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SoftWriters Inc.

Empowering LTC Pharmacies to Save Lives.

SoftWriters is on a mission to save lives. As a pioneer and market leader in long-term care pharmacy technology, we are proud to help pharmacies at all stages of growth operate efficiently and compete effectively. Trusted and chosen by over 650 long-term care pharmacies of all sizes, we are the primary software provider for some of the nation’s largest LTC pharmacy networks. FrameworkLTC enables your pharmacy to automate order intake and approval through rules-based document management workflows, ensure prescriptions are delivered to the correct patients at the appropriate dosage and time with mobile-friendly fulfillment tools catered to your pharmacy’s layout, and increase accountability with electronic signature tracking and proof of delivery.

FrameworkLTC is flexibly equipped with facility-centric customization tools, allowing our suite of tools to be tailored to best fit your pharmacies operational process. From order intake through delivery, the FrameworkLTC platform of fully integrated and scalable solutions is built to empower LTC pharmacies so they can focus on what matters most: empowering LTC pharmacies and saving lives.

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