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BEACON® Inventory Management, Storage and Retrieval System

The BEACON System is a powerful tool that will allow the pharmacy to grow and add new services, control inventory and optimize workflow

  • Optimizes space, labor and inventory
  • Offers perpetual inventory management, workstations, carousels, secured med storage all controlled by LED lights and barcode verification to reduce errors
  • Modular for easy reconfiguration
  • Increases accuracy
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Carousels offer space savings without any special electrical requirements or additional flooring reinforcements
  • HDStock™ high density storage replaces typical book shelf style storage, cutting your storage area by two-thirds, freeing up valuable pharmacy space for MTM or IV areas, additional retail space, or room for more processing areas
  • Workstations configurable to fit your needs
  • PharmLoc™ provides secured storage for all at-risk and high-dollar medications with biometric and barcode scan entry, audible and visual alerts, full inventory reporting and auditing at the touch of a button
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