to developers for assistance if necessary
  • On-site visits for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, training, etc…
  • Constant contact regarding issues or upcoming events affecting your pharmacy
  • Updated web posts with any changing information regarding issues or upcoming events
  • Every customer is assigned an account manager
  • Stay up to date with our bi-monthly updates, assuring safety, reliability and efficiency
  • FSI is always improving and updating with technology and your pharmacy needs
  • Multisite capabilities - run multiple locations from one server
  • SRFax direct from and to your pharmacy database server
  • Wireless signature pickup for home delivery, med-to-bed delivery, or in pharmacy use
  • Integrated and customizable Workflow
  • Integrated and customizable Will-Call
  • Integrated Point of Sale
  • Offsite Backup option
  • EMAR interfaces
  • Partnership with DATARITHM so you can take complete control of your inventory
  • Partnership with FDS Amplicare to manage MTM along with reporting for star ratings and DIR fee management
  • Interface with CoverMyMeds for Prior Authorization management
  • Customizable Bubble Pack program / labels
  • Customizable MAR forms and Med Sheets
  • Script Shipping System with options of shipping through most major carriers or local delivery companies

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